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Join the Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 4 - Cactus

 Hi Everyone, 

Last week I had the pleasure of sewing the Cactus Block  with Jess from the Graphic Design team. It was also her first time sewing a quilt block so I was excited to teach her all I know. It's super exciting to get to share your passion with others and see them over come their fear of trying something new. Sewing is meant to be a fun creative outlet that brings joy to your life. Sure there are some challenges along the way but like Jess shares below when mistakes arrive, fix them with a smile. Working with Jess was such a treat! With her sweet laid back style we jammed out to songs by Devendra Banhart, a American-Venezuelan singer-songwriter. 

Do you listen to music while you sew? Or do you prefer Netflix or podcasts

The construction of the Cactus Block was so fun to put together. This block was new to me and very easily made it's way to my top  favorite quilt blocks.  Read more about Jess's first quilt block below.  Also comment below with any advice for first time quilters?  


 Cactus Block made with Splendid Fusion Fabrics

Click the image above to follow along!


 Enjoy reading about Jess's experience about being a part of the Community Sampler Sew Along


Prior to starting your quilt block did you have any sewing experience?

Not much! Very basic here and there... But I’ve always liked it.


Before starting your first quilt block lesson, what was your impression of quilting and how did you feel about doing this for the first time?

Quilting = beautiful form of design, strong organization, and a lot of focus. I was excited and at the same time a bit nervous because it is new to me. But then when I thought I’d be under the guidance of block Master Meli, everything felt right. :)


What was your favorite part about creating your first quilt block?

Seeing how from a little triangle piece, it starts growing through the seam allowances, with more and more pieces together until it’s a block, or in my case, a ‘half & half’ block. x)


What was the most difficult part about creating your quilt block?

When you realize you messed up something so simple (like the direction of one of the diagonals) → that feeling of  "aghhh noooo, now I gotta go back and start that piece alllll over again" when you’ve already spent quite some time and effort doing it. Hehe, funny how something so obvious can get us sometimes…


What advice would you give someone who is new to quilting?

Just love the whole process especially, when mistakes arrive :p fix them with a smile.


How does it feel to have created your first quilt block?

Inspiring ♥  I’m seeing it as a little push to get more into sewing.


How has your idea of quilting changed after learning more about it?

It is more special and fun than what it looks like.


Do you see yourself quilting in the future?

Why not? I would like to make at least one entire quilt in my life.


This is Jess above looking pretty happy about how her block turned out!  


Join me next week for the reveal of the new block.  For the next installment of the AGF Community Sampler, I get to sew with Kelly from the Production Design Team! 

Click on the pics below to read all about our previous blocks created for the Sew Along. 


Block 1: Kitty-Corner 


Block 2- Dovecote 

Final block

Block 3- Ribbon Star 


If you plan on being a part of the Community Sampler Sew Along hosted by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell make sure to share your blocks on Instagram using the #CommunitySampler so other people can check out your finished blocks. That's my favorite part !!! I love getting see everyone's amazing blocks and fabric choices.  Sew Alongs are the best to meet new sewing friends and share your passion with people who love the same craft you love. 


Happy Sewing, 


Community Sampler Sew Along: Block 3 - Ribbon Star

Hey there sewing friends, 

I am having a blast teaching the girls to piece together the blocks of the Community Sampler and I love seeing all of your gorgeous blocks on Instagram.  Last week I got to put together the Ribbon Star Block with Michelle from the Graphic Design team. We had a fabulous time stitching up the block and dancing to Shania Twain. The most wonderful part of this process so far has been individually hanging out with each one of the girls from the AGF team and finding out things I never new about them before. Like for example, Michelle is a lefty! It was definitely a learning process for the both of us when it came time to teach her how to cut the fabrics! Sewing with Michelle filled me with so much joy because of her eagerness to learn and the excitement on her face when she finished her first quilt block. It's such a pleasure to be a part of Michelle's first quilting experience and I think it's safe to say she caught the quilting bug and we will be seeing a lot more quilty things from her in the future.  Below read all about Michelle's introduction to quilt making.  


Made with Splendid Fusions

 Sewing with Michelle was so much fun! Read about her favorite and most difficult parts in the process of creating her first quilt block. 

Prior to starting your quilt block did you have any sewing experience?

I did! My great grandmother owned a small craft store and taught my mom how to sew. My mom later taught me. We’ve sewn small bags, fun 50’s style aprons, and little gifts for friends so sitting by the sewing machine for this project felt familiar.


Before starting your first quilt block lesson, what was your impression of quilting and how did you feel about doing this for the first time?

I felt like quilting was very intimidating. It seemed like a massive project to take on but breaking it down block by block definitely makes it a more manageable project, mentally and physically.

I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I feel like making anything with your hands is a rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see what the full quilt will look and feel like!


What was your favorite part about creating your first quilt block?

