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Learn Three Furoshiki Japanese Fabric Wrapping Techniques - Zero Waste Gift Giving

Hello Fabric Friends,

I am smiling ear to ear because winter came early this year in Minnesota! Snow was already on the ground with there still being two weeks left in October! Though I am not enjoying the uncomfortably cold temps I am getting into the holiday spirit which means it’s time to start getting ready for the gift giving season if you haven’t started already! Though I don’t do as much as I would like, I always make a few handmade gifts for my friends and family each year! I recently learned about Furoshiki, which is the art of Japanese fabric wrapping.

Floral wrapFabric Used: Cozy and Joyful Rayon- Candied Roses

I was so excited about the idea of wrapping my handmade gifts with fabric because not only is it eco friendly but it also creates the most gorgeous and elegant presents. The person you are gifting the present to will be impressed by your wrapping skills and can reuse it in so many ways. In the Fabric Wrapping video I created I show you three ways I will be reusing my fabric wraps.

You can use a wide variety of fabrics as your fabric wrap, besides for our AGF Rayons I  would definitely give our quilting cottons a try as well! I was amazed by the way our AGF Rayon draped and tied so beautifully. No more traditional paper fabric wrapping for me. I was never very good at it anyways and clean up in Christmas Eve will be so much easier! :) 

Dizty floral wrap Fabrics Used: Trouvaille Rayon - Posy Blaze

Watch my video to learn three different ways to wrap your gifts this year! Let me know which one is your favorite and how you would reuse your fabric wrap!

Plaid wrap    Fabrics Used: Cozy and Joyful Rayon- Plaid of my Dreams

Happy Sewing ,


Nothing But Luxurious: Picturesque Fabrics

Happy Friday! 

Fridays are already the best day of the week, but it’s even better when it’s LOOKBOOK release day! We’ve released hundreds of lookbooks in the past, and it never fails to be exciting every single time. To see all of our designers go through all the hard work and finally see their prints come to life in quilty projects is something to always look forward to. Today, we have Katarina Roccella’s latest collection, Picturesque, which is nothing but a luxurious set of fabrics. 

Channeling her inner William Morris, Picturesque embodies traditional 19th-century European designs with embellishments and decorative art. With a refined color palette of navy blues and rich fuchsias complimenting its enriched botanical details, Picturesque embodies timeless, romantic beauty.

Picturesque_fabric_13 copy*Available in 16 quilting cotton prints

We have so many prints to play within this collection! Coming in two colorways called “Vivid Artistry”- filled with rich pinks and navy blues, and the “Poetic Dreams” colorway that features the same colors, but softer and airy.

Picturesque_fabric_22 copy*Featuring “Romantic Trellis Dim” and “Bound Treasures Blush” prints  

Picturesque comes in several large-scale prints that complete the story like “Rosemantic Trellis” that would be stunning as the backing of quilts, or decorative pillows. Embrace all the patchwork projects you can make by balancing all the large-scale prints with some blenders of the collection like “Bound Treasure”- small prints that create texture and contrast. 

Here are other suggested Elements that pair perfectly with the collection:

Picturesque + Elements  copy*Featuring Floral Elements in Bubblegum & Agua Haze and PURE Solids in Flamingo & Patina Green

More matching Elements and PURE Solids not pictured- Floral Elements in Blush & Sunset. PURE Solids in Apricot Crepe, Nocturnal, Ocean Waves, Grapefruit, Icy Mint, and Dried Moss. Denim in Indigo Shadow, Cool Foliage, and Nectarine Sunrise. 

Picturesque_fabric_32 copy*Available in 2 rayon prints

Picturesque_fabric_28 copy*Available in 1 knit print

For all the garment makers out there, there are a couple of substrate options for you too! The “Lush Mimosa” print comes in knit, which would make the coziest sweatshirts, and even wrap around dresses. Also the 2 rayon prints in “Painted Field Case” & “Mystical Quest by Day” would be lovely as long skirts, scarves, and so much more. 

I can talk all about inspiration for the rest of the day, but nothing is better than sewing the projects yourself. Check out the lookbook below for tons of patterns that you can download with a click of a button! 

You don’t want to miss the beauty! Check out the free quilt pattern below. Picturesque Quilt 2 copy

As some of you may know, we just love to share fabric with all of you, and this time we are hosting a giveaway on our YouTube channel! Meli will show you an up-close look at these fabrics and some sewing projects, make sure to stay tuned till the end for the giveaway!

