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Giveaway winners announced

"CONGRATULATIONS" to all three winners; Shakira Fesik, Morgan Johnson & Margaret Wright. I'm very excited to give out bits and pieces of my heart. I hope all three of you enjoy this gift. Be creative, have fun and don't forget to share. Winners Please send your contact info; address, full name & contact number to Love Pat Bravo MorganJohnsonGreen

All work and no play...

Makes me a dull girl. So that's why last night the girls & I headed out to Neiman Marcus where Fashion Night Out Miami was taking place. It's the second time they're holding the event here in Miami, but it was my first time! We were all freaking over "what to wear" haha! But I think we did pretty good; you tell me!

They are my awesome team at Art Gallery Fabrics! From left to right: Vicky, Laura, Kathy, Angie, and me! (you may recognize some of these lovely faces since they are AGF"s official models, haha). Some of the other girls that work with me couldn't make it ... :(

Welcome to Neiman Marcus Miami!

Apparently Laura and Kathy found the cocktails before anyone else... haha!

Etro (L)!!!! Yeah, i'll take one of each in my size, thanks.

And then it was showtime.

And the we decided to hit the stores and try everything on (hey, doesn't hurt to dream right?)

Me at Miu Miu dying over this gorgeous bag! It was hard to say goodbye to it... lol.

Each of us fell in love with a different pair of Versace sunglasses... we look cool or what?

Oh yeah, and did I mention free champagne? 

I wanna thank the girls for getting all dolled up and coming with me to Fashion Night Out! We had such a blast, and we're definitely doing this again next year!

Do you have events like this in your city? Or wish there were more?

Alright have a relaxing , fun-filled awesome weekend everyone!



Art Gallery Fabrics going Hollywood.

Hope the long weekend was great for everyone! I personally could finally catch up with some much needed rest (yay!). I also got some reaaally good news and I'd like to share them with you, to spread the joy, you know? :) 
Soooo... as you may or may not know, on Sunday Sept. 18th the Emmys take place. Is definitely one of my favorite award shows! There's always some unexpected super funny thing happening, right? (usually starred by Ashton Kutcher or Alec Baldwin lol) 
I recently found out that backstage, they give this super cool goodie bag to all the guests (or should I say "stars"?) filled with awesome free stuff. I know, everyone knows about it but I live in a bubble so I just found out...
So this incredible woman called Sarah Dube Legare has her own purse & other cute stuff business called EllieAnnaPurses , and her story is AWESOME; her business actually takes place at her LAUNDRY ROOM in Maine, and she got asked by the Emmys people to make something nice for the goodie bag!! Isn't that crazy? But this is the real crazy part; she's using Art Gallery Fabrics!!!! 
She's making these gorgeous "mini list takers" and is using this print & this print. Can you believe stars will be taking a little piece of Art Gallery Fabrics to their home? I mean, Dr.House could be touching my fabrics. I'm passing out with excitement! 
Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 3.11.41 PM
Picture by EllieAnnaPurses' Facebook.
But reading about it isn't as exciting as actually watching the story which made the news a couple of days ago! woohoo!
Watch it and tell me, what do you think? Are you liking those mini list takers? What would YOU do if you were asked to create something for a celebrity gift bag? I'd love to know. 
And ALL MY LOVE to Sarah who is in the middle of a sewing marathon! Thank you so much for choosing my fabrics, it's such a big honor and I feel a like an award winner too!
Stay tuned!

And the family gets bigger...

Last June I went through one of the toughest, most painful moments I ever had to go through in my entire life. My baby Sheebo had to part. I felt like I would never be able to smile again, at least for a long time. The mere thought of bringing another dog to the family was unconceivable...

But along came Lucas.

(here modeling a fabric bow made with the Coquette collection)

Don't you just wanna grab him and squeeze him? 

The unbelievable part of the story is that, when I went to the shelter (trying to not fall in love with the impossibly cute faces staring from their cages), the lady that worked there told me somebody had left Lucas ON THE ROAD!!!! She said that a car stopped at a traffic light. Inside the car were a woman with two kids. This woman came out of the car and went back to open the trunk. She took a puppy and left him on the street. As soon as it turned out green again, she accelerated. The car behind her almost hit him! 

Can you believe that? I mean, who would actually be capable of taking this and dumping it on the side of the road like a garbage bag??


He's a gorgeous American Cocker Spaniel and he's here to stay. (It's been quite a long time since I last had to decorate the house with puppy diapers but I don't mind)

Welcome to the family Lucas! You're in for a ride =)




Dear Sheebo

And you left. You left me, you left us empty handed. With your sad eyes and waggling your tail (and without knowing), you walked with the doctor who took you to a room where you were given that fatal shot that ended your life. We were all crying, but with the understanding that there was no way to prolong your life. Dr. Sessa - the best and more human veterinarian you can find in this world, told us your kidneys didn't work anymore and (after 14 years), your back legs no longer held you still. He did his best during the last 2 years but said that at this point it was painful for you; so with Walter we decided: enough. 

During the last 14 years you, dear Sheebo, gave us more that we could ever imagined:

  • pure happiness, 
  • pure joy, 
  • pure loyalty, 
  • pure honesty,
  • pure innocence,
  • pure benevolence,
  • pure bravery,
  • pure compassion,
  • pure contentment,
  • pure cooperation,
  • pure empathy,
  • pure generosity, 
  • pure gratitude,
  • pure kindness,
  • pure obedience,
  • pure serenity,
  • pure comradeship,
  • pure goodness,
  • pure nobility,
  • pure friendship,

and you showed us how little you needed to be happy in our family… a little food, a little water, a small petting, and to let you lay down close to us. 

