AGF Sewcialite Spotlight: The Stella Weekender Bag

Hello fabulous fabric friends!

I hope you all had a great week! Earlier this week I showed you two adorable outfits that our AGF Sewcialite, Mister Domestic made for his little girl Helena. Now just a few days later he’s back with another stunning project! Let me tell you, I think Mister Domestic has few clones of himself in his sewing room!

His newest creation is the Stella Weekender Bag by Swoon Patterns featuring Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella. What’s even more amazing about this project was that this was the first time he ever made a bag! I encourage everyone to check out his blog post and see his process.

Mister Domestic weekender bag

Visit his blog, to see close-ups and details.

As always, stay creative and thanks for inspiring!



The Art of Mutual Learning: The Result




Steph and Lauv here! As you can see: the very serious teacher, and the very happy student (disclaimer: the serious face is part of the clowning around that went on throughout the lecture). We had a lot of fun with this series. So we had decided to interview each other to end the series about the process, the expectations, and the outcome.

Here are a few questions I asked Steph about the process. 

Lauv: So Steph, are you happy with how your mini turned out?

Steph: Yes! It actually turned out exactly how I imagined it. I’ve been showing it off to all my friends and they’ve been telling me that it turned out really cool.

Lauv: Was there any scary or intimidating part during the process?

Steph: I think the whole process for me was scary at the beginning. Just the idea of doing math intimidated me, but once I learned everything step by step I felt more comfortable with the process.

Lauv: Now that you are done, was it easier or harder that you had expected?

Steph: Once I was done, I realized that quilting is harder than I thought! I think what makes quilting difficult is that you have to have lots of patience. You have to be comfortable with making mistakes and doing things over (especially if you’re a beginner).

Lauv: Do you think you'll keep sewing, and is there a particular area of sewing that you want to try?

Steph: I think it would be fun to venture more into sewing! I want to try to make pillows for my living room next and in the future I would love to learn how to sew my own garments. :)

Steph's turn! 

Hello again! It's one thing when you're the student and you're just absorbing information, but being the teacher is a different story. I was really interested to find out how Lauv figured out what and how she would teach me. Here's what she said. ;) 

Steph: How did you organize yourself to know what to teach me?

Lauv: I tried to go in an order in which I'd like to be taught. First going over what it is, the history, the styles, and then getting into the making, following the usual steps that are taken to sew a quilt.

Steph: What was the most difficult thing to teach?

Lauv: First, it was the way to break down your design to maximize fabric usage. I didn't know what you would design and then having to explain how to compartmentalize it was a bit challenging (as you saw) so that you wouldn't get confused or overwhelmed by the amount of different pieces. Then, I think it was the binding because it involves the calculation, the cutting, turning at the corners, and then finishing it.

Steph: What was your favorite part about making your mini quilt?

Lauv: Seeing the colors come together to create the sensation I had in my mind. It's one thing to see it on paper and another one to see it complete.

Steph: Do you have any advice to encourage me to continue sewing/quilting?

Lauv: Get the best tools you can from the beginning because they will make any design you have in mind a smoother transition into real life, and always keep a good attitude. If you make a mistake, gently go back and fix it. I've seen that most of the time when people get frustrated, all they do is make their projects a complete nightmare, and it's really just sewing. It should be a fun learning experience.

Lauv: It makes me happy to see Steph gain a new set of skills through everything I shared with her. The best part is that she's really happy with how her mini turned out. Our minis are not the most miniature, but they're the perfect size for a first time quilting project. 

I was also happy with my result. I named my mini Showtown (keep reading to know why). As I had mentioned on the last post, I used HST to give the illusion of diagonal rhombi, and I also used appliqué to incorporate my fussy-cut porcelain silhouette from the main print in Pastel Thrift. Since I love red, and it represents well the art-of-the-circus-inspiration (I performed as a clown when I was little) of my mini, I included London Red from Pure Elements, and the neutral Black & White to give it a modern feel (I used Snow & Caviar from Pure Elements).