I hope this collection excites you to whip out your sewing machine! I can’t wait to see what you makers will create, so please share with us by tagging us at #artgalleryfabrics on Instagram. The team and I would love to share your creations. 

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!




All About Fabric Panels

Hi, fabric lovers! 

As you may know, I’ve been having such a kick talking about fabric on the blog lately. Although I can talk about prints all day, there is one type of fabric I’d love to talk about that some of you may not be aware of. It’s all about fabric panels! So, today we are going to answer some questions we get all the time and show you some of the panels that Art Gallery Fabrics has to offer! 


What is a fabric panel?

There are many kinds of panels out there, but AGF creates large designs on the WOF 44-45” and a 36’’repeat. Instead of a traditional repeat, these panels have unique designs in different sections that are big enough to make wall hangings, quilts, wall-art, totes, and more! 

No, not all the panels from AGF are the same, some include 6 sections with different patterns, some with one large design, and double bordered panels. 


What are the different fabric panels?

There are many types of fabric panels to choose from! It all depends on what you plan on making next for your project. Luckily AGF sells over 20+ fabric panels in all different types of styles, from painterly florals to bright summer prints, and even tons of options for kids, there is something for everyone.

Let me show you some of the different panels that AGF has! 

Spooky_panel_cotton*Featuring You Are Magic Panel from Spooky ‘n Sweet fabric collection 

Here is one example of a 6 section fabric panel! For each section, you can cut 14x18-inch rectangles to turn into individual projects like some trick-or-treating tote bags, decorative pillows, or cute kid’s t-shirts.

Bloomsbury Fabric 10*Featuring Roads to Flowerhouse panel from the Bloomsbury fabric collection

This is an example of a double-sided panel which I believe is so much fun to work with! It’s just calling to be made into a border of a quilt or even a wrap-around skirt. Depending on the time you have, this is a great option to experiment with cutting out different shapes with this fabric and experiment on the direction that you sew them together. 

Pacha_panel_cotton_2*Featuring I Love You A Llama panel from the Pacha Capsule fabric collection 

These single-designed fabric panels are the perfect go-to if you don't have enough time to piece a quilt! You can use this as the centerpiece of a baby quilt and go straight to the fun with the quilting. But don’t let these big designs limit you, with these panels you can cut up and turn into a quilt, wall art, pillows, and more!

KC-1113 Above & Beyond-FULL-repeat BLOG*Featuring Above & Beyond knit panel from the Stargazer Capsule fabric collection 

AGF also carries KNIT PANELS! We currently have 3 available, 2 of them from our Stargazer collection and 1 from our Nest fabric collection. Some have a repeat of 24 inches but it’s still the WOF which is larger than our cotton at 59-60 inches. Making it easy for blankets, pillows, and apparel. 


What can I make with fabric panels?

Time for the best part- the meat and potatoes of having fabric panels, all the lovely projects you can create with them! 

Due to its large pieces, you can create fast and easy projects. From quilts to apparel, here are some of my favorite free patterns using PANELS. 

Bloomsbury-Skirt-6 blog*Circle skirt featuring Roads to Flowerhouse panel from the Bloomsbury fabric collection



Panel_room__ BLOG*Wall hangings featuring Born To Be Wild panel from Pacha Capsule fabric collection



Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Organizer 1 BLOG*Cradle Arranger Featuring Enjoy The Little Things panel from Pine Lullaby Rediscovered fabric collection 



Panel-pillows*Pillows featuring You Are Magic Panel from Spooky ‘n Sweet fabric collection 



Totes*Tote bags featuring You Are Magic Panel from Spooky ‘n Sweet fabric collection 



Pine Lullaby Rediscovered Bed Runner 7 BLOG*Bed Runner featuring Bear Hug panel from Pine Lullaby Rediscovered fabric collection



Pacha Quilt 3 3 blog*Quilt featuring I Love You A Llama panel from the Pacha Capsule fabric collection 



Stargazer_BabyBlanket+Pillows_1 BLOG*Quilted blanket featuring Above & Beyond knit panel from the Stargazer Capsule fabric collection 


I hope these projects sparked your sewing mojo! Even if you are new to the quilting fun, I believe fabric panels are a great way to start. Here at AGF, we are trying to create more content that you enjoy, especially videos that can help improve your sewing game. This is a quick introduction to panels, so if you’d like to see some sewing tips or more information on this, let me know in the comments below! 


Until next time,

Happy sewing!