Striped strips anyone?

The chevron mania is still at its peak, and recently I have been drawn to recreate this graphic pattern in other ways. What better to create a zigzag pattern than a basic striped fabric? 

Maureen Handmade(Maureen Cracknell Handmade's take on chevrons using Indie collection by Pat Bravo)

At AGF we always like to include geometrical and linear prints in our collections. I grabbed some of the striped designs from the Sugar, Poetica, and Bespoken Collections, and started playing around with the angle and position of the fabric to come up with this block tutorial.

It is clearly not a defined chevron design, but rather a party of stripes and color. I had an initial concept of cutting the majority of the fabrics at 45º angles (biased), but the more I saw the lines, the more I loved their “natural” way, and I think that the simplicity of perpendicular lines transformed into something fun and dynamic (not to mention that it also saves more fabric for future projects).

This tutorial makes a 10" x 10” block.

You can mix and match with striped fabrics that you already own, but for this block I used:

1. 1” x 10” strip of Apricot Crepe from the Pure Elements Collection
1. 2” x 10” strip of Spirited Verse Candy from the Poetica Collection (cross-grain)

1. 2 ½” x 10” strip of Spirited Verse Azure from the Poetica Collection (straight-grain)
1. 2 ½” x 3 ¾” strip of Stitchery Citrus from the Bespoken Collection (bias)
1. 2 ½” x 4” strip of Stitchery Aqua from the Bespoken Collection (bias)
1. 2 ½” x 2 ¾” rectangle of Festival Fuchsia from the Pure Elements Collection
1. 3 ½” x 10” strip of Honey Ribbons from the Sugar Collections (straight-grain)

1. 1 3/8” x 10” strip of Mauvelous from the Pure Elements collection.

To make this block (1/4” seam allowance):

Lay out your pieces before you start sewing in the way they would look at the end. I find it helpful to work from this layout as I sew- it will be far less likely to get your pieces mixed up.


Now you can proceed to attach the two biased pieces to the Festival Fuchsia rectangle. To create a more interesting visual effect, arrange them as though the lines will cross (if you were to make a whole quilt this will give it that subtle but oh-so-wonderful chevron effect from a distance). This will be the center panel:


Now that you have only vertical piecing, you can begin from left to right with the Apricot Crepe strip, and then attach the remaining five strips.

 Make sure to press open each seam after you sew.

Here is the finished block on the design wall.


I created the quilt digitally to see what it would look like. I love the playfulness of the stripes, and the subtle chevron.  It could be a perfect match for a children’s room (switch all stripes to neutral colors and it will be a great modern quilt for a boy’s room!).Digital_quilt_WEB

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please share your line-party quilt creations as everyone at AGF would love to see them!

Rock & Sew!

<3 Laura


Winner of challenge #6 is...


June's challenge was a place-mat and you ladies did a great job. You not only got creative with the styles but we loved that some of you took functionality into consideration.  I think this challenge may have had the most "out of the box" entries.

Soo now for the winner..

We loved this entry because it was really cute, well thoughtout, had quilting and we can really see this working!

So congrats...


 Marlene Reasoner

*cheers & applause*

Marlene Reasoner

We really hope you guys are  enjoying this. You ladies have been super loyal and we really love that you are still here with us. We love to see what you all make and honestly we really hate voting because it is like picking your favorite child...

Challenge # 7 is already underway and we can't wait to see what you all come up with. Congrats to all of you!!

<3 Anais

Star Store of the Month

Hey guys,
It's that time of the month when we present to you the new Star Store! When picking the next Star Store we thought of Lauren and her shop Sew Modern. Lauren and her amazing staff have set up the cutest shop over in Los Angeles, California and recently added an online shop to their resume. Of course we wanted to know more about the woman, the business and her crew. We were so excited that when we contacted her she was all for it and even shared pics around the shop.
Beware... these ladies are super friendly and their energy will draw you in!
Here's what we got :)
1. Tell us how Sew Modern got started.  Why?  When? Where? Who?

I learned to sew on a whim about 8 years ago.  I took a class and the instructor, Capril Bonner-Thomas became my mentor and friend.  I was hooked on fabric and sewing in a bad way and I often talked with Capril about opening a store that carried all the fabrics we were only finding online.  We wanted to see and touch and compare in person!  I also wanted a community of sewing geeks like myself to hang out with.  Luckily that community came in the form of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild.  I joined right at the inception and was immediately blessed with friends, a focus group, customers, instructors...a community.  In October of 2010 I took the plunge and signed a lease for a storefront here on the west side of Los Angeles.  It's been a wonderful whirlwind ever since.  Though I am the sole proprietor, I have an amazing staff and community supporting me and it all just keeps building.  We are having a blast!  Unfortunately my friend Capril passed away before ever seeing me realize my dream, but I know she'd be proud and amazed.  This year we opened an online shop as well as a way to keep the inventory flowing as we want to have all the great new lines in the shop and we only have 1,500 square feet.  We manage to have over 2,000 bolts, a classroom area, a longarm quilting machine, a huge custom cutting table and a lounge area in that amount of space!

Overview(Sew Modern Store in Los Angeles, CA)

2. Some shops have a theme...what would you say is your shop's theme?
I don't know if I'd call it a theme, but Sew Modern is just what it indicates: A modern place for fabric, learning and creating.  We have a bright, eclectic, inviting style and we want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome.  (Well, maybe not the drunk guy who poured whiskