DIY Pregnancy Pillow Tutorial

Hello, AGF Aficionados!

I’m here to share with you how I made my new favorite thing ever: this super comfy DIY Pregnancy Pillow!  Now that I’m clocking in at 7 months pregnant it’s become tougher to get a comfortable night’s sleep and even the simple act of actually tossing and turning is a bit of a challenge.  I decided to trade up my shifting multitude of pillows for an actual pregnancy pillow, but the price… yikes!  Thank goodness for our sewing machines!  This is a great DIY project for expectant mamas & for the crafty people in their lives that want to gift them something to make them feel pampered. 

I researched existing styles of pregnancy pillows and decided on this giant version that envelops you from both sides because I used to be a back sleeper and the middle curve in the back supports your back and helps keep you in the position that you should be in even if you have a tendency to turn to your back while sleeping.  The middle curve in the front supports your belly and the bottom part gives your legs and hips support.  I found a great tutorial at Homemade Toast, and used their instructions as a starting point but made a couple modifications for my version which I will outline below.  The biggest change I made is converting the top part into an attached pillow case so I could slip my favorite pillow in there and continue to use it.  My fiber fill stuffing skills just don't compare to my favorite down pillow.  I also made a knit pillow case for the pillow and to account for the stretch in knit I simplified the pattern a bit. 

Pregnancy Pillow

Making the Pregnancy Pillow


  • 3 ½ yards Pure Elements Cotton Fabric (PE-464)
  • Fiber Fill (two 32-ounce packages & One 12 oz. package)
  • Queen sized pillow (Standard sized pillows will also fit, with a little extra room on the sides. King sized pillows are wider than 30” so you would need to cut the pillow “legs” and pillow case cover separately and sew together at the end.) 
  • Two zippers 22” long (shorter is fine, just remember to change the length of strips)

Preparing the Pattern:

  1. Print the PDF Pattern for the center cut-out and tape together. Choose the size appropriate to your height.  For our version go ahead and re-draw the top corner square before cutting out your size.  Square off by drawing a line perpendicular to the fold, from the top point of the pattern, then draw a line that lines up to the outermost edge of the corner curve.  Your lines should meet at a right angle and add a little to the corner.  

Fabric Cutting Directions:

  1. Front piece: 62” x 30” (tall: 66” x 30”)
  2. Back piece: 56” x 30”  (tall: 60” x 30”)
  3. Two 3” x 5” strips
  4. Cut 3” strips until you have approximately 134” in total length of strips (more if using shorter zippers)
  5. Four 2” x 25” strips (or the length of your zippers)
  6. Round edges and cut the center piece out on the front and back pieces according to the diagram (steps A, B & C).


Construction (seam allowances are ½”):

  1. Finish the top edges of the front and back pillow pieces, by folding over ½” twice and top-stitching. Mark the sewing line with a fabric marker ½” above the top of the center cut-out. (Diagram step D)
  2. Take the two 22” zippers & the four 2” wide strips and encase your zippers with a strip on either side of the zippers. Press the fabric and top-stitch (optional). 
  3. Take a 5” strip and pin to the top end of the zipper, right sides together. Sew across the fabric and the top edge of the zipper so that the metal stopper is in the seam allowance (making sure that the zipper pull is not in the seam allowance).  Repeat for other zipper.  Trim away excess to ½”. 
  4. Sew together 3” strips so that you have two pieces approximately 67” long. Pin a strip to the end of the zipper, right sides together, with zipper zipped.  Sew across the fabric and zipper so that the metal stopper is in the seam allowance.  Trim away any excess to ½”.  Repeat for other zipper. 
  5. Trim zipper portion so that it is 3” wide, matching the rest of the strips.
  6. Pin the strips to the sides of the pillow front, right sides together, zipper sides first, starting ½” inside of the marked sewing line and continuing until the inner corner, ending at the sewing line. Sew together.  (Diagram step E)  When sewing the strip to the inner corners of the pillow, 6 inches from the end start tapering to the center of strip, matching the center point to the stopping point.  (see picture)
  7. Repeat step 9 with the pillow back, tapering at inner corners and pivoting at the corner and sewing pillow front and back together across the top of the center cut-out, and continuing to sew the strip on the other side. (Leave zippers open.)
  8. Fold the top front over the back top and pin. Measure to make sure there is 20” between the fold and the marked sewing line. Pull out the strip ends to the side to not catch them in your sewing, sew the sides together, matching seam lines and overlapping the stitching by ½”.  (Diagram step F)
  9. Turn the pillow right-side out. Make sure the strip ends are pushed inside and sew across the marked sewing line, making sure to catch the ends of the strips in the stitch so there’s nowhere for stuffing to escape. Sew across the line again to reinforce the seam.  (Diagram step G)
  10. Stuff each pillow leg with fiber fill to your desired firmness. I used one 32-oz package plus a little extra to fill each leg.
  11. Insert your pillow into the pillowcase top of the pregnancy pillow. Now you’re ready to make the pillow cover, this is the easy part!

