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Upcoming Fabric Collection Reveals - Fall / Winter 2018


Hello Fabric Lovers, 

Are you ready?! Yes, it is that time of year once again, where Art Gallery Fabrics reveals their upcoming fabric collections for Fall / Winter 2018! As a fabric lover/ AGF Fan I am like a kid at Christmas excited to finally see what all of our amazing AGF fabric designers have been working so hard on the past few months! I am truly blown away every collection reveal being able to see so many gorgeous designs. I immediately start dreaming of all the projects I want to make with all the different collections! All of our designers are amazingly talented individuals with  unique styles, coming from so many different backgrounds which ends up creating  special fabric collections that our made with love, purpose and with you mind. Without further ado, below you will get a glimpse of all the great new fabrics to come!

Which collections are you excited to start working with? Click  the pictures below to view all the prints in each collection. Check out the videos below where each designer shares their inspiration behind their new collection.  Happy exploring and don't forget to mark the dates on your calendar for the release of each collection! :) 



Inspired by the days of performing in theatre, our designer Bari J shines the spotlight on romantic and bold prints that take center stage in this fabric collection. With a distinct color palette filled with jewel-tones, there’s no doubt that these fabrics fuse together harmony, opulence, and of course, drama!

Right away I am thinking of home decor projects, pillows, table clothes, wall hangings, my mind is spinning with sewing possibilities. Bari J is famous for her hand painted florals that are masterpieces in themselves which is why I would use a lot of her prints for the backing of my quilts or even make whole cloth quilts to enjoy the beauty of her lushes floral designs. 




“Little Clementine” is  adorned with enchanted forests and ditsy florals, these prints tell the story of Little Clementine, a little girl who enjoys reading books and befriending forest creatures like bears and rabbits. With nostalgic and whimsical elements, these fabrics are filled with soft, autumnal tones that make this collection, an extra cozy one!

I got my rotary cutter and fussy cut rulers ready to start cutting the cute elements out of these precious fabrics! We all know people that have little ones in there lives and this collection possess amazing opportunities for creating nursery decor! 






Inspired by the classical music of Ludwig van Beethoven, our designer Amy Sinibaldi takes us on a musical journey with her latest collection “Sonata". Composed of romantic prints, these fabrics include symphony instruments, harmonious florals like edelweiss, and ornate windows that overlook the wondrous city of Vienna.

Any music lovers out there? As we all in our own way cherish the sounds of music and the happiness it brings, it's super fun to be able to have this sweet fabric collection to add to our to sew list! The color palette in this collection is the first thing that stops me in my tracks, I always look to Amy for collections that have a soft, delicate touch! 



Collection-4 Aura
Embark on a tropical adventure with Mister Domestic’s fabric collection, “Aura.” Gathering inspiration from his own travels to Hawaii with his daughter, these fabrics highlight whimsical sea creatures and mesmerizing, geometric designs. With a vibrant color palette, these lush flora and fauna prints will instantly transport your sewing room into a Polynesian paradise!

Having never been to Hawaii I would definitely say sewing with this collection might be the second best thing! This collection being Mister Domestic's second collection with AGF I can safely say that he has truly found his signature style. 


Collection-5 Legendary

Using passion and persistence as her creative fuel, Pat Bravo has created 40 fabric collections over the past fourteen years and “Legendary” celebrates this artistic journey! With striking colors and energetic prints, these fabrics feature the “best selling” designs through the years while honoring Pat’s signature style.

Being a fan of Pat's designs for many years I have fallen in love with her use of color and free-spirited  bohemian style. She did a phenomenal job carefully selecting each one of these designs and recoloring them in ways that bring a whole new identity to the print! I am very much looking forward to sewing so many new project with this exquisite collection. 


Go bold or go home! Our latest “Striped Knits” now include 4 NEW BOLD STRIPES PRINTS that are 1” inch wide, so you can play with variations of scale and contrast in your sewing projects. These striped fabrics have a four-way stretch, incredibly soft, and are very “forgiving” on your sewing machine. Without a doubt, you’ll want to wear whatever you make, all day long.  

For years I have been on myself to create more garments for myself. Last New Year's Eve, a few of my sewing friends and I pledged to not buy any new clothes for the year of 2018. With 2019 approaching I think I am set to go another year with out purchasing any new outfits, especially with all the great knit fabrics that AGF offers! 



