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Happy St. Patrick's Day

So I woke up this morning and poured myself a bowl of lucky charms and pondered what I would do for St. Patrick's day tomorrow. This is Mia’s 1st real St. Patty’s and I want to make it really fun. As a child growing up I went to catholic school and the nuns would always make a whole event out of St. Patrick’s Day. That morning all the kids would come into the classroom and see it all decorated in green with tiny green foot steps revealing a path of mischief. The fish tank would have green water (I don't remember any fish in it tho, so I think they were safe) and the leprechaun trap would have been set off but with no leprechaun inside. We really wanted that pot of gold!

So with all those fun memories I finished my bowl of Lucky Charms (which I bought in honor of this holiday) I got my little one out of bed and got her dressed for some quality time with grandma. Of course I send her off with her own bowl of cereal and marshmallow goodness.

Now to start the decoration process before it is time for work. I hang up my garland that is St. Patrick's inspired and put up the rest of my small accent pieces that add green to the house (green books, vases, place-mats, towels.)

Slowly the place transforms into an homage to the leprechauns.

Here’s a look at some of the elements I added to my décor. They are easy to make and use basic items found around your house.


The garland adds green to the room and represents the St. Patrick’s day theme without your traditional shamrock.  I also had some books covered in fabric and put those on my coffee table for easy reading.


Adding a green vase and changing all the towels to green are my finishing touches.  Easy peasy!

Oh and last night I made a St. Patrick’s day cake for the girls at work. Mia ate half the icing and stayed up til midnight (wonder why.)


She ended up with a green mouth from all the icing she stole. She had a lot of fun helping me and even had “cake watch” duty. She insisted on watching the cake cook and let me know every 5 minutes that it was done.

After the cake cooled down we stacked the different layers and iced the outside. I topped it off with a nice shamrock (or at least my take on what it looks like, soo not an artist)


I baked the cake in layers and made each one in different shades of green... Can you see it?? (I had seen a really cool one on Pinterest and tried to make one like that but that cake puts this one to shame... oh well tastes just as good on the way down!)


Yum yum! I do have to say it was delish! and we all have green tongues to prove it (no pic needed, trust

Well ladies and gents I hope you all have a great St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and most importantly I hope you catch some leprechauns so you can get that "pot of gold" they are rumored to have ;)

Happy St. Patty's Day!

<3 Anais



Mended Hearts Kit

In honor of Valentine's Day we wanted to share a simple project that makes a great gift for that special sewer or quilter in your life.

This kit is great for sisters, mothers, daughters.... well you get the point. Show someone you care with a "Mended Hearts" mending kit

This kit is extremely easy to make. Below is what you will need:

Mason jar

 What goes in the kit.....

Meding kit

And the final product will look like...



Since you are the best fans EVER we are going to giveaway 4 kits individually themed.

Themes are:

1. Romantic



2. Funky





3.  Traditional



4. Modern


 Kit will include a tape measure, buttons, ripper, safety pins, thimble, scissors, pack of needles, pack of pins, 1 spool of coordinating thread and a small bundle of fabrics matching the theme of the kit..... Wow that's a lotta stuff!


To enter the GIVEAWAY you must:

1. Like us on Facebook

2. Must comment on this blog and let us know which kit you would like to win.


Giveaway closes Friday, Febuary 10th. Good Luck :)



Pat Bravo & AGF Team



Updates and Celebration Time!

Hey Guys and Gals,

I just wanted to update you on whats happening @ The Studio. We have been making renovations, adding color, cutting fabric, laughing and really working hard to make an awesome studio that promotes creativity. Some of you that follow us on Facebook (and if you don’t, shame on you!) have seen some of our behind the scenes shots…. That’s what you get for LIKING us!

Once we are done we will post pics… promise!!

Since we made the renovations during the Holidays we weren’t able to get the festive décor out  BUT we super excited to be adding some DIY projects and challenges for 2012... YES we said  challenges…. So get those sewing machines ready!


Walter and I founded this company some years ago 100% from scratch. We believe that to become better persons we have to project ourselves through hard work and moral values, like honesty and generosity; for us family is number one --I'm sure all of you can relate to this!

We translate this values from our personal lives to our company, loving and puting our passion in everything we do.

Art Gallery Fabrics want to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!! We hope that you get all that you need and more of what you want this season and a healthy and prosperous 2012!

Much love,

Pat & Team