Minty Fresh Sewing - Nature Lover Mini

Hi Color Lovers, 

What is your favorite color and why? All shades of green is my favorite color! So when I found out mint was the AGF Color Fun color for September I got super excited! I get to mix two of my favorite things, the color mint and mini quilts to create the Nature Lover Mini! I was inspired by the views outside my window on a beautiful summer day to find the birds chirping and the flowers in full bloom with butterflies floating about. Nothing gets better then that! I found that the prints in the mint Color Fun bundle was absolutely perfect for fussy cutting! I framed my lil works of art with varying sizes of strips and corner triangles. From there I created the window and voila the Nature Lover Mini was born!  



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6 Projects made with Capsules and Fusions: Mister Domestic's Sewing Party 2

Hello, wonderful makers!

I hope everyone is great! At AGF we’re feeling thankful because it's been a week since we got back to the office after being out for Hurricane Irma. Luckily, South Florida wasn’t affected other than by minor flooding and an enormous power outage! So, we couldn’t be happier to be back to work doing what we love the most, sharing crafty things with all of you!

About 3 weeks ago, Mister Domestic hosted his second sewing party and like anything Mathew hosts, it was a blast! Here’s a little overdue recap of all the quilty things these talented makers made. Enjoy!


  1. Cathedral Window Pillows by Mathew Boudreaux (a.k.a @MisterDomestic)

Let’s start with the host with the most! Mathew combined our Woodlands Fusions with our denim fabric to create these divine pillows. From the way he positioned certain prints to the lovely folded denim borders, these decorative pillows are filled with style! Check out how Mathew made them on his blog.

  1. Spices Foot Stool by Alisa Kutsel - @astitchinbetween

Ok, so foot stool are a nice home decor accessory by Alisa took that idea to the next level with our Spices Fusions! She used Sariella Studio’s (not yet released) Neosphere Pattern and it turned out gorgeous. It’s so cute I wouldn’t want to put my feet on it! Read all about her cute project on her blog.

  1. Triangle & Hexie Quilt by Kristi McDonough - @schnitzelandboo

You can never go wrong with a triangle quilt, but add hexies to it and it’s even better! Especially when it involves hexies made with Reverie Fusions. Take a look at Kristi’s blog to see how how her quilt came to life.

  1. Le Vintage Chic Quilt by Justin Stafford - @keatonquilts

We absolutely love quilts that showcase full collections, so when we say Justin’s Le Vintage Chic quilt we got all kinds of feelings! He sewed these romantic fabric prints in an array stemming from a denim square and finished it with a bold denim border. Check out the full quilt on his blog.

  1. Le Vintage Chic Quilt by Elise Baek - @eliseandemelie

To me it’s always so interesting how makers can use the same fabrics and have completely different ideas. Elise from Elise and Emelie showed us how creative you can get with some fabrics and a little planning on illustrator. See the full quilt she made with Le Vintage Chic on her blog.

  1. Caravan Tote & Pillow by Paola Baker - @loveoffabrics

Last but not least, Paola stole our hearts with two projects she made with Bachelorette Fusions! She sewed up a lovely Caravan tote with heavy stitching (yummy!) and a fabulous pillow that uses strips of fabrics and selvages for a modern look. Head over to her instagram to see her projects in their full beauty.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick recap of Mister Domestic’s Sewing Party 2! Stay tuned for more fun projects made with our Fusions and Capsules.


‘Til next time,


AGF Mood Mondays - Paint


The artist Georgia O'Keeffe said "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.. things I had no words for."*

Oh the truth. Being in this industry is such a great way to meet all different kinds of artists; quilters of course, or those we would call "the ones who paint with fabric," and also very skillful brush and ink artists. Many people who express and keep a record of their story through images.

Multiple times that's how a fabric design begins, maybe not on an easel in the middle of a giant studio, but in someone's sketchbook, through an afternoon of watercolouring, or through frustration let out on a canvas in the style of Joan Mitchell.

So today I want to ask you about your favourite artist(s), it doesn't have to be a famous one, it could be your neighbour; you choose. What's the style or movement in art that you prefer to paint and/or admire? I'm not trying to get fancy here, simple descriptions like pastel floral paintings, or black and white geometric shapes are perfect answers, or really elaborate art-fan ones are also perfect.

I like a mixture of things because I've always identified with an eclectic style, but some of my top ones would be Mondrian with very geometrical lines in primary colours, Yayoi Kusama's density, Frida Kahlo with her surrealist compositions, and my sister Sofia who is obsessed with painting peaches. I also like all artists who try to trick the eye and create optical illusions like Escher. I like to sketch simple shapes, or do the opposite and saturate the canvas, usually in the colours black, white and red.

