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Latest AGF Collections Giveaway: Flight Path + Season & Spice


This new year we promised you exciting releases, and today we want to present you a new monthly giveaway that will make your quilty hearts skip a beat. Welcome to our new event where we give you the chance to win ALL the latest AGF collection released in the month! 


For the month of January, we are giving away the entire collection of FLIGHT PATH by Jessica Swift, SEASON & SPICE by AGF Studio, and coordinating Elements for BOTH collections– that’s over 40+ fat quarters! All you have to do to enter is CLICK HERE, enter your info, and that’s it! 


The giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. The winner will be emailed and announced right here on AGF Blog on February 3rd, 2022. Good luck! 🍀⁠


Please reply within 7 days to claim your prize (check your email by February 3rd!) If we don’t receive a reply, we will have to choose another winner as we’d like to be fair with all participants, and pass the opportunity to another contestant. Thank you! 

Disclaimer: For giveaways, we will never send you a direct message, link, or ask you for your personal or credit card information.💌⁠


Until next time! 


Patchwork Pillow from a 9-Patch Block Using Strip Piecing


Hello makers! 


If you follow our YouTube channel, then you may have recently watched a video on how to make a 9-patch block using the strip piecing technique. If you haven’t seen the video, make sure you go watch it here: 


Easy 9-Patch Block Using Strip Piecing - YouTube 


This video is part one of the project that I will be sharing with you all below: a big fluffy patchwork pillow, which is part of our Patchwork Stories. To read up on our Patchwork Stories and the role it can play in our everyday lives, check out our past blog post here:


AGF Patchwork Stories: 45-Degree Strip Piecing - Art Gallery Fabrics - The Creative Blog (




This pillow is super easy and simple to make and can use any patchwork you may have such as spare blocks, and it’s fat quarter and half yard friendly. This pillow has a finished size of about 20” x 20”, but the best part is that you can make it whatever size you may want! If you’re interested to see how we made this pillow, make sure to keep reading below. 


Here is what you will need:

  • The patchwork block we made in part one
  • A 20” x 20” piece of batting
  • (2) 20” x 15” pieces of fabric for the pillow backing. I used Ikat Diamond Rustic from ‘Kismet’
  • Scissors
  • A 20” square pillow form or stuffing


Start with your patchwork block laying flat on your work surface.




Grab a template that is the size of the pillow that you want. I have a piece of foam here that is 20” x 20” but you can use a large square ruler, a piece of cardboard, or anything else square that you have. Position your template at an angle on your block and mark each corner. Your template should fit perfectly so that each corner matches up with a seam. 


Collage 1


You can either trace around your template if the edges are smooth, like a ruler or use a longer ruler to draw a line from mark to mark. 




Take a pair of scissors and cut on your drawn lines. 




Lay your cut block on top of a piece of batting and quilt as you see fit. I personally like my batting a little larger than the piece I’m quilting just in case there is any shifting. In this case, I decided to quilt a line ¼” away from each seam for a little rustic feel. 


Collage 2


Trim away any excess batting and set your pillow front aside. Grab your two backing pieces and fold one long edge on each piece down ½”, then down another ½” and topstitch in place. 


Collage 3


Lay your pillow front right side up. Take your two backing pieces and place one right sides together on top of the pillow front with your folded edge in the middle. Place the other backing piece right sides together with the folded edge also in the middle. The two folded edges will overlap. Stitch around the entire square at 1/4".




Trim your corners, turn right sides out, stuff with your pillow form or stuffing and you have a patchwork pillow!




I had so much fun making this pillow because there wasn’t really any pattern or rhythm to follow, I could just improvise what I thought looked pretty. You can use your leftover scraps for another pillow, or any other project that you feel like making! 


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see what your patchwork pillows look like, so make sure to tag us on social media using the hashtag #AGFPatchworkStories.


Happy sewing!



Enjoying the Path of Life With Flight Path Fabrics by Jessica Swift


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience how fabrics, colors, and designs positively affected me. I always thought that my style will never change as I always gravitated towards earthy and neutral colors, but there is something about color that always caught my eye. Although neutral colors will always be nurturing, I later discovered that it’s the bright and cheerful colors that complete the mix between cozy and happiness. Sometimes we just need a boost of joy, and today is the day you can experience that with Jessica Swift’s latest collection, Flight Path

Checking all the boxes with colors, this collection is more than color, but a celebration of one’s unique path! Jessica illustrates a magical world that represents and celebrates one’s unique path. To be reminded to trust your inner guidance and wonderful rhythms that will lead you directly to the heart of the life you are meant to bloom into!


Bright oranges, jade greens, and hints of prussian blues, these fabrics have it all for the perfect balance of cheerful colors! You have 12 quilting cotton prints that will surely spark creativity in creating something you have never tried before, whether it’s a patchwork project with a new technique or playing with a new substrate. 


Starting with the sweet knit print “Jubilee Morning” featuring happy suns and flying geese (not the quilting kind, hehe) ready to be transformed into apparel. The second substrate is flannel in the print “Fortunate Aglow” which is very exciting as this is the first time we introduce flannel to one of Jessica’s collections! This print features her signature rainbows in a light blue background, making it a great option for the backing of baby quilts or whole cloth quilts. 


Add some AGF Elements (blender fabrics) that match Flight Path in your patchwork projects! 

Squared Elements in Lox & King’s Road Turquoise.

Pure Solids in Turmeric, Tigerlilly, Emerald, Nocturnal, London Red, Night Sea, and Jade Cream.

Floral Elements in Nocturne & Orangine.


Let yourself go flying geese crazy with our “Dancing Breeze” free quilt pattern! 



Find something unique to create by flipping through the pages of our “Flight Path Fabric Lookbook!”


Introducing our latest series on our YouTube channel called Sew Easy, where we show you fun and easy projects featuring the latest AGF collections. For Flight Path, enjoy watching our most popular technique, the “stroked flying geese” put into action to make this wonderful pillow! 


This is our first collection release for the year 2022, and I would like to thank you for another year of great fabric releases. We knew we had to start the year on a good note and this lookbook is special to us as we really tried to push our creative limits. We hope you get to explore something new this year, and if you do it with these fabrics, we would love to see it! We encourage you to share your projects with us on social media by using the hashtag #AGFFlightPath, so we can give them a “like” and share with our incredible community.

Until next time,

Happy sewing!