Quilting for Beginners- How to Make a Granny Square Block

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Ever feel like no matter how much you try to manage your time you never have enough time to get everything you want accomplished? Most often times we end up not doing things that are important to us because we are busy cleaning, working or taking care of everyone else but ourselves. If your trying to squeeze in a little bit of sewing to your everyday routine I would suggest sewing up a block from the AGF Quilt Block Collection! Most of these blocks are beginner friendly blocks that don't take that long to make. So far the quilt block collection has 19 quilt block videos that you can follow along and make one, two or all of them to create your very own sampler quilt! 


The next addition to the collection is called the Granny Square Block! I like this block because all it consists of are 3 1/2" square sewn together and cut in such a way where it reveals this beautiful patchy x design! Enjoy the video below and make sure to download a copy of the pattern instructions



For those of you following along we would love to see your quilt block creations. Make sure to share your blocks on social media using the hashtag #agfquiltblockcollection

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Must Make Summer Project - Relax Anywhere Mat Tutorial

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Summer is here! I can't believe June is over! We are getting into the hot summer days where all you want to do is be at the lake and kick back and relax! I created a must make summer project that I promise you will get a lot of use out of this summer! It's called the Relax Anywhere Mat! Head over to the weallsew blog to find the full tutorial!


I used the amazing blue fabrics from the In Blue fabric collection. The modern fabrics and colors add a refreshing feel to keep you cool in the summer months ahead! This project is a quick make that wont keep you indoors for to long! Make one for everyone in your family to enjoy! 


What is everyone up to this summer? Share your summer adventures below! 



Become a Flying Geese Expert - How to Make a Double T Block

Hello Makers,

Obsessed with making flying geese? I know I am, which is why I decided to make the Double T Block featuring Indie Boheme fabrics. In this video we use the no waste method which gives you four at a time flying geese! The simplicity of this block and the fussy cut center makes this block super fun to make!  




Make sure to download the Double T Block PDF and enjoy the video below!  



In the comments box below let me know which block tutorials you would like to see next! To check out more fun AGF Quilt Block Collection tutorials head to our youtube channel

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Let's Talk Baby Shower Gifts: Nursing Pillow Cover Tutorial

Hello AGF Aficionados!

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’m excited to be back and ready to share some fun projects and helpful sewing tips! Now that I’m a member of the mommy club a whole new world of adorable sewing has opened up before me and I have a couple tutorials for projects in the works that you’ll want to sew for yourself or for someone you know (maybe for a little someone you know). Along the way, I’ll be highlighting construction methods that will help you with all your sewing across the board, non-baby sewing included!

Some of you may have seen a sneak peek of my Little One rockin' some AGF duds in the Wonderful Things Lookbook way back in January. Time has flown by and he is now almost crawling- he’s gone from a little squish to a bouncy baby boy so fast!

Pillow cover tutorial

Now, a question that people always ask me is “what should I sew as a present for the baby?” Here are two really easy projects that I have gotten tons of use out of and that would make great gifts for the expectant parent. The first is a nursing pillow cover.

These pillows are the best for all sorts of reasons, but one thing that isn’t that great is the variety (or lack thereof) in prints for pillow covers. I’ve been able to make a couple covers for my pillow and I love them! They brighten my living room and are the envy of other moms (or so I like to imagine). It’s also something that will be used constantly from the newborn stage through to the sitting stage.

Instructions on how to draft your Pillow Cover Pattern:

1. Place either the pillow or the pillow cover on a piece of paper and trace. Fold the paper in half and “true” the pattern, ie, blend the lines together smoothly so that both halves are the same. Add your desired seam allowance to all edges, except the fold line. Since the finished edges on my serger measure at 3/8” I added about 3/8” around the shape. Cut out your pattern piece. This is your front piece.

2. Now, trace the front piece and draw a line where you will sew in the zipper. Cut apart the back pieces, then trace them onto paper adding extra seam allowance at the straight edges for the zipper (I added 1/2”) and cut out.


3. Pin your pattern pieces to fabric and cut one of each.

4. Cut two strips of interfacing (1" x Width of Pillow) to stabilize your knit edges at the back zipper opening.  Fuse the interfacing to the wrong sides of the fabric at the edges so it’s easy to sew the zipper to the knit fabric. (You can even use non-knit interfacing since by sewing to a zipper you are essentially removing the stretch anyway.)

5. Cut two zipper tabs 1 1/₂” x 4” and fuse interfacing to them as well.  Pin the short ends of the tabs to the ends of a 22” zipper, right sides together, and sew.  Trim tabs to match the width of the zipper.   If you are using a shorter zipper make the tabs longer so that they reach beyond the edge of the pillow sides.  

6. Pin the zipper to the Back Top, right sides together, and sew a straight stitch as close to the edge as you can (using a zipper foot).  Open, press and top-stitch.  Repeat the process to sew the zipper to the Back Bottom.  Here is a tutorial that shows the zipper application I used.  Trim the zipper tabs as needed so they are flush with the edges of the pillow body.