Unfolding the first triangles after sewing them!


What was the most difficult part about creating your quilt block?

I felt a little stressed about cutting down the fabric to the precise measurements because anything less than what was called for would mean the final block wouldn’t match up! But you measure twice, cut once and hope for the best. And it turned out great!


What advice would you give someone who is new to quilting?

I would say make sure you read the instructions to your pattern beforehand to have a mental map of how the process will go, kind of like reading a new recipe before actually baking it.


How does it feel to have created your first quilt block?

Accomplished! Makes me excited to make another one!


How has your idea of quilting changed after learning more about it?

Like I mentioned earlier, breaking down a quilt into “bite-sized” portions makes it more manageable. So doing this block helped make quilting less intimidating for me.


Do you see yourself quilting in the future?

It’s already on my calendar!


Isn't Michelle the cutest!  Snapped a pic of her holding up her first quilt block make! 


The next block of the Community Sampler is up and I can't wait to get together with Jess from Graphic Design and whip up this fun looking block.  Make sure to pop back next week to see the reveal of the Cactus Block!  

If you haven't joined the Community Sampler yet don't worry it's not to late to join. To keep you up to speed check  out out the blocks you might of missed below. 

Block 1- Kitty-Corner Block 

Block 2- Dovecote Block 


Happy Sewing, 


AGF All Things Mini- St. Patrick's Day Inspired Sewing

Hi Everyone,

Who  has something fun planned for St. Patrick’s day? Holidays are my favorite thing to sew for which is why of course my mini of the month for March had to be St. Patrick’s Day inspired! I knew right away I wanted to use the perfectly curated “Winter Wheat” and “Emerald Stone” Color Master Boxes. The Color Master Boxes are perfect for easy and quick sewing projects. If you need a certain color to add to your stash the Color Master Boxes make it so easy with 12 different color groups to choose from.  I picked my favorite prints from both bundles to create the “Lucky Emerald” mini! I used the Quilt As You Go method which made the process go so much faster. I wanted to incorporate as many different green and ivory prints as possible to create yummy texture and a appealing scrappy look. To get into the festive spirit follow the tutorial below to make a “Lucky Emerald” mini of your own! Check out the end of the blog post for more All Things Mini sewing tutorials.



Fabrics Used: 

Fabric A- PRS-215- Cottagely Posy
Fabric B-BOU-8049- Wallpaper Flesh
Fabric C-GRD-79902- Moment In Time Light
Fabric D-WND-2534- Diamond Flush Gold
Fabric E-CHP-40208-Let’s Chalk Green
Fabric F- PRS-214- Steeping Awakening
Fabric G -CST-3202- Psychedelia Peridot
Fabric H-GSS-7244- Mesh Calm
Binding-CHP-40208-Let’s Chalk Green
Backing- MW-80020- Summer Grove By Night


Cutting Directions: 

 Six (6) 1 1/2" x 17" strips from Fabric A,B,C,D,E,F,G,and H

Four (4) 8 1/2" squares of batting

One (1) 20" square of batting 

Download the four leaf clover temple here. Cut out four hearts and tape together with the points touching and slightly overlapping. 


Creating your String Blocks 

We are going to be sewing our strips onto our 8 1/2" square batting pieces. Draw a diagonal line with a fabric marking pen on your 8 1/2" batting  pieces. Then draw another line 1/4" away from the line. Place your first green strip pretty side facing up lining up the edge of the fabric to the second line you drew. Then place a ivory strip on top of your strip so right sides of the fabric touch. Make sure strips are hanging off  evenly on both sides of your 8 1/2" piece of batting. Pin strips and batting together and sew your strips at 1/4" Line your presser foot up with the edge of the fabric. 

Image 1

Press your white strip open and place a green strip on top right sides together and sew at 1/4".

IMage 2Repeat this process alternating strips until you get to the corner of your square. Repeat this process to cover your whole 8 1/2" square batting with strips. Use your 8 1/2" batting as a template to trim all the excess strips. 

IMG_6985 copy
Trim your block to 8 1/2". Repeat this process with your remaining green and ivory strips to create four blocks. 

IMG_6988 copy

Place your blocks with the green tips facing in to the center. Sew your blocks together to create a four patch block! 

IMG_7014 copy

To make my mini more festive I wanted to add a four leaf clover detail to the center.  I placed a extra piece of batting in between my backing and mini top to help the four leaf clever quilting details stand out.  Once I taped together my hearts to form a four leaf clover I placed the template in the center of the mini and traced it with a fabric marking pen. 

IMG_7024 copy

I quilted meandering swirls inside the four leaf clover and finished it off with some hand stitching to outline the design.



What are some of your St. Patrick Day makes? Share with me in the comments. 

 For more mini sewing  check out some of my previous mini projects. :)

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Hope you have a great St. Patrick's day! 