Picture Montage

Making the Pillow Cover


  • 1 ⅞ yards Art Gallery Fabrics Knit (60” wide knit). I used K-7040 from April Rhodes’ Bound collection for my pillow cover. 

Cutting & Preparing the Pattern:

  • Cut out the front and back pieces in the same manner as for the pillow. Cut very carefully, up to the selvedge- we are using every bit of fabric width.  
  • No strips are necessary due to the stretch in our knit fabric! Yay! 

Construction (seam allowances are ¼”):

  1. Finish the top edges of the front and back pillow pieces, by serging the ends, then folding over ½” and top-stitching with a stretch stitch. Fold the top front over the top of the back piece to make the envelope opening.
  2. Match the sides of the front and back pieces and serge all around the entire pillow. Starting at the top left corner and ending at the top right corner.  Be careful not to let any of the selvedge show. 
  3. Flip right side out and slip over your pillow! Voila!  These pillow covers are so easy to make I’m sure you’ll want to make a couple more just for fun!  

Disclaimer:  AGF cannot be held accountable for any sleepy husbands that are pushed off the bed while pillow is in use. 

Tip for Use:  When it’s time to get up I find it’s easiest to slide under the pillow and out of the bed rather than trying to wrestle my huggable pillow giant. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Until next time,

Christine  :)

Sewing DO's and DON'Ts - Ola Makes a Clutch: Part 1

Sewing-dos-and-dontsHello AGF friends!

Do you remember last quilt market ? Who doesn't right? It was so much fun and there was tons of excitement around the new AGF collections. I spent most of my time in the AGF Studio booth where we presented gorgeous clutches among other cute projects sewn with AGF denim and a variety of collections. I have to admit, I could sit there all day long and admire the clutches. They were simply delightful! Meli - one of our product designers noticed how amazed I was and she kindly offered me a sewing lesson, so I could make one of the clutches I had been swooning about! Thank you Meli!

From that time I couldn't stop thinking about it! Recently Meli and I finally found some time to make my dream come true!


I am going to share with you the process of sewing my very first clutch and all the sewing DO'S and DON'TS I have learned throughout the process.

 So here's how the story goes:

  1. Choosing the fabric

As you can read in one of my blog posts : "Fabric Prints inspired by birds",  I exceptionally like birds in fashion. I associate them with freedom and I feel like wearing prints with birds makes me feel like I'm flying through the day. ;) That's why my choice for the main print of the clutch was going to be no other than Aves Chatter Dim from Winged by Bonnie Christine. Meli liked the choice and she asked me to choose the fabric for lining.

Digging through the piles of AGF prints, I was looking for fabric that will just make me happy whenever I open the clutch. And there it was! Striped pink fabric known as Streakly Business Blush from Pat's Bravo Collection, Essentials II.