I must confess something that some might call sinful: although flowers fascinate me, I'm not instinctively attracted to floral paintings, especially in light colours. I understand they are beautiful and I can see why, but they're not automatically my top choice; nevertheless because I can appreciate them, here are some images I created with this straight-out-of-a-painting floral print from Bari J. printed on our dreamy rayon substrate:


"Budquette Abloom" print by Bari J. from Abloom Fusions

Painting the town red,


(*this is also the quote chosen by our very own artist Katarina Roccella for her bio on our website :).


Cute New Quilt Block- Prairie Home Block Tutorial

Hey There, 

Cat Lovers get ready! The Blush Fabric Lookbook is out and we are beside our selves with all the cute prints and free sewing patterns! I am definitely an animal lover and have a special soft spot when it comes to cats! Which is why I wanted to create a quilt block with the cat print from Blush fabrics! The Prairie Home Block is such a simple, fun  block which consists of a fussy cut square center that is framed with border strips. Then we create our flying geese and arrange and sew our pieces to create this cute block which forms a X with a square in it!



Watch the video below to make the Prairie Home Block! Make sure to share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection to be entered to win the AGF Quilt Block Monthly Fabric Giveaway



Happy Sewing



14 ways to accessorize your home with textiles

To all fellow fabric addicts, as promised... I am focusing on home decor as I am obsessed with my new home and finding new and quirky ways to make it original. This post goes out to everyone out there who is always looking for the next DIY project or different ways to play around with textures and colors. Search no further, I put together a list of chic ways to inspire you into accessorizing every room in your home :)

Hope you like it!





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Irma, Yarn-bombing and Quilting On

If someone were to ask you what is truly important in life, I think we would all have similar answers: family, friends, health and enjoying the moment. In the day to day rush of life though, amid the ever-present piles of laundry and unopened bills, this truth can become forgotten for a little while. And then sometimes something comes along that shakes us out of our complacency and crystallizes the truth anew. Last week for us it was Hurricane Irma. We chose to evacuate to family in NC, but most of my family and friends decided to hunker down and weather the storm. At home, people worked together to help each other board up and prepared to spend the storm together. Meanwhile we made the best of our situation by sightseeing along the way. Even in the anxiety and uncertainty that preceded the storm, there was beauty and inspiration all around.


We stopped for a late lunch in Columbia, SC and took a stroll around the downtown area to find to our delight that it had been “yarn-bombed.” It seems the industrious crocheters and knitters of Columbia have adopted a stretch of the downtown and nothing is safe from their needles. Trees, benches, traffic signs and parking meters are all decorated in multicolored custom knit outfits. That afternoon in the beautiful sun and light breeze, surrounded by the product of such industrious creativity it was truly possible to believe that everything was going to be alright. When we sew and quilt, we put a little of ourselves into each piece. “Made with Love” is not just a cute label, but the truth, and that day I could feel the joy and love that each person had put into their street art.

Quilting in particular brings people together and has a long, rich history. At a tea shop in NC I asked about a pile of quilts on a table and was soon talking with the reserved owner about how his grandmother and her friends used to hand quilt together by stretching out the quilts on wooden beams. She made all dozen grandchildren their own quilts this way. I couldn’t help but wonder how many quilts in Florida were being lovingly packed away in plastic bins as their owners hoped for the best.

Safe with family, we watched Irma move onto Florida via CNN while praying for the family and friends still in the storm. It took a couple days to confirm that everyone was OK because of power and cell phone connectivity issues, but thankfully everyone, including my AGF family, was fine. Meanwhile, I enjoyed spending quality time with family that I hadn’t seen in years and doing my favorite travel activity- checking out the local quilt fabric shops.


As we move forward, we are blessed to have the understanding of what is truly important freshly stamped in our minds. I’ll bring this new inspiration to my sewing by taking my time with a project, and enjoying each step, by sewing clothes and projects for the ones I love, and stepping away from the laundry for a bit to sew some things for myself. The world is an amazing place, from the natural beauty of my aunt’s sun-dappled porch with the flowering myrtle trees to the howling ferocity of an implacable storm. There is inspiration all around. I’ll continue in my humble way to try to add some beauty to the world one little project at a time. I invite you to do the same.  :)

Until next time,


Ironing Fun with Laurastar

Hey there fabric friends, 

Today I wanted to share with you our new fabric sewing essential that will make your life easier when it comes to ironing and pressing your fabrics. Ironing and pressing is an extremely  important process that starts in the beginning of a sewing project, all throughout the creation of your project and the final press at the end. Ironing and pressing sometimes is overlooked to save time but I promise you, no matter how amazing you are at sewing, avoiding ironing can potentially be what's standing in the way of a more professional well done sewing project! 

Last Quilt Market we had the pleasure of meeting the people from Laurastar and we fell in love with how fun ironing can really be. They had a variety of colors to choose from but of course we choose this beautiful hot pink iron. (We love all things pink!)



There are so many reasons why we fell in love our new Laurastar, they take ironing to a whole new level with their design and technology

Here are a few awesome features that we fell in love with: 

 1. Water Reservoir and Filter

Most irons have a built in water tank which you fill up with water and eventually the chemicals from your water will end the life of your iron. The Laurastar has it's own separate water reservoir and filter. It purifies your water so no bad chemicals will harm the life of your iron! How cool is that?! 