Happy Sewing, 


Make Something New: How to Make a Easter Lily Quilt Block Tutorial

Hello fabric friends, 

How was your weekend? I did nothing but watch Netflix and attended to some much needed sewing. I hope you all had a eventful but relaxing weekend! To start your week off right I wanted to share the newest block tutorial in the AGF Quilt Block Collection. The Easter Lily Block has a great square center large enough to showcase the lovely swans from Jessica Swift's new collection. Not only are these swans  elegant they are made with two of my go to colors, black and pink! The " Village Adventure" print is another one of my favorite prints from the collection with the cutest whimsical buildings which I used for the corner squares in my block. Follow along with me in the video below. Nothing makes me happier to see your blocks, so make sure to share on social media with the #AGFQuiltBlockCollection




Watch the video below to make the Easter Lily Block! Make sure to share this quilt block video with all your quilty friends! 


This block finishes at 14" x 14" which makes for a great decorative pillow. Add some tassels to the ends and you have yourself a handsome looking pillow to add to your home. 

Looking for some sewing inspiration? Check out the Tallin Lookbook! It is packed with jaw dropping free sewing patterns for you to try. Below is one of my favorite items made in the lookbook. I love the techniques used in these two mini's. The tutorial is super easy to follow, click here to give it a try. 



I need your help picking the next block tutorial, so many blocks out there it is so hard to choose. Here are a few blocks I have in mind, which one would you like to see?

1- Drunkards's Path Block

2- Log Cabin Block

3- Bear Paw Block

4- Hunter Star


Happy Sewing, 


Community Sampler Sew Along: Week 1- Kitty- Corner Block

Hello Everyone, 

Who is taking part in the Community Sampler Sew Along? Two of our amazing designers, Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell are hosting another sew along and I can't be more excited because every one in the AGF Team is coming together to create a block to add to our sampler. A lot of our team members are new to quilting and sewing so I am thrilled to be able to teach them all I know. Throughout the next 14 weeks we will be posting our progress on the blog and sharing our experience as we work together to create our quilt. If you haven't heard about the Community Sampler Sew Along yet don't worry it's never to late to join. 


Kitty - Corner Block made with Splendid Fabrics


Week 1 - Sharon and Maureen shared with us our first PDF pattern of the materials needed and a coloring page of the finished quilt design.

It was hard to decide what fabrics to use for our sampler but we finally came to the conclusion Splendid Fusions was a collection that fit all the personalities of the AGF Team, sophisticated, bold and artistic. 


Week 2- They introduced the first block: The Kitty-Corner Block!


Below I share my addition to the AGF Team's Community Sampler! 


The Kitty - Corner Block teaches you how to make cute four patch units for each corner of your block. I love the yummy warm yellows and hot pinks in the Splendid Fusion Collection. For my background fabric I used our "Creme de la Creme" pure element solid. It is such a lovely rich and creamy color that allows  the jewel tone colors from Splendid Fabrics shine!




 It also shows you how to create corner square units. I love using friction pens to create my diagonal lines. They come in so many fun colors and the ink disappears so nicely with a quick press with your iron. Chain piecing  is by far the most amazing trick I learned as a quilter. Which is exactly what I did to sew  all of my 2 3/4" squares to the corners of my 4 3/4" squares.  




I really enjoyed the construction of this block so much. Using a variety of dark, medium and light fabrics this block has me dreaming of a beautiful picnic at a flower garden! 




Steph is up next to create the next block for our sampler so stay tuned to hear about her experience on the blog. I am in awe following along with everyone's blocks on Instagram. It's so much fun sewing along with all of you. Make sure to share your blocks using the hashtag #CommunitySampler so everyone can see your creations! 


Happy Sewing, 


Taco Tuesday Everyday- How to Make a Linking Block with Day Trip Fabrics

Hello Makers , 

It's quilt block tutorial time, which is one of my favorite things to do for every New AGF Fabric Collection. Every time we release a new lookbook featuring the newest fabric collection I feel like a kid at Christmas.  Cutting into a brand new collection for the first time is so exciting and my mind gets lost in thought as I think of all the fun things I want to sew. There where so many cute prints in Dana Willard's new collection Day Trip Fabrics that I had a tough time choosing my favorite prints. But I finally narrowed it down to three prints to create the new addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection.  I decided the Linking Quilt Block would be a perfect block to showcase my favorite prints.  


 My top three picks: Favs


Watch the video below to learn how to make the Linking Block. What three prints would you use from Day Trip Fabrics? 




Loving the Linking Block as much as I am!?  Below I shared three different quilt mockups.

Which version do you like the best? 




Have fun making the Linking Block using a variety of prints or solids. Make sure to share your quilt block creations using AGF Fabrics on Instagram with the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection to be entered to win a fat quarter bundle of Day Trip Fabrics

Happy Sewing ,