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Chevron Piecing!

Did you know that the "Chevron" design is also called "Herringbone"? This amazing zig-zag pattern can be found in ancient Grecian pottery dating from 1800 B. C. and even though it sounds like a long time ago, today the classic pattern continues to make a great presence in fashion, film, corporate graphics, and of course quilting.


Inspired on the organic and modern "Gathered" collection, we will be learning how to make a chevron pillow top using strips sets made of  Always & Always Luminance (Fabric A) and Aerial Clay (Fabric B).

The first step is to cut your strips, eight (8) width of fabric x 2 1/2" strips from fabric A and six (6) width of fabric x 2 1/2" strips from fabric B.

Then make two strip sets: A - B - A - B- A - B - A.

Subcut 2 1/2" strips from the strip sets using the 30 degree guide from the ruler. Make sure that if the strips from the first block are cut to the left, the strips from the second block are cut in the opposite direction.


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Fussy Cutting Projects- Find the Perfect Prints!

 Hello Makers, 

What is your go to quilting technique? EPP, scrappy quilts, foundation paper piecing, quilt-as-you- go?  There are so many ways to create a single quilt and whatever way you choose why not incorporate a bit of fussy cutting to add a dose of extra cuteness to your handmade creations. When I first started working at Art Gallery Fabrics about  4  and a half years ago, I was introduced to all things quilty! One of the first quilting terms I learned was the word "Fussy Cutting", which I thought at the time was a pretty silly name. When you think about it fussy cutting is exactly as it sounds, being fussy about the things you cut from your fabric. Later, I learned fabric designers actually design fabrics based around this silly name called Fussy Cutting. It's safe to say this fun technique has become apart of many of my quilting and  sewing projects.  Below are a few on my favorite prints and projects showcasing the Fussy Cutting technique! Enjoy scrolling through the post and make sure to comment below with your favorite AGF prints that you have used in your fussy cutting projects! 

 Nightfall Fabrics 


 Click here for Free Pattern! Prints made by Maureen Cracknell.


The "Foxfire" free quilt pattern made it's debut in the Nightfall Fabrics lookbook where it featured this super cute owl and bunny print! These adorable prints made it's way into the middle of each quilt block which is my favorite way to incorporate fussy cutting into my quilts. This quilt bl0ck design does a great job framing your fussy cut prints while adding half square triangles to each corner of your block. When all your blocks are sewn together it adds a nice secondary block of Half Square Triangles. (Can you see what I am talking about? ) Pretty cool, right!?  


Loved to Pieces Fabrics


 Projects made with Loved to Pieces Fabric

Now let's talk about my newest favorite print to fussy cut from Loved to Pieces Fabrics! The "Anthonem  Serene"print exhibits an array of  distinctive florals all lined up in alphabetical order.  How sweet is this? Mister Domestic made this super sweet pillow below showcasing this cute postage stamp floral print.  

Also an extra bonus is this print comes in another colorway! Most often times your favorite AGF print will come in two different colorways which I love but sometimes it ends up being hard to choose which print to use, which I don't tend to mind! :)  

I also wanted to show you the "Alabama Quilt Block" using the same florals! Make sure to head to our Youtube for the full tutorial! You will have a blast cutting out all the little flowers, I know I sure did. :)


Charleston Fabrics 


Charleston English Paper Piecing Jodi 2 square

 Prints from Charleston Fabrics 

My two favorite prints from Charleston Fabrics by Amy Sinibaldi has to be the " The Row" which celebrates the beautiful architecture and scenery of the historical town of Charleston.  My other fave is the cute stencil pineapple print called "Ananas Powder" , there is just something so inviting about pineapple fabrics and decor which is probably why the pineapple is a symbol for welcome, friendship, and hospitality.

I can't get over all the hard work and patience it takes to get through a EPP project like the one above! Jodi from @talesofcloth is a EPP master! If your new to EPP I suggest you head to her profile and if your feeling inspired pick up the Pirouette Quilt with lots of fussying cutting options!  


Lambkin Fabrics


Prints from Lambkin Fabrics by Bonnie Christine

For those of you who have children or are obsessed with sewing things for your niece and nephews like me you are going to love the next two collections! Lambkin Fabrics (pic above) consists of two beautiful color palettes which cater  to sewing for girls and boys. First let's talk about how charming the "Sir Wooly" print is, he is perfect to fussy cut and apply to your kids clothing or incorporate into your quilt blocks for a cute baby quilt. 