I went to a town called Gibstonton, also known as Gibtown or Showtown; which is the name I chose to pay homage to this magical place. Many years ago, this town was known for their sideshows and now it's the city of choice for many circus and carnival folk to retire. I took advantage of the trip and brought my mini with me to photograph it around the town. It was very exciting to show the final result!


Steph: Ok, so the moment I've been waiting for is finally here! Take a look at my completed mini quilt!

Steph_mini quilt

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the inspiration for my mini quilt was a giant outdoor sculpture (Spiral Jetty) located in Utah. I couldn't resist using natural colors for my mini! As you can see in the picture, I chose Premium Linen from the Denim Studio for the background, a variety of prints from various AGF collections along with Pure Elements and Solid Smooth Denim for the spiral, and Textured Denim for the binding. 

I must admit, learning how to sew and quilt was definitely a learning curve. In the past I had attempted to hand sew buttons and hem a pair of pants but I never ventured into a full creative project until Lauv lead the way for me. During the process I was frustrated many times, I had to re-do many seams, and I felt like I was never going to finish. But I took things slow, tried to be as patient as possible, and eventually I got the hang of sewing.

Since this project was so involved, I now feel comfortable using a sewing machine and I'm completely satisfied with the result of my mini quilt! I wouldn't have been able to get far in the process if it wasn't for my great teacher, Lauv. She explained everything step by step to make sure that I learned everything correctly the first time (a round of applause for Lauv).

We want to thank everyone who has been part of our sewing journey! We hope we've inspired many of you to pass on your love for sewing by teaching a friend or family member how to sew. To celebrate Steph's first successful mini quilt, she's giving away strips/scraps of the fabrics she used in her project!

To enter the giveaway simply fill out the form below. Three winners will be chosen at random using and will be announced on this post and contacted via email. Giveaway ends Monday, July 25th.


 We can't wait to share more exciting projects with you in the future!



Stephanie & Lauv



Congrats Allison C., Rosemary B., and Corinne O.! Check your email.


Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella: A Delicate & Playful Collection


Hello fabulous makers!

Do you have a favorite animal? Not sure? Well, after this collection release we’re sure you’re going to fall head over heels for PANDAS! Makers of the world, we’re happy to present Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella! This collection is filled with soft pastel shades contrasted by the bold beauty of panda bears.
Pandalicious Prints

I personally love this collection because I feel that it’s an homage to these beautiful endangered creatures. There’s so much to learn about these bears! Did you know that 99% of their diet consists of eating bamboo and they are known to live in the mountain ranges of central China? But what’s even more fascinating about pandas is that when they are born, they are pink and hairless!

Now back to the fabrics! The soft palette of Pandalicious is ideal for any nursery, child’s bedroom, and even great for party accessories. I’m completely obsessed with these cute garlands made by Alisa Kutsel from A Stitch In Between. It shows off a variety of the prints in such a delicate way.


To get you even more inspired, we’ve prepared a wonderful lookbook filled with tons of sewing ideas and project patterns! Flip through it and feast your eyes on tons of garments, quilts, and home décor.


Don’t forget to download the FREE “Bambooey” quilt pattern! Its modern design will be great for your quilt collection. (◕‿-)


We’ve also put together a few coordinating blenders from our AGF Elements for you to have fun mixing and matching prints with solids!
Pandalicious Blenders

Now to the best part… Make sure to enter our GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway graphic for pandalicious


CONGRATULATIONS Linda, you've won the fat quarter bundle of Pandalicious fabrics! Check your email.

To Enter:

Browse through the Pandalicious look book and leave a comment below, telling us what you would make with this panda filled fabric collection.

Giveaway ends Thursday, July 7th at 3pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post. Good luck!


Till next time,



P.S. If you would like to read more about pandas, check out this profile I found on the Smithsonian National Zoo website

The Art of Mutual Learning: Inspiration from Art

Hey Everyone!

I’m back and ready to tell you more about my sewing journey! About two months ago I embarked on a journey to learn how to sew by making a mini quilt. The idea was initiated by one of our cool product designers, Lauv. You’ve probably been reading her posts about our quilt designs and all of the techniques she has taught me, but you’re probably wondering about my beginner’s point of view. Well, I’m ready to tell you all about it!