For your color mood! If you didn’t know, “Floral Elements” is one of our original AGF blender lines that has been essential to complement most of our main fabric designs. This time around, we added 6 NEW COLORS to this line. With these new vivid and textural colors, you’ll have even more options to mix and match in your sewing projects.

AGF Blenders are my go to for background fabrics and for mixing and matching into my quilt designs. These fantastic new colors are so striking and will  for sure make a great addition to my future quilts! 


Collection-8 Sunkissed
With Maureen Cracknell's new collection called “Sun Kissed," we’re venturing to tropical climates.  Inspired by soaking up the sunshine, this collection features cheerful suns, tropical botanicals, and colorful pool tiles. With a color palette of ocean blues, cherry reds, and citrus yellows, these fabric prints truly create a relaxing “island escape” feel!

This collection is being released in the most perfect time of year, with  December being one of the coldest months out of the year this collection will have us day dreaming of warm weather and summer time outfits! Any of you taking a Winter Holiday to some place warm? This collection calls for the creation of  cruise wear and beach bags! 


Collection-9 Art-district

A bite-size collection featuring AGF designers, Dana Willard, Caroline Hulse, Pat Bravo and AGF studio, “Art District Fusion” mixes together a wide array of expressive textures and bright colors. With painterly marks and strokes, these prints celebrate the “beat and pulse” of the artistic community here in Miami. With fun, eye-catching designs, this collection is fit for anyone who appreciates discovering “hidden art” while exploring the streets of an art district.

I love the concept of AGF's Fusion collections because there is a theme that caters to all the people in your life and since they are bite size collections consisting of 10 prints they are so easy to work with. Pick a few of your favorite AGF Blenders and your favorite Fusion collection and your well on your way to creating something new and fantastic! 



Collection-10 Silkroad

“Silk Road Fusion” transports us to Asia, highlighting ancient Asian techniques of brushwork modernized with geometrics. This collection creates an exotic mix of what’d you discover while traveling the trading route that connected the East to the West. These bold, impactful designs celebrate “old world meets new world” craftsmanship and also serve as a reminder to never to forget the past. 

SUPER excited about this brand new Fusion, with black and red being colors you don't see too much in AGF Fabric Collections, I am thrilled to start sewing with this incredible color palette.



I hope you are as excited as I am to start sewing with these lovely new collections! Any future plans in the works using these inspiring new collections? Can't wait to see what you all make! :)

Click the LookBook below for more insight on our upcoming collections! 


Happy Sewing, 





Fussy Cutting Projects- Find the Perfect Prints!

 Hello Makers, 

What is your go to quilting technique? EPP, scrappy quilts, foundation paper piecing, quilt-as-you- go?  There are so many ways to create a single quilt and whatever way you choose why not incorporate a bit of fussy cutting to add a dose of extra cuteness to your handmade creations. When I first started working at Art Gallery Fabrics about  4  and a half years ago, I was introduced to all things quilty! One of the first quilting terms I learned was the word "Fussy Cutting", which I thought at the time was a pretty silly name. When you think about it fussy cutting is exactly as it sounds, being fussy about the things you cut from your fabric. Later, I learned fabric designers actually design fabrics based around this silly name called Fussy Cutting. It's safe to say this fun technique has become apart of many of my quilting and  sewing projects.  Below are a few on my favorite prints and projects showcasing the Fussy Cutting technique! Enjoy scrolling through the post and make sure to comment below with your favorite AGF prints that you have used in your fussy cutting projects! 

 Nightfall Fabrics 


 Click here for Free Pattern! Prints made by Maureen Cracknell.


The "Foxfire" free quilt pattern made it's debut in the Nightfall Fabrics lookbook where it featured this super cute owl and bunny print! These adorable prints made it's way into the middle of each quilt block which is my favorite way to incorporate fussy cutting into my quilts. This quilt bl0ck design does a great job framing your fussy cut prints while adding half square triangles to each corner of your block. When all your blocks are sewn together it adds a nice secondary block of Half Square Triangles. (Can you see what I am talking about? ) Pretty cool, right!?  


Loved to Pieces Fabrics


 Projects made with Loved to Pieces Fabric

Now let's talk about my newest favorite print to fussy cut from Loved to Pieces Fabrics! The "Anthonem  Serene"print exhibits an array of  distinctive florals all lined up in alphabetical order.  How sweet is this? Mister Domestic made this super sweet pillow below showcasing this cute postage stamp floral print.  