I was happily ran back to Meli to show her my choice but she was not enthused by my choice. This completely surprised me because in my head: 

  1. This print is simple and pretty.
  2. Only I was going to see the inside of the clutch so why did it need to match the outside? ;p

She explained to me why I should consider a different print for the lining, and these were her tips:

  • "Even if you don't see the lining because it's inside the bag, DO keep it cohesive with any element (color, design, texture, etc.) from the the outside of the bag."
  • "DON'T use busy prints for the outside and inside of your clutch because it will clash with the look of your project."

I was in awe when Meli told me this because I always underestimated the process of choosing fabrics. I reconsidered my choice and realized she was right. If I want to achieve beautiful aesthetics like professionally made clutches, I have to really find a good match for the lining!

So she helped me to choose the rest of my fabrics, and here are my choices:



from left to right:

a)Linen fabric -for front pocket (DEN-L-4000 Soft Sand from the Denim Studio by AGF)

b)Lightweight dark denim - for the handle (DEN-S-2001 Indigo Shadow from the Denim Studio by AGF)

c)Light brown solid fabric - for the lining (PE-440 Macchiatto from Pure Elements by AGF)

d)Textured dark denim - for the front pocket (DEN-T-3000 Bluebottle Field)

c)Birds fabric - for the front of the clutch (WNG-2026 Aves Chatter Dim)


2. Choosing the pattern

I really like the adjustments that Meli did to the Jessy clutch pattern from the Hello Ollie Lookbook. I love the front pocket with snaps and I knew that it was something that I wanted to go for! So I decided to make the exact same clutch.  


 3. Cutting the fabric

After I had chosen my fabrics and pattern, it was time to cut all the fabric pieces and prepare all supplies for the project.

Besides the pieces of fabric I needed:

  • 9" zipper
  • snaps for the front pocket
  • clasp for bag handle
  • zipper foot
  • blind stitch foot

All the dimensions (besides the front pocket) are in the clutch pattern. I marked the dimensions of the pocket on the picture below. 

Here is what I have learned when cutting my fabric and preparing supplies:

  • DON'T ever leave the rotary cutter blade exposed when you are done cutting the fabric.
  • DO iron your fabrics before cutting. 
  • DO measure your pieces very precisely before cutting because your projects depends on it.
  • DO align your rotary cutter to the ruler and press firmly to the mat to make sure that you cut the fabric correctly.



Uff I've survived through all the prepping. Now its time to start sewing! Wish me luck!

I hope you're curious to see how the final result will look! I can't wait to show you my first clutch! Let me know in the comments if you have any DO's and DON'Ts of your own that I should follow. 

Stay tuned for the next part of my sewing DO'S and DON'TS :)


All the best


5 Bag Patterns for Back to School

Hi everyone!

Summer may not be over yet, but a special time of year has begun. Can you guess what it is? It’s that time of the year most kids dread and crafty mommies love because they get to make time for sewing. It’s Back to School season! For some, school has already started but for those of you who still have some time, we bet you’re hurrying up to make everything perfect! Don’t worry, AGF is here to help!

Bag Patterns Graphic

A backpack is one of the most important school supplies any kid can have. So, we’ve put together a list of our 5 favorite bag patterns that are great for back to school. Check them out!


1. The Milla Bag

First, let’s start with one of my favorite backpack patterns designed by the girls here at the AGF HQ. Makers, I’m happy to introduce to you the Milla Bag! This spacious bag was first featured in the Millie Fleur fabrics by Bari J. look book as a messenger bag. The pattern is so versatile that it was then slightly modified to have backpack straps (picture above) for the Pastel Thrift fabrics by AGF studio look book. I simply love its vintage inspired design and the unique look the front straps give this backpack.


