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For those of us who celebrate these Holidays (it doesn't matter to what religion we belong), we immerse ourselves in a period of reflection. A period of withdrawal, of contemplation, where we start thinking everything we go through during the year, and what the next one will bring to us. Sometimes we think why "this thing" happened instead of "that one". As always, I think that God is present in every thing that we do, in every decision that we take, and in every situation that is presented us EVERYDAY, either we see it or we don't. What happens is that sometimes we wait for these days to look for Him. We sometimes complaint instead of being grateful. And it happens to all of us.

I want to tell you that I'm grateful for everything that I have and that happen in my life. Grateful of my family, for having the most wonderful husband of the world, for being able to be next to him after 23 years. I'm grateful for having also the best son of the world, honest and with a noble heart, whom although is my only one, I feel he is worth thousands! I'm grateful for having my alive and vivacious mother with 81 years, and to be able to enjoy her, for having a sister as none, for me the greatest! I'm grateful for my work, of being able to work at what I really love, and what is more important, of being able to share it with all of you! Of new friends that I'm able to make in this industry -or, as I like to call it, this family- everyday. That, although often many barriers block my way -like a different language, or not have been born here-, I put my heart and all my love to overcome them.

What also happen to many of us, is that we wait until the last days to do our New Year's resolutions, thinking that we are going to feel more forceful this way. I propose not to wait that much, that the whole year we promise ourselves new challenges, to overcome new goals, in the process of being better. We can always give ourselves a new opportunity, not only the first one. It is always a good day to begin something new, more positive or different. Moreover in these moments of economic anxiety, we always know that everything will be better "one" certain day in the future. And we take refuge and value much more everything that we do "homemade". Homemade, even if it's not that expensive or impressive as store-bought, is more expensive and impressive in the heart of the person who receive it. It's something that it's made with LOVE. 


With these thoughts, I always wonder how many possibilities can have the human being of being better everyday. From Art Gallery Fabrics, I want to wish you always the very best, happiness in your soul and peace in your hearts. Always.


Handmade rocks! So keep on stitching...




I was undecided about certain colors, but pink is a color that I love. That's why, when months ago I began to design Botanica -was launched last Houston Quilt Market-, I knew that I had to incorporate it. For this collection, I wanted an organic, ethereal, diaphanous scheme, with lots of green hues, but different and more luminous from those that I was using till now. But pink..., I couldn't leave it there, forgotten, because it represents flower's spirit. And what kind of botanical collection does not boast of having flowers?? The question was, this time it needed to be incorporated in lighter and softer shades.

What really makes me interested in a specific color palette?

It is because is "in fashion", or because it's "standard or sell-able", or because I feel that the colors go together??

You guessed it! When I begin to pick colors for a fabric collection, and "I FEEL" that they go together, this feeling is stronger than the thought of pairing them because pure conventionalism, or because they are fashionable. And I say: "I dictate the fashion of my feelings."

But my biggest joy is to be able to share those "feelings" with all of you!! The fact that we can "connect", and you can be inspired by my color choices and designs...



The reception that Botanica had at Quilt Market was incredible! Many quilt and sewing lounge shops have already pre-ordered the whole collection. Some of them ordered in 2 color ways, others in only one. If you need to order some prints that your local shop does not carry, you will find a new shop on-line link, -on the left sidebar- where it will take you to a list of on-line stores where you can order once they arrive.


I have many projects in mind for this collection, (one of them  ptsss ..., do not say this to anybody) several quilts in magazines for next year ... and some patterns projects that I will tell you later on another post.

Here I want to give you a "preview" of the swatches...The collection will start shipping in January, just perfect to begin thinking about projects for the spring!

Meanwhile I was writing this post, my Sheebo was enjoying a placid sleepy time by my side. He is already 13 years old, and ultimately he sleeps a lot...

075 web

Handmade rocks, so keep on stitching...



My son has a touch of magic in everything he does. And each surprise that he gives to me is like one of those touches…

The other day, a special box -very big- from UPS arrived to our house; they asked me to sign and I did. When my son Alex came back home from college, I asked him: “There is a box with your name in it from UPS, did you ordered something special?”
“Yes, it's a computer in parts that my friend bought for himself, and I am going to put it together for him.” Since he already have friends ordering several computers in which he buys all the parts separately and, later he assembles them, I thought that was kind of the same thing.