I have your ashes now, and they will rest on our backyard where you were so happy running around… Don't worry. We'll not be apart. Like a family, always together.

I thank you Sheebo, you were the best dog I ever had. And you know, I said this without fearing all my other dogs think I'm a hypocrite. You really were.

I MISS you. I LOVE you and always will.




Behind the scenes...

It wasn't long ago when I presented my new sewing pattern on DVD The Boho Dress. If you bought it, you can see the nice and professional side of it: great edition, beautiful transitions, me explaining all chapters in detail...

But I also want to show you the other side. Now it's time for you to have fun looking at the "behind the scenes" pictures we took, knowing that would make you laugh to see all the oops and ohhhs that happened during filming. I laughed a lot choosing them because each one has a little story to tell... 



Lovely Angie choosing decoration to make the set look its best


I couldn't resist to put many quilts and pillows in my favorite colors... The flower didn't want to stay straight, so Angie was making it behave


Two lovely ladies, Fabiana and Daisy! Fab was in charge of the sound and even if we persuaded Daisy to go to another room, she kept coming back. Looks like she's interested in all the buzz...


But also Fab was my hairdresser... I was so concentrated trying to remember everything


Angie couldn't stop laughing because we had to repeat the scene so many times


Going over some notes on my IPad. I was really fearful to make mistakes... 


This is one of the scenes taken from one side. Silence was paramount!


Does Angie look tired? Well, she really was!


My son Alex retrieving one file. Do I look worried? Just look at my face!


Checking light and sound


At the end, she was also tired...


Talking about some details with my lovely assistant Victoria, who is a Fashion Designer and helped me with the technical writing of the pattern I designed.


Having a break and chatting with the girls. This DVD video was so much fun to make!

A still image of one of the scenes

It was an incredible amount of work mixed with an incredible amount of love...

My big thanks to all my team including the sweet Kathy, that even if you didn't see her in these pictures was in charge of all the edition and animation!!

It is a very flattering and easy dress to make, and it has had a warm welcome among the sewing community (happy designer here). The Boho Dress pattern is now available nationwide at your local quilt shop and online




He gave me back 10 years of our life


A year or so ago this hard drive said: "That's it. I'm not working anymore". When I saw that blue screen on my computer my face went white as paper, and my jaw dropped down to the floor. In my Pictures folder, 10 years of our life as family and the first years of my career as a designer were erased in one second. Yes, you can tell me how stupid I was I didn't have any copies. I was really stupid not to protect such valuable thing!

Alex tried many times to recovered the information many months ago... and he could not do it. Crying for more than two days I took this picture of the drive with the idea that each time I saw it I could see inside it and remember...

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Art Gallery servers went down and my computer guy (aka Alex) was on the phone with another computer guy from the server's company trying to solve the problem, and he tried to run a new program to recover data on that drive he thought lost. After a few days and much battling, he showed me a new folder on his computer with the name "I COULD RECOVER ALL THE DATA OF YOUR DRIVE". Every picture and document was there again!! I was jumping up to the ceiling!! By a stroke of his genius, he gave me back 10 years of our life...

I am SO HAPPY that I made an album on Facebook with the name "Ten years of my life" and I dedicated to him. I posted some and I plan to post more... Here are some of them!

Barco-Lighthouse-Point-020_editedThe Bravo family and Pat's short hair version :)


Concierto Alex May 2003 017After a school concert where Alex played trumpet


My beloved Sheebo with not that much white hair on his face. He started with some problems with his vision... LOL


At my sister's 37th birthday party. She is beautiful, isn't she?

Andrea-044webAlex with his grandma and cousin Caroline in Argentina

Graduacion Alex 8 grade 5-2003 007Celebration after he graduated from elementary school! You can see how proud daddy is!!

Now I have 3 copies of all the pictures stored.

I can't stop looking at them. 

Thank you Alex. You made me so happy.





Getting ready for market...

You know I love your comments, so thank you so much for your positive feedback on Hyperreal Garden!

A little bit less than a week away for market and we are still sewing at the studio... All of the sewing machines and the girls have been working non-stop trying to keep up with all the ideas we've had for samples. 


With so much done, it seems like the girls and the chairs are all entangled with thread.


Here is a Verona Bag in the making with Bazaar Style...


Cutting patterns and more patterns...


And this one of the girls working on a dress I will be wearing... 


We tried to keep the rolls neat after sewing, but it seems that was impossible... 


It has been a busy month, but it's all well worth it!

I can't wait to share with you this Spring Market 2011. See you next week with a juicy recap and all the gossip!




Keep up to date!

It made me so happy to read your comments about my latest post COLOR MODE and all the possiblities PURE ELEMENTS Collection can offer you! Thank you so much for sharing with me!!

Everyday I flip through my favorite magazines, surf a zillion blogs, run into TV ads, youtube commercials, Facebook ads... it's so much! Sometimes it can get really hard to keep up to date with everything that interests me (I want to see and read everything...), and I figure that could be the case of many of you too...

I always wanna let everyone know what Art Gallery Fabrics is up to, whether is a new pattern, fabric collection, or even a new free project... I find that newsletters are a really cool tool to do that, like a little reminder of what's new; hopefully you can get inspired by a pattern, or find that color or print that you were looking for to finish your quilt! 



Many people asked me if I send newsletters where they can read what's coming up at Art Gallery Fabrics... In fact, I do! If you didn't know about them, I invite you to start recieving up to date info!!

Are you a manufacturer or retailer? Don't worry, we have a newsletter for you too! That way you can keep up to date with all the upcoming collections and products to sell at your store, tons of free projects, and even find fresh display inspirations for your store... sounds good right?

You can sign up here and start receiving our latest news! (Remember to check the right box specifing if you are a consumer or a retailer/manufacturer)



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