2. The Reflected Bag

If you have a daughter that’s a fashionista, this Reflected Bag designed by Pat Bravo is perfect to arrive the first day of school in style! We decided to make this bag with Artisan fabrics by Pat Bravo since it’s a feminine yet artistic collection. If you would like to experiment with different fabrics, I can totally imagine this bag being made with Nightfall Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell.


3. Pack the Back 

Another great pattern designed by the girls here in the AGF HQ is the “Pack the Back” pattern. This adorable backpack is great for any of you that have kids in elementary school. This backpack is spacious, cute, and simple to make! I’m sure you’re little one will love it as soon as they see it. For the version you see above, we decided to use Amy Sinibaldi’s sweet and youthful collection, Playground.


4. The Study Haul Bag

For those of you who prefer making something more classic, you’re going to love the Study Haul messenger bag designed by Sharon Holland! This bag is sturdy, stylish, and will look great throughout the school year. To make it extra durable, we decided to make it with “Outburst” canvas fabric from Sharon’s Sketchbook collection.


5. The Slouchy Backpack

Last but not least, we have the Slouchy Backpack pattern designed by our designer Bonnie Christine. As you can see we loved this pattern so much, that we had to make it every color of our textured denim fabric. This pattern is unique because it has a relaxed look yet is spacious enough for tons of books, snacks, and anything else your kids may need. My favorite one is the blue one made with the “Bluebottle Field” denim.

I hope you enjoyed our selection of bag patterns for back to school. Feel free to download all the patterns and make one of each! Let me know in the comments what your favorite bag is and what collection you would use to make it.


Happy Sewing!


All about AGF knit fabric!

Howdy howdy, fabric lovers!

What’s your favorite fabric to sew with? I personally love knit fabric, it’s comfy, soft, stretchy and it goes well with everything. As you all know we have a huge variety of knit fabrics. Actually, we have 4 prints for each collection plus a wide range of solids and round elements. Can you believe how many we have?! It’s incredible!

Every time I get to the studio I want to sew at least one garment with each print ( I love them all). If you have worked with our fabric before you can really feel the difference, but our knit fabrics are just out of this world and they work perfectly for summer clothes because they are light weight so they will keep you fresh all day long!

Have you ever thought of all the things you can sew with knit fabric? Well, just in case you haven’t in the picture below you will see some of the things we have made here at the studio. 

 Knits graphic

But the fun doesn’t end there! You can still sew lots of different things, especially with knit scraps. For example: beanies, headbands, fabric flowers, a strap for your camera, and much more! You can check out our AGF Knit fabric lookbook, filled with tons of project ideas and link to patterns for some sewing inspiration.



For those of you that sometimes feel intimidated by sewing with knit fabric, here is a video one of our designers, Dana Willard made. She explains the basics of sewing with knits! Also, she will give you some tips on how to choose the right stitch for your project.


I hope you're inspired by AGF knits! Feel free to share your favorite things about sewing with knits and any tips you may have. :)  


Happy knit sewing!




AGF Knits Composition

95% Cotton 5% Spandex | 58-60" Wide | Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. 

Stash Builder Box: A Subscription with a Good Cause

Hi wonderful fabric collectors!

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving packages! Even if I know what I purchased, there’s something so exciting about coming home from the AGF HQ and seeing a box waiting for me at the door. For all of you fabric lovers out there, imagine receiving happy mail with not just fabrics but also fun sewing related products! I know it sounds like a dream!

This dream can come true with the Stash Builder Box, a subscription service where every month you receive a box with a few specially curated fabric prints, notions, and other sewing related goodies. The best part of this new service is that 20% of all the proceeds from every single box sale goes towards making quilts for kids in need.  What can be better than replenishing your stash for a great cause?

Plus, you choose the fabrics you’ll receive! Every month, Stash Builder Box hosts a voting session on their Instagram where you get to choose two of the main prints that will be in your box. So this means, you get to choose your favorite fabrics, get cool stuff in the mail, and help children in need!