After one week, one evening I was working in my studio, and Alex asked me to go to the kitchen. When I went there, what was my surprise, that I saw the -"for his friend"- computer, with a big fabric bow, and - my husband and my son saying very loudly : “congratulations!!!” I did not realize for one moment that the computer was for me (the desktop I have now was a little slow, and digital files now days keep growing). 

He is my pride. He does magic…

I was soooooo happy!!


Sorry about this one with my son, it's a little blurred...


So now I can keep up designing!!

Hand-made rocks, so keep on stitching....



Who would think some time ago that babies would sleep between designers' fabric sheets? Following my last post, I was telling you that I have seen a very big change in fashion for babies. A few days ago I was surfing on Internet and went to check on Etsy, one of my favorite sites. And I saw an adorable shop, which name is Fingers & Toes . Her owner and designer Jonna says on her profile page: " she looked to fill a void she saw in the market when it came to baby bedding and other baby products."


My French Riviera Collection

The colors are beautiful and -kind of new- for babies and what to say about the fabrics' styles! Designers as Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and, me!, make these bedding sets to show super modern and stylized.


Heather Baileys' Pop Garden Collection

Stylish hooded towels, t-shirts, blankets, wet sacks, and an endless number of new products (everything custom-made), that captivate the imagination of posh moms.


Here I show you some photos about how she shows on line the samples of fabric arranged by collection, for each bedding set that you can buy.


Jonna's custom-made t-shirts

I love this custom-made movement -"on demand"-, and I am seeing it more and more on the sewing market. "Hip designers" for "hip moms!"

Kudos for Jonna!!

Can anyone tell me more about this trend?

Handmade rocks!  So, keep on stitching...

Baby products... with attitude

From some time on, I've been seeing a change of style in designs for babies. The age of pale rose and pale blue, small and tiny flowers, as well as tenuous combinations are facing out. Now, baby's products have attitude!


And I really like that! It's true that time brings changes, and as a result there's a change in fashion but, how nice is to renew ourselves! What do you think about babies wearing these colors: chocolate, turquoise, coral and other colors earlier thought-out?


Following this idea, I asked one of my Etsy's favorite designers, Robin, from Little Mister&Sister to make some baby's designs with my fabrics. She is a great designer and she has some of the prettiest products that I've seen. And how about the color combinations that she uses?...they are gorgeous! These are a few words that I am quoting from her profile .. "I absolutely love creating baby items and I finally decided to begin selling them directly to other moms and family members who love baby goodies as much as I do".


The combination between fabrics and designs had a great success at the show, our clients loved them. Here are some pictures of the set she made with my fabrics from the Alhambra Collection. What do you think about them?

This set consists of a beautiful bag, a coordinating lined diaper wipes case, 2 bibs, a burp cloth, and a well-sized blanket.


I see the same change on Bedding Sets as well (but I will post about this soon). The latest designs among textile companies are bold and brilliant. Many pediatricians and psychologists are reinforcing the idea that using these colors can stimulate the senses and the learning process of the babies.

Wow!... All the things we can learn about colors!


Handmade rocks! so keep stitching...        Patricia

Some pictures from Quilt Market

You know, not long ago we returned from Quilt Market. For the ones who are not quilters, it is an event that is held two times a year for the wholesale textile industry and where quilting and sewing shop owners can see the latest collections from every company, trends, notions, patterns, and everything in between. 


To make a booth looks its best is not an easy task. We always want it to look like a boutique (although the show is only for 3 days) so shop owners can see all the pretty things that we have to offer, and they can show them to you later on at the quilt store.


Some of our new samples

IMG_2588 web 

My husband Walter helping costumers choose some fabrics...

I felt happy to return after so many days because I missed my son sooooo much (yes, I know, I still feel like a "mother hen", even Alex is 19 now), and my dog who is my adoration also.


I am here with some of my quilt samples


This is a new top made by Indigo Junction... I love this pattern!

We returned driving and it took us 22 hours to get to Miami. We came back tired but happy. It was great! Shop owners loved the new collections and they were saying that they could not wait to having them at the stores.


We handled these postcard to show our newest collections for this show. BOTANICA and REVIVE (here) are two of them.

BOTANICA will be available in stores in January, and REVIVE in February. I can't wait to hear what quilters say about them!!

Handmade rocks! so keep stitching...        Patricia