 Lauv and Steph

Lauv (left) & Me (right)

Lauv felt that it would be best if I planned my quilt on grid paper so that I could learn the basics of planning a quilt. She told me to assume that every square was one inch so that I could measure everything correctly once I was ready to cut the fabrics. During this time, Lauv kept asking me if I enjoyed geometry because quilting is all about the right measurements. Although, I wasn’t the biggest fan of math in school, I did enjoy sketching my idea because it reminded me of when I had to plan creative projects.


Now, let me tell you a little about the inspiration behind my mini quilt. During the time that we started planning out our projects we were also preparing for spring Quilt Market. Since I love to associate everything with art and this year Quilt Market took place in Salt Lake City, UT; I decided to base my design on a famous art piece that’s in Utah, the Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson. I thought it would be fun to appropriate something memorable from the “art world” in a quilty style.

The Spiral Jetty is known as an “earthwork” a.k.a outdoor sculpture, so I decided to choose natural colors for my design. Based on pictures I’ve seen of the sculpture, I knew I wanted to mix various blue fabrics along with our Premium Linen from The Denim Studio for a modern yet earthy feel.

Color Selection

I can’t wait to show you how it will look! I’ll be keeping everyone posted on my quilting progress here on the blog. But before I leave, I have two questions for you…

1.Where do you find inspiration for your quilts? 

2.How do you plan your quilts (software, on paper, etc.)?


Thank you for following my quilting journey!



Joie de Vivre by Bari J.: A Joyful and Vibrant Fabric Collection


Hey there!

Do you love bright colors, bold prints, and believe in the statement “more is more”? Yes? Well, you’re definitely a Curated Maximalist and we’re super excited to show you a collection you’ll love! We’re super happy to announce Bari. J’s newest collection Joie de Vivre!

This bright collection is ideal for summer and it beautifully shows the essence of Bari’s style: vibrant, painterly, and bold! Joie de Vivre means an exuberant enjoyment of life in French, and Bari shows her joy with pretty flowers, delicate birds and butterflies, and cute pugs accompanied by edgy graphic prints.

Joie de vivre swatches

To me there’s something special about this collection. Every time I look at the prints, they remind me of one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie because of the pretty florals and painterly elements that are uniquely stylish. I instantly imagine feminine summer dresses and throw pillows!


We’ve prepared this stunning project look book for you to feast your eyes on gorgeous quilts, garments, and home décor.  Make sure to click on the links for the patterns to many of the projects.


Don’t forget to check out the “Bisou Bisou” free quilt pattern! This quilt will definitely add a pop of color to any room.


Have a little fun color matching with these coordinating blenders (AGF Elements)!

Joie de Vivre blenders

Most importantly, we think your stash needs some more fabric. So, we’re having a GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway joie de vivre


CONGRATULATIONS Chris, you've won the fat quarter bundle of Joie de Vivre fabrics! Check your email.

Have a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Joie de Vivre by Bari J.

To Enter:

Browse through the Joie de Vivre look book and leave a comment below, telling us what you would make with this vibrant fabric collection.

Giveaway ends Monday, June 27th at 3pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post.


Happy Sewing!



Hi, don't be shy!

    D r u m  r o l l  p l e a s e!

Yes, I’m calling for my own drum roll ;) My name is Elaina, but friends and family call me Nay (long story). Introductions always seem a little too safe for my liking. I’m going to start off by saying that I’m the girl that tells it like it is, because sugar can be poisonous. I come from a very large family, and have learned early on in life that to get what or where you want you have to chase it, until you can't run anymore...and then take a deep breathe and chase some more! With that being said, I’m a very passionate person…I give everything, my everything.