And guess what? The July box is dedicated to Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard!

Stash Builder Box Pic for blog


CONGRATULATIONS Bea, you've won the box of goodies from Stash Builder Box! Check your email. Thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful stories about creating projects for charity and for participating in the giveaway. 


This month’s box includes:

  • 3 fat quarters from Boardwalk Delight (Prints include Ice Cream Shop, Eat It All, and I Scream You Scream)
  • A spool of Aurifil 50WT thread
  • 5 mL packet of SOAK (eco-friendly laundry care)
  • Stash Block of the Month – “Snowball”
  • Stash Pick of the Month – “Fly By” quilt pattern by Initial K Studio
  • Vintage McCall’s Pattern Notebook (includes 64 pages of sepia toned lined paper)
  • Pencil that says “You can never have enough fabric”

To celebrate the summer and this month’s fun filled box, we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY! Stash builder has kindly donated a box filled with this month's goodies for you to win.

To enter:

Tell us in the comment section why you would like to win the July box featuring Boardwalk Delight fabrics and what are some things you have done for charity/ a good cause.

Giveaway ends Monday, July 11th at 3:00pm. Good luck!


If you would love to receive a cute box like this every month, visit the Stash Builder Box website to start your subscription (this box will be available until July 14th).






P.S. Here’s a little insight from the founder, Amanda Kelly on how Stash Builder Box was born:

“Stash Builder Box is a monthly quilting box that came to be in January of 2016 after I was doing research for my husband about starting a subscription box for his company. After doing the research for my husband’s box, his idea didn’t end up working out but it got the wheels turning for me. I really had a desire to combine my love of quilting with my heart to serve and help others. I had this crazy idea to make a box of quilting goodies but also have an underlying cause to bless people”.

5 free quilt patterns you can sew with half square triangles (HST)  

Hello lovely quilters!

I hope that you know about our library of free quilt patterns we have on AGF website! If not, it’s time for you to check it out and choose your favorite for summer sewing.

Today I would like to feature 5 free quilt patterns that you can sew with Half Square Triangles (HST). Half square triangles are commonly used patchwork components and they are one of the most basic blocks in quilting. Most beginning quilters starts their project with HST and it gives them a great base to create a lot of different quilt blocks.

So… what exactly are half square triangles?

Image via

Half square triangle units are squares made up of two equal triangles. Each triangle occupies half of the square's space.

What’s great about HST is that you can create with them so many different quilt blocks!

Take a look at the free quilt patterns below. The possibilities are endless!  You can make a quilt just with HST or incorporate them into quilt blocks with fabric strips, squares, rectangles, and other quilting techniques.





  1. Aroma free mini quilt pattern featuring Lavish Collection by Katarina Roccella

All the floral fabric prints in the Lavish collection are simply stunning and they create such a great mosaic on this mini. Make it for your baby or just as a wall decoration to admire the beautiful composition every day!

  1. Cross Sea free quilt pattern featuring Coastline collection by Sharon Holland

Coastline contains such wonderful summer fabric prints. Sailboats, palm trees, seagulls – all of this reminds us of the perfect vacation spent by the sea. This quilt will be perfect for long days on the beach during summertime!

  1. Patched free quilt pattern featuring Maker collection by AGF Studio.

It’s not hard to guess who the Maker collection was designed for? Yes! For us makers! All the prints remind us of the process of creation. We especially love the scissors fabric print – it adds such a modern touch to this quilt.

  1. Rising Ground free quilt pattern featuring Morning Walk by Leah Duncan.

This quilt is a beautiful composition of sunny yellow fabrics with deep lake blue fabric from the Morning Walk collection. It's a beautiful quilt to start a new sewing journey!

  1. Book Ends free quilt pattern featuring Paperie by Amy Sinibaldi.

Paperie is one of my favorite collections and I think it’s the perfect nursery fabric collection. The prints are so delicate and subtle, that you can fall in love with this quilt instantly!