Also an extra bonus is this print comes in another colorway! Most often times your favorite AGF print will come in two different colorways which I love but sometimes it ends up being hard to choose which print to use, which I don't tend to mind! :)  

I also wanted to show you the "Alabama Quilt Block" using the same florals! Make sure to head to our Youtube for the full tutorial! You will have a blast cutting out all the little flowers, I know I sure did. :)


Charleston Fabrics 


Charleston English Paper Piecing Jodi 2 square

 Prints from Charleston Fabrics 

My two favorite prints from Charleston Fabrics by Amy Sinibaldi has to be the " The Row" which celebrates the beautiful architecture and scenery of the historical town of Charleston.  My other fave is the cute stencil pineapple print called "Ananas Powder" , there is just something so inviting about pineapple fabrics and decor which is probably why the pineapple is a symbol for welcome, friendship, and hospitality.

I can't get over all the hard work and patience it takes to get through a EPP project like the one above! Jodi from @talesofcloth is a EPP master! If your new to EPP I suggest you head to her profile and if your feeling inspired pick up the Pirouette Quilt with lots of fussying cutting options!  


Lambkin Fabrics


Prints from Lambkin Fabrics by Bonnie Christine

For those of you who have children or are obsessed with sewing things for your niece and nephews like me you are going to love the next two collections! Lambkin Fabrics (pic above) consists of two beautiful color palettes which cater  to sewing for girls and boys. First let's talk about how charming the "Sir Wooly" print is, he is perfect to fussy cut and apply to your kids clothing or incorporate into your quilt blocks for a cute baby quilt. 

I also am crazy about the numbers and symbols print called "Arista Oats"! I have a two year old nephew and I can't wait to make him something with this print maybe spelling out his name or using the numbers in this print and making him something so I can teach him to count! 

The next print called "Little Entomologist" displays a collection of insects you would find in your garden! I am not necessary a fan of the real thing but on fabric these cute critters  are fun to cut out from the fabric!  


Campsite Fabrics


Prints from Campsite Fabrics

I am not the most avid camper but I do remember going on a few camping trips with my Girl Scout Troop back in my childhood. There is something so special about being outdoors, breathing in fresh air and being one with nature. Campsite Fabrics brings back this special memory for me is such a cute way. My two favorite projects has to be these cute patches and table cloth! You can find these super cute fussy cutting projects in the Campsite Lookbook.  


Tallinn Fabrics 


Last but not least, I wanted to talk about the Tiger print from Tallinn Fabrics by our talented designer Jessica Swift! This print comes in two different colorways and has so many great elements to fussy cut. These denim pants made with our smooth denim fabrics can be found in the Tallinn Lookbook! What a super cute way to embellish your denim! This project definitely got my wheels turning and inspired me to take my fussy cutting to the next level! 

Well I hope you enjoyed hearing about the  prints and projects in this blog post. If you have any other fussy cutting inspired projects you would like to share with me I would be so excited to see! 

 Happy Fussy Cutting, 



Hi Makers!

Since it's Monday and I'm sure all of us can always use some motivation! Let's face it, all of us love sewing. We enjoy the entire process from start to finish, especially when we're giving our finished piece to someone we love. Sewing is part of a movement called  "slow living" which means allowing yourself time to create when you can. Sewing allows you to fully be in the moment and take life "slow." While sewing, there's no distractions. It's just you and your creative magic. There's no phones, no computers, just silence and creativity...the best combination! To celebrate "taking things slow" and your creative ideas, we are launching a NEW GIVEAWAY, ONCE A MONTH! We'll be picking a WINNER to be featured here on our AGF Blog AND the winner will receive a 20-piece FQ bundle of one of our latest fabric collections
To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is post your amazing work and tag us via social media and use the hashtag: #AGFMakerMonday, so we can see your projects which can include a variety of categories such as quilts, garments, home decor, accessories, etc. 
The winner will be announced via our blog on Monday, September 10th, 2018 with their projects and some other surprises as well! 
Good luck and very excited to see what you share.
Keep dreaming, keep creating! :)
- Sophia 

Garden Love: "Gathered" Fabric Collection

Just like sewing, gardening is so rewarding. You get to plant something with your own hands, then watch it grow and come to life! Ever since I can remember, I've always enjoyed being in a garden, seeing all of the vegetables and fruit start off so small in size and how with patience and dedication of tending to them, they would get bigger in size and eventually turn ripe. When you finally got the chance to eat them, it was satisfying. Growing up in Florida, my parents had a "tropical garden" that had tons of mango (my favorite), orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, papaya, and avocado trees. Most of these fruits would turn "ripe" during the summer months, so waiting until that time made you savor them even more.  Even to this day, I still get excited for "mango season" and it always reminds of my childhood, when I bite into a delicious piece of mango! 