    Being a part of the AGF family is more than exciting for me, it’s life changing! I have always been interested in art, design and creativity. AGF has tied all of that into the perfect little bundle. My love for sewing actually came out of necessity. Growing up I was always extremely tall and thin, and I could never find pants that were as small, or as long, as I was (tough life, I know). I took control of that situation by altering pants to fit me the way I wanted them to. My first few attempts at altering clothes were amusing, to say the least. Eventually… I got the hang of it. I wish I could say that those early attempts of sewing blossomed into a love for fashion design, but not so much.  If anything, I’m kind of mad at fashion for not catering to the struggles of a lanky girl. Those types of experiences taught me to solve problems, not sulk in them. 

    As a new contributor to the AGF blog, I'll be sharing some pretty cool stories and insights on the fabric world and beyond. I am the mother of a very adventurous two year old boy, so you can imagine I'll have to share some motherly advice and tips I have learned during these last two years as well. Art and design pretty much flow through my veins. I plan on tying my many passions into the fabric and sewing world to bring a more personal touch to your daily reading routine. More than anything else, I aim to inspire you. 

    I remember my first portfolio class in high school, we had to paint a portrait of a person. I was so scared because I had never even attempted to paint anyone, ever. Well, let’s just say my first portrait was a little flat, and a lot of ugly...but I finished it. Today, I've painted more portraits than I can keep track of. Art has taught me that nobody is born “good” at anything. With enough practice, and a lot of passion, we can all master anything. Whether you've just started your first quilting project, or just can't find the energy to finish sewing your latest masterpiece, remember that somewhere out there somebody is looking up to you for inspiration. So, until we meet again...get 'er done!



Cultivate Blog Tour Re-cap

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope everybody enjoyed their week and have big plans for the weekend ahead. Did you know we are having a Cultivate Challenge "Cultivate in Fall" (with AWESOME prizes!!!) and at the same time Bonnie is hosting a Cultivate blog tour... So, we thought it would be a good idea to do small recap to feed your inspiration buds and get you going for our Cultivate challenge. 


First in this recap is our very own Caroline Hulse, AKA Sew Caroline, with these adorable baby bloomers, how cute are they? (I wish I could wear them!) Click here for the FREE pattern pieces + instructions on these cuties. (size 0-24 months) 

Cultivate baby bloomers sew caroline AGF

Bonnie also joined the tour and decided to make these onesies for her little baby girl! (can't wait to finally meet her, can you guess her name? I bet it will be something unique like her big brother BEAR!)

Cultivate bonnie christine AGFMaxie from maxiemakes, also joined in the fun! (did you know, she's bonnie's mom?) She made a "Scout Tee" and a "Tiny Pocket Tank" both in KNITS. Check out her blog for more info on the patterns.

Cultivate maxie maxiemakes bonnie christine

Cultivate maxie maxiemakes bonnie christine 2 And Caitlin from SaltyOat decided to make this geometric tea towel, how beautiful beautiful is that quilting!? Cultivate tea

We hope to have inspired you for the Cultivate challenge and can't wait to see more submissions !


Until next time, 



Traveling with Meadow: A Suitcase Tutorial


Hello sewers,

We have an awesome tutorial for you from our designer Leah Duncan, who designed Meadow! She’s teaching us how to revamp vintage suitcases! It’s a relatively simple tutorial, and it doesn't take up too much of your time!

This makeover will give your suitcase a fresh, modern look!

So, here we go…


List of materials:

  • Vintage suitcase
  • Basting spray
  • Old I.D or credit card that you can use to tuck-in fabric through a thin opening.
  • Pencil
  • 2 pieces of fabric or pieced together fabric rectangles that are at least 2" wider (on all sides) than the width and length of your suitcase 

(Note: This tutorial uses a vintage suitcase with an overlapping rim on the face of the suitcase. This is important because it's what you will tuck the edges of your fabric into.)

Step 1

Iron the fabric for the first side of your suitcase and place it face down on a flat surface. Place your suitcase on top of the fabric and trace with a pencil about 1" beyond the edge of your suitcase onto the fabric. The extra 1" will be what you tuck into your suitcase so it's best to go wider than thinner while tracing it.

Step 2

Cut out the fabric where you've traced it.