2. Iron Settings 

Setting the temperature on your iron has never been easier. There is nothing worse than accidentally having the wrong temperature and burning or melting your fabric. Iron temperature is extremely important when using delicate fabrics. There are two different settings which makes things less complicated in deciding what temperature to iron your fabrics with. 

3. Steam 

What's ironing without steam! Have troubles getting out those pesky wrinkles? This iron releases the perfect amount of steam to help eliminate those unwanted creases. We love using our Laurastar to steam clothes and quilts before a photo shoot.  

So whether you are sewing up a new project or just trying to get those unwanted winkles from your clothes the Laurastar will have you ironing like a pro.


If your in need of a new iron I suggest you give this iron a try. You can purchase this cool iron along with other Laurastar products at and receive a 

10% discount by using the code “artgalleryfabrics10” during the month of September! 



Anyone have any ironing stories to share? If you’ve tried a Laurastar before let us know in the comments what you think. :)

Happy Ironing, 



Back to School Sewing- Open Wide Pencil Bag Tutorial

Hi Everyone, 

School is back in full swing and I hope you are all ready for a great new school year. To help with the transition from summer to class room fun we created a fun back to school tutorial. The Open Wide Pencil Bag  makes a perfect gift for anybody going back to school or who has a lot of crafty supplies to store and tote around with them. We made our pencil bag with Joyful Fusions fabric by AGF and added fun applique elements and decorative stitches. This fun fabric mixed with Bernina's fun stitches is a match made in heaven! 


 I love the pencil slot feature on the inside of the bag to keep all your pencils organized for easy access. Make your own Open Wide Pencil Bag today by visiting the weallsew blog for the full tutorial!




Retro-Modern fabrics to fall in love with: Blush by Dana Willard

Hello, wonderful makers!

It’s time for another lookbook release! Can you guess what it is? Let me give you a hint, it’s bubbly and modern with a touch of retro. If you guessed Blush by Dana Willard, you’re right! Blush is Dana’s second collection for AGF’s Angles division and she continues to make us smile with her cute prints.

She shows off her love for retro-modern designs with funky flowers, cute cats, and of course hexies! Who doesn’t like hexies!? One thing I love about this collection is that it reminds me of a mid-century modern hotel. The mix of light pink, navy, yellow and teal are just perfect for home decor.


Oh, but how about making some cute dresses with this collection? The Floret Sunkissed print is so chic AND it comes in rayon. Doesn’t it look comfy?


I invite you to flip through the Blush lookbook to get inspired with Dana’s trendy aesthetic. You’ll find tons of garment patterns, quilts, and home decor ideas.


If you’re a fan of modern quilts, this “Blooming Fields” quilt is calling your name. Download the free quilt pattern here.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with these prints! Combine them with a ton of blenders and AGF denim for a funky look.

Blush Fabric by Dana Willard

Now, for the best part! If you need Blush by Dana Willard in your stash, enter our giveaway!

Blush Fabrics

To enter just fill the form below. Giveaway ends Thursday, September 14th. Good luck!

I hope you loved Blush fabrics as much as I do!


‘Til the next release!






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Charleston Quilt Featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting

Hey there sewing friends, 

What are some of your favorite quilting/sewing magazines? We are excited to share a quilt we designed for Issue 51 in one of our favorite quilting magazines, Love Patchwork & Quilting! We are always inspired by their beautiful photography, cute projects and super informative and clever articles! Also all the fun free sewing gifts that come with every issue.

We had the pleasure of making a quilt with Charleston fabrics and Les Petits fabrics by Amy Sinibaldi mixed with our smooth denim and yarn dye fabrics from the AGF Denim Studio! It was as if Charleston fabrics were made to be mixed with our denim fabric. All the step by step instructions for this quilt can be found in Issue 51 of Love Patchwork & Quilting! For a chance to win a free copy fill out the form below! 


We love how the bold colors of our yarn dye fabrics add such a pleasant and complementing contrast to the quilt. The blocks are large and easy to assemble which makes this quilt a breeze to sew. Placing the blocks on point and alternating their placements turns this quilt into a jaw dropper. 

We wanted to keep the quilting basic and simple but we love a quilt that is densely quilted because it drapes so much more beautifully. We used this lovely organic etch n' sketch design that is so pleasing to the eye.  Quilting is always a therapeutic process for us especially when quilting on our HQ Avanté

The color of the thread you quilt with is more important than you think. Sometimes picking the wrong color can over power your quilt and take away from the aesthetics of the quilt design. We chose a pretty blush color thread which matches back to many of the prints in the Charleston collection. 


 To share our love of quilting with AGF denim we have a wonderful giveaway for you!





Congrats Paulette Eccleston and Jennifer Roth you are the winners of the LPQ and AGF Bundle Giveaway! Please check your emails! :)