I also am crazy about the numbers and symbols print called "Arista Oats"! I have a two year old nephew and I can't wait to make him something with this print maybe spelling out his name or using the numbers in this print and making him something so I can teach him to count! 

The next print called "Little Entomologist" displays a collection of insects you would find in your garden! I am not necessary a fan of the real thing but on fabric these cute critters  are fun to cut out from the fabric!  


Campsite Fabrics


Prints from Campsite Fabrics

I am not the most avid camper but I do remember going on a few camping trips with my Girl Scout Troop back in my childhood. There is something so special about being outdoors, breathing in fresh air and being one with nature. Campsite Fabrics brings back this special memory for me is such a cute way. My two favorite projects has to be these cute patches and table cloth! You can find these super cute fussy cutting projects in the Campsite Lookbook.  


Tallinn Fabrics 


Last but not least, I wanted to talk about the Tiger print from Tallinn Fabrics by our talented designer Jessica Swift! This print comes in two different colorways and has so many great elements to fussy cut. These denim pants made with our smooth denim fabrics can be found in the Tallinn Lookbook! What a super cute way to embellish your denim! This project definitely got my wheels turning and inspired me to take my fussy cutting to the next level! 

Well I hope you enjoyed hearing about the  prints and projects in this blog post. If you have any other fussy cutting inspired projects you would like to share with me I would be so excited to see! 

 Happy Fussy Cutting, 


Back to School Sewing Essentials

Greetings, makers!


I can’t believe summer’s almost over. I remember as a kid (when I was age 12) I would dread listening to all the “back to school” commercials in mid-July 😂, especially since my mom would worry about getting my supplies early because if you waited too long, shopping becomes chaotic with all the parents scrambling to get what they need. But here we are now, 10 years later repeating history with my 12 year old brother! My brother is starting school in the next couple of weeks, and although he is not excited, he is looking forward on picking out a backpack. To him, that is the only thing that matters and I don’t blame him, everyone wants to look cool, right?

Luckily, I work with very talented makers that have sewn wonderful projects that are totally “back-to-school” worthy of creating! So, I gathered some of my favorite essentials from past lookbooks with free patterns, so that you can be ready when the school comes too!

1: Bucket Bag made with Arizona After and Heritage fabrics. I wish I had this backpack when I was going to school! Bucket bags are the best because it involves no zippers that gets stuck with all your folders and papers. Arizona After & Heritage Backpack 2 1


#2 Insulated Lunch bag made with Campsite fabrics. I think everyone growing up really avoided cafeteria food, at least I did! But I definitely would of brought lunch to school more often if I had a lunch bag like this one! Capsules Campsite Lunch Bag 5



#3 Lined Booked Cover made with Flower Child fabrics. Make organizing more adorable with these book covers, that you can adjust to any size journal you may have. Flower Child Journal Cover 2

#4 Stationary bag made with Lambkin fabrics.I actually have a funny story about this, when I was in the first grade, the girl that sat next to me had the coolest set of crayola crayons. I was so jealous because I had the basic primary colors but luckily (for me) we actually had the same pencil pouch at the time, so when she wasn’t looking, I replaced my bag with hers so I can have all her crayons, haha! Don’t let your kids go through this trauma with some easy DIY pouches. Lambkin Boy - more 4

#5 Sketchbook and Pencil holder made with Wild Bloom fabrics. Keep all your notes and supplies in one place with an organizer like this one! You can adjust the width of each pocket to hold any notebook, pencil, or even some sticky notes. Wild Bloom Book Cover 1


No need to panic anymore, because we have all your sewing “back to school” essentials right here! Let's get the kids excited again with their own custom supplies. Looking back at those days, I wish I was kid again! So many good stories to tell from growing up, and if you have any funny stories to tell from your childhood please comment down below!


As always, we love to share the love and see your creations, so tag us on social media using the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics!