 Inspired by this warm-fuzzy feeling and a simpler way of life, our designer Bonnie Christine created her latest fabric collection, “Gathered.” These twenty prints feature a variety of delights you’d collect from a garden like unexpected wildflowers, delicious fruits, and aromatic herbs. Infused with “late-summer” colors such as warm honey, olive green and dusty rose pink, these 100% premium cotton fabrics are great for “farmhouse meets modern” sewing projects.


Gathered_Banner Gathered_Bundle-3 Gathered_Dress-2

Browse our “Gathered Fabric Lookbook” for more green-thumb inspired sewing projects and ways to sew with these fabrics!



Here's our lovely "Harvest Quilt" (which made its way to the front cover of our lookbook) for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Gathered Products Inspiration Bonnie 6

For those of you who may need some blenders for your sewing projects, here's a few favorites of mine to choose from for "Gathered." Collection elements template (1)

Enter a chance to win this fabulous, twenty piece "Gathered Fabric Bundle" by signing up to our giveaway:


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Gathered Giveaway Winner is "Michele Zahn!" Congratulations and please check your email.

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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Introducing AGF Kits

Hello Makers, 

Finding time to sew can be a chore in itself. Once you get the time to make something new you spend hours going through your fabric bins pulling together fabrics to make that new quilting project and before you know it your time is up and your interrupted by the errands of everyday life. Well, I am super excited to announce that AGF has felt your pain and realize a lot of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited time to sew and create! Which is why I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you that we have been working on creating some super cool sewing kits that are simple, fun and most of all a super big time saver.


You may have already heard about our Plenum Quilt Kits featuring our Colormaster Boxes ! All you gotta do is pick your favorite color,  choose between a Fat Quarter or ½” box, then the rest is easy, follow the simple step by step instructions to create a flying geese masterpiece.


As a fabric/ sewing junky I love to spread my love of sewing and quilting with everyone I encounter in life. Any beginner sewers in your life or people who have told you “Yeah, one day I want to learn to sew” ...well today is the day. These new Quilt kits make the ideal gifts come the holidays and birthdays.  


Dying to find out more about our New AGF Kits coming soon? Sign Up to our Newsletter to stay up to date on all our new Kit releases!!


What kind of kits would you love to see from AGF? Pillows, Plushies, more quilts or something else? Let me know in the comments below.



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Underwater Queendom: "Sirena" Fabric Collection

If you grew up in the 1980's, it was inevitable that as a little girl you would end up becoming obsessed with the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.  I remember when this cartoon movie came out, all the other little girls at school also loved the main character,  Ariel who was a gorgeous, red-headed mermaid. We would all have "singing contest" at school and would compete to see who had the "best mermaid voice." On the weekends when my family and I would head to the beach, I would dive into the Atlantic Ocean and splash around, pretending my two legs were together as a mermaid tail, and I would jump out of the water and do a wet, hair flip just like The Little Mermaid. Looking back now, I realized I haven't changed much at all and still do these things when I'm "under the sea!"


Sharing a similar love and appreciation for mermaids and marine life, our designer Jessica Swift brought to life her latest fabric collection, Sirena.  Inspired by another amazing mermaid movie, "Splash" this collection takes you under the sea to an queendom of gorgeous mermaids that befriend whalesoctopuses, and admire tropical plant life. The vibrant colors are great for summery sewing projects from quilts, tote bags, throw pillows for outdoor furniture to fun, sun dresses! 




 For more aquatic-inspired sewing projects that includes quilt, garments and home decor patterns, head over to our  Sirena fabric look-book! 



Here's our pretty "Bon Bini Quilt" for you to sew this summer, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

Sirena_Quilt1_1_edit copy Sirena_Quilt1_4
I've included these "tropical-colored" blenders for you (in case you need some ideas) that coordinate with Sirena's colorways. Follow our Instagram for upcoming ideas with blenders too! Sirena_Blenders_AGF

Last but not least, one of the best parts of launching a lookbook is our FABRIC COLLECTION GIVEAWAY! Enter a chance to win this Sirena fabric bundle by signing up to our giveaway:


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