7. Now, pin the front and back right sides together, making sure the zipper is partially open.  Sew together using either a serger or the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.  Flip your creation right side out and stuff with a pillow!

Ollie Boppy Pic 1

Be sure to browse all the amazing knits AGF has to offer!  There's sure to be something for everybody.  Here are just a few recommendations: 

Recommended Fabric Choices

Well, that's all for today but I'll be back with more projects from babyland. 

Until then, Happy Sewing!




Quilting Tips - How to make a Garden Walk Block

Hello Makers, 

Time for a quilt block tutorial! I love the days we release a new fabric collection because I get so excited to share with you tips and tricks to help you in your quilting journey by showing fun and easy quilt blocks to add to your quilting resume! Today we will be making the Garden Walk Block featuring Charleston and Les Petits Fabric. In this video we learn to make four patch and triangle point blocks. This block is a pretty quick sew and the contrast of the red and blue fabrics makes this block pop, which I absolutely love.  



Follow along with us by watching the video below! Also to download the PDF pattern with all the written instructions click here! 


For more fun sewing videos click here!


In the comments box below let me know what block tutorials you would like to see next! 


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Mother's day DIY gift - How to make a quilted artwork

Hello creative moms and daughters!

Mother's Day is approaching and you must agree that there's no better gift than the ones you make yourself! 

I decided to make my mom quilted artwork, that says : "Home is wherever mom is". Even if we live far away from our moms (like I do) we can always feel the love and care that they have for us. They shaped us to who we are now and they'll always want what's best for us.

Sometimes we just take things in life for granted and we don't make time to celebrate our loved ones. So, for this Mother's Day I encourage you to do something special for your mom. Whether you decide to make a handmade project or invite her for a special mother-daughter date, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you show your mom that you appreciate her.


I made this project using Charleston and Les Petits collections by Amy Sinibaldi. I love how those two collections coordinate with each other. I think my mom will definitely like the polka dot fabrics from the Les Petits collection. I hope your mom will too!

Watch the  video tutorial and get inspired to make this artwork for your mom. Click here to download free template.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there! Let us know in comments if you are planning to make something for your mom for her special day:)


Lots of love and happy sewing! 



Easy Quilting Tutorial- Learn how to make a Jackknife Block

Hello Makers, 

The Bountiful lookbook just came out and I am loving everything about it! I grew up in Minnesota and this collection has me thinking of home. So with every new collection comes a new addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection! Join me in making a Jackknife block featuring Bountiful Fabrics! Learn some strip piecing fun and how to make hourglass blocks! This block is great for the fussy cutters out there! Looking for a way to get your hands on some Bountiful fabric? Click here to shop Bountiful fabrics



Enjoy the video below! Let me know what you all think! Click here to download the written instructions! 


If you have any suggestions for future quilt block tutorials comment below the blog post! Click here for more free quilt patterns

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Quilt Block Tutorial Time - Learn how to make a Spiderweb Block

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you had a great Easter! Hope you all had some time to relax with family and friends. It may be hard to get back into the swing of things this Monday after eating all that Easter candy but I am here to help you get motivated! If you haven't checked out the Fusions Lookbook yet it is filled with amazing projects like free quilts patterns, home decor, apparel, handbags, and so much more! Click here to flip through the pages for a little kick start to your week!


Also it's time for another addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection! Follow along with me and make a Spiderweb block of your own. This block is a great scrap buster and was so rewarding to make! It looks complicated and intricate but is beginner friendly! I loved using all four fusions to make my blocks. Each one has it's own personality and are so beautiful to look at!

Click the video below to make this quilt block! Click here for the written instructions! 



For more quilt block tutorials visit our youtube channel! Looking for some fun fabric to sew up this block click here to video some great fabric collections






Time to Fiesta - Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Video Tutorial

Hello Makers, 

Join me in making a Double Pinwheel block featuring Fiesta Fun Fabrics. This block measures 17" which would be perfect to turn into a pillow to add some cheer to any household! The colors in the Fiesta Fun fabric collection are so vibrant and are such a joy to sew with! This block is made completely out of quarter square triangle units in three fabrics.


Grab some fabrics and let's get started! Click on the video below to follow along! 



Click here to watch more fun sewing tutorials from AGF! Stay tuned for the next addition to our quilt block collection featuring Capsules by AGF!




DIY Sew Crafty Heart Block Video Tutorial

Happy Valentines Everyone,

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am feeling the love! Join me in making a scrappy quarter log cabin heart block! It makes for a perfect scrap buster project! It turned out so cute I couldn't just make one! I used pink and peach shades from our Pure Elements collection and prints from Wonderful Things fabric by Bonnie Christine

Click on the video below to follow along! 


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