Wishing everyone a great school year,


How to Make a Good Friends Quilt Block Tutorial

 Hi Makers, 

A new month has arrived and I feel like Summer has come and gone in a blink of an eye! August is one of my favorite months of the year because not only  is it my birthday month but it means the holiday season is quickly approaching once again! I always liked this time of year growing up because it meant a special trip to the store to buy all new school supplies and outfits for the year to come. I still walk through the back to school aisle's at target to see all the new fun supplies and wish I had some of the cool things they make today when I was going to school. Now that I know how to sew I love making pencil cases for each one of my niece and nephews each new school year. 

Today I wanted to share a new block I made for the AGF Quilt Block Collection called the Good Friends Block! I made my quilt block with Bonnie Christine's new collection called Gathered. What I love most about this collection is the soft, delicate, earth tones. The colors remind me of a warm spring day walking in the garden! Any shade of green is my favorite color and this collection has the most rich shades of green. These green shades mixed with the warm honey color in the "Aerial Clay" print is like a match made in heaven. 



 Finished Block Size: 12" 

I really love how this block turned out and how I got to showcase my favorite print in the collection in the center of my block! The"Simple Living" print is filled with wild flowers, herbs and veggies from the garden, so many other cute elements that I can't wait to fussy cut and incorporate into different sewing projects. 

This print would make a gorgeous apron or tea towels. Don't you think? I want to hear what you would you make with this print? 

GTH-37509 Simple Living


In this block video you will  learn to make flying geese using the no waste method and how to make corner triangle units.  Enjoy the video below and like always I am always looking for any block suggestions for feature video tutorials! So share with me your favorite blocks! :)


 If this collection is calling your name and you want to see more projects made with Gathered fabric enjoy flipping through the pages of the lookbook! 


Happy Sewing, 



Hi Makers!

Since it's Monday and I'm sure all of us can always use some motivation! Let's face it, all of us love sewing. We enjoy the entire process from start to finish, especially when we're giving our finished piece to someone we love. Sewing is part of a movement called  "slow living" which means allowing yourself time to create when you can. Sewing allows you to fully be in the moment and take life "slow." While sewing, there's no distractions. It's just you and your creative magic. There's no phones, no computers, just silence and creativity...the best combination! To celebrate "taking things slow" and your creative ideas, we are launching a NEW GIVEAWAY, ONCE A MONTH! We'll be picking a WINNER to be featured here on our AGF Blog AND the winner will receive a 20-piece FQ bundle of one of our latest fabric collections
To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is post your amazing work and tag us via social media and use the hashtag: #AGFMakerMonday, so we can see your projects which can include a variety of categories such as quilts, garments, home decor, accessories, etc. 
The winner will be announced via our blog on Monday, September 10th, 2018 with their projects and some other surprises as well! 
Good luck and very excited to see what you share.
Keep dreaming, keep creating! :)
- Sophia 

Garden Love: "Gathered" Fabric Collection

Just like sewing, gardening is so rewarding. You get to plant something with your own hands, then watch it grow and come to life! Ever since I can remember, I've always enjoyed being in a garden, seeing all of the vegetables and fruit start off so small in size and how with patience and dedication of tending to them, they would get bigger in size and eventually turn ripe. When you finally got the chance to eat them, it was satisfying. Growing up in Florida, my parents had a "tropical garden" that had tons of mango (my favorite), orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, papaya, and avocado trees. Most of these fruits would turn "ripe" during the summer months, so waiting until that time made you savor them even more.  Even to this day, I still get excited for "mango season" and it always reminds of my childhood, when I bite into a delicious piece of mango! 

 Inspired by this warm-fuzzy feeling and a simpler way of life, our designer Bonnie Christine created her latest fabric collection, “Gathered.” These twenty prints feature a variety of delights you’d collect from a garden like unexpected wildflowers, delicious fruits, and aromatic herbs. Infused with “late-summer” colors such as warm honey, olive green and dusty rose pink, these 100% premium cotton fabrics are great for “farmhouse meets modern” sewing projects.


Gathered_Banner Gathered_Bundle-3 Gathered_Dress-2

Browse our “Gathered Fabric Lookbook” for more green-thumb inspired sewing projects and ways to sew with these fabrics!



Here's our lovely "Harvest Quilt" (which made its way to the front cover of our lookbook) for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Gathered Products Inspiration Bonnie 6

For those of you who may need some blenders for your sewing projects, here's a few favorites of mine to choose from for "Gathered." Collection elements template (1)

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