Step 3

Spray the back of your fabric with basting spray and lay it flat on the top of your suitcase, smoothing out any wrinkles or air pockets.

Step 4

Using the old I.D and starting at one corner, tuck the edge of the fabric into your suitcase. Do this all the way around your suitcase until all edges are tucked in.

Step 5

Trim away any excess fabric that is peeking out of the rim of your suitcase or is too thick to tuck in.

Step 6

Repeat on the other side of your suitcase.




Thank you Leah for this great tutorial!

If you guys have any questions or suggestions, please write a comment below :)




Dreamin' Vintage by Jeni Baker, Invites You to Remember the Past


Hi everyone,

We're very happy with the arrival of Jeni Baker's 3rd collection with AGF, Dreamin' Vintage! The line was inspired by bed linens from the 50’s and 60’s. Cheerful florals and geometric shapes play together in this fun collection! 

Vintage bed linens have been a part of Jeni’s aesthetic identity. From the moment Jeni considered designing fabric, she’s been thinking about this collection. The designer explains: “It took a couple collections to get here, but I'm glad I didn't try to design it right away. I wanted to be able to do it justice, and I wouldn't have been ready.”

When she was planning the collection, she knew it was the right time to pay respect to vintage sheets. She wanted to create something fresh and new, and that’s how Dreamin’ Vintage was born!



This vinatge inspired color palette is rich in bright and feminine colors.

Tickled Pink main colors are: pink, orange and yellow.


Merry Berry consists of shades of blue, purple and lime. 


Dreamin’ Vintage reveals its sewing potential through beautiful apparel projects, accessories, home decoration and lovely quilts!














To get inspired, take a look at our lookbook! It not only has lots of pretty pictures, but also a range of projects you can try!


Here is a selection of our blenders that you can mix and match with Dreamin’ Vintage fabrics!


Pure Elements: PE-416 Lemonade, PE-403 Fresh Water, PE-449 Mandarin, PE-411 Quartz Pink, PE-438 Coral Reef, PE-435 Banana Cream and PE-453 Purple Pansy. Oval Elements: OE-909 Key Lime, OE-932 Sapphire, OE-901 Papaya Orange, OE-910 Sweet Pea and OE-903 Amethyst.

Get the free quilt pattern Golden Afternoon designed by Jeni Baker.


Dreamin’ Vinatge is in stores and waiting for you! Click here to find your nearest fabric shop carrying AGF fabrics! Or click here if you prefer to shop on the web!

Thank you for reading and remember to tag your projects using Dreamin’ Vintage with #artgalleryfabrics and #dreaminvintage :)




Sweet as Honey Blog Tour Recap

Sweet as

Hello everyone!

During the month of March, 25 talented makers from all over the world shared their projects with Sweet as Honey fabrics by Bonnie Christine!

The projects made by this amazing team include quilts, apparel, accessories, home décor pieces and other pretty crafty things.

Here is a recap of all projects, in case you missed any.


1) Jennifer | Hopeful Homemaker
2) Jessica | Haile and Co
3) Meg | Milk and Rhubarb

4) Meghan | Eat Live Make
5) Sarah | Crinkle Love
6) Amy | During Quiet Time


7) Corey | Little Miss Shabby
8) Amanda | Material Girl Quilts


9) Sarah | No Hats in the House
10) Caroline | Sew Caroline
11) Ale | Golden Willow Quilts


12) Emily | Beautiful Hello Blog
13) Melissa | Lulu The Baker
14) Nancy | Owen’s Oliva

15) Bonnie | Going Home to Roost
16) Cindy | School House Patterns

17) Melissa | Missouri Mel
18) Shannon | Very Shannon
19) Heidi | Hands Occupied


20) Barb | Knack Studios
21) Caitlin | Salty Oat
22) Celebrate Life With Us


23) Kellie | Craft Nurse Quilt
24) Krista | Everyday Miija
25) April San Pedro | I Am Artisan

For more details about Sweet as Honey tour, check Bonnie's blog!

Thank you for tuning in! I hope this post inspires you to create beautiful projects too! :)