What are some projects you've made with HST? Let us know in comments, and tell us if you've made any of the quilts above.


Thanks for being a sewing inspiration!





8 perfect garments for Summer

Hello Makers!

Summer has officially started and we are getting ready for it! How about you?

This season of the year is very exciting, because you get to wear awesome comfy clothes. Especially those maxi dresses that make you look beautiful and are super comfortable to wear (it's like you're in pajamas)! Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer each day, I curated 8 garment patterns that I think are great to make for this season. The best thing is that they are simple, comfortable, and will make you look stylish all day! One of the things that I love of summer besides going to the beach, is that you can mix and match bright prints!

8 perfect garments for summer blog post

1) Let’s start with the sparkle dress. Can you imagine making this dress with Joie de Vivre fabric? It would look AMAZING! Trust me ;). The coolest thing about this dress is that you can find the FREE PATTERN in our website.

2) This tie blouse is perfect for a day at the beach or even a night out with your friends. It’s comfy and it’s perfect for a summer outfit. I would totally use the Playing Pop fabric collection by the AGF studio!

3) The handkerchief skirt is so stylish! You can make it with any of our fabric collections and I would recommend that you use the Knit fabrics so it has that natural wavy look at the bottom. Also, this one is a FREE PATTERN too! you can find it in our website. 

4) The crescent skirt is perfect for day or night! Imagine going to a brunch or dinner with your friends wearing this skirt. You will catch everyone’s attention! I would definitely use Coastline Fabrics by Sharon Holland for this one! That sail boat print is perfect for the summer.

5) OMG! that strapless romper is perfection! My favorite thing about this romper is that you will look super fashionable and if you use our knit substrate you will feel like you are wearing pajamas! There’s nothing better than feeling comfy and pretty!

6) Well, this layered maxi dress says it all. It’s simply stunning. Perfect for a sunny summer's day! The best thing about maxi dresses is that they are very versatile! You can use them anytime and pretty much everywhere and you will always look beautiful. This dress was made with Skopelos fabrics by Katarina Roccella and I would definitely make it exactly as it is in the picture because I love those colors!

7) If you are looking for something a little bit dressier, this ruffled cocktail dress is perfect for you! I love how the style of this dress is simple enough to wear casually but unique enough to be worn fancy. For example, here we used Boardwalk delight fabrics by Dana Willard and it makes a perfect beach dress but if you try to make it with the petal picking dense  swatch of Lavish fabrics by Katarina Roccella it would definitely become an evening dress that will make you look stunning wherever you go.

8) Last but not least, this waterfall tank made with chalk and paint fabrics by Sew Caroline is a good match for shorts and jeans! It’s simple yet elegant. I can imagine using this tank while running errands during the weekend or even to go to the movies with my friends!

I hope you liked the patterns I chose for you! If you click on the names of each garment it will automatically take you to the website where you can find the pattern!


Let the sewing begin,


Joie de Vivre by Bari J.: A Joyful and Vibrant Fabric Collection


Hey there!

Do you love bright colors, bold prints, and believe in the statement “more is more”? Yes? Well, you’re definitely a Curated Maximalist and we’re super excited to show you a collection you’ll love! We’re super happy to announce Bari. J’s newest collection Joie de Vivre!

This bright collection is ideal for summer and it beautifully shows the essence of Bari’s style: vibrant, painterly, and bold! Joie de Vivre means an exuberant enjoyment of life in French, and Bari shows her joy with pretty flowers, delicate birds and butterflies, and cute pugs accompanied by edgy graphic prints.

Joie de vivre swatches

To me there’s something special about this collection. Every time I look at the prints, they remind me of one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie because of the pretty florals and painterly elements that are uniquely stylish. I instantly imagine feminine summer dresses and throw pillows!


We’ve prepared this stunning project look book for you to feast your eyes on gorgeous quilts, garments, and home décor.  Make sure to click on the links for the patterns to many of the projects.


Don’t forget to check out the “Bisou Bisou” free quilt pattern! This quilt will definitely add a pop of color to any room.


Have a little fun color matching with these coordinating blenders (AGF Elements)!

Joie de Vivre blenders

Most importantly, we think your stash needs some more fabric. So, we’re having a GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway joie de vivre


CONGRATULATIONS Chris, you've won the fat quarter bundle of Joie de Vivre fabrics! Check your email.

Have a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Joie de Vivre by Bari J.

To Enter:

Browse through the Joie de Vivre look book and leave a comment below, telling us what you would make with this vibrant fabric collection.

Giveaway ends Monday, June 27th at 3pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post.


Happy Sewing!



AGF is featured in EQ Stash Online Spring 2015

Hey fabric lovers!

I hope everyone has been finding tons of inspiration in our newest collections (I am still very much in love with Skopelos by Katarina Roccella).  To entice your inspiration a bit more, let me tell you about another place where your creative visions can come to life. In case you didn’t know, The Electric Quilt Company designed their latest software called Electric Quilt 7 where you can design your own quilts and pattern blocks. How cool is that? You are able to plan out how your quilt will look with the fabric of your choice without having to deal with rulers, calculations and inaccurate amounts of fabric. Once your design is done you can print out the pre-designed template and you’re ready to sew!

  Purchase Electric Quilt 7 Here

The software works for both MAC and PC and you can purchase it on the Electric Quilt Company website as a direct download.  To make your life even easier, they have also created an extension to the program that features various fabrics made to scale, so you can import them into your custom designs. The extension is called EQ Stash Online and it’s released four times a year. Once you purchase this additional software, it downloads directly into your current version of Electric Quilt and gives you access to over 1,400 fabrics that are in stores or coming soon.

EQ Stash Online GraphicPurchase EQ Stash 2015 Here

If you are wondering “What does this software have to do with my obsession with AGF?” Well, The EQ Stash Online is featuring AGF in their spring edition of the software! This means that you can plan out custom quilts with some of your favorite AGF collections! YAY! Here is a list of the collections included in the download:

I love technology, and if it can help develop creative projects it’s even better! Let us know if you have used Electric Quilt and EQ Stash Online in the past and what you think of it. As always, feel free to share any projects you make with AGF! Thanks for inspiring!




MAKERs are going to make + Giveaway!!!


Hello fabric lovers and makers of the world,

We are happy to present MAKER by AGF Studio, a collection that celebrates YOU, your passion for making, creating, and giving life to your wildest ideas while making pretty things for your family, friends, home and creative space. We wanted to materialize the spontaneity and playful details related to the craft of sewing through fun prints that portray the love of being a Maker. Stick around a little longer for a chance to win a fat quarter bundle from this collection. (details below) 



We always have fun when shooting a new collection but this one was extra special for us! Take a glimpse at all the beautiful projects we created with this collection (we have attached the links to most of the projects so if you'd like to make them they're there for you).

Click the image bellow to see the lookbok




When designing the quilt for the collection we always try to make one that will represent the essence of said collection. With Maker, we somehow wanted to include the mistakes that we come across with some of the projects we create. "Make Mistakes" is a reminder that a little error along the way of making is also a lesson for a future project. Feel free to share "Make Mistakes" with all your MAKER friends.



If you are anything like me, you need help figuring out which blenders would match your project, so here is a selection of some of our Elements that will blend perfectly with this collection.  Allblenders

Annddd the moment you all have been waiting for (insert drum roll here)!!! 


| Giveaway Closed |  

CONGRATULATIONS to "Regina" on your Maker Bundle!  


Here is how to enter the giveaway: browse through the Maker lookbook then comment with the project you'd most like to make.

  • Giveaway ends March 19th at 4 pm EST.
  • Winner will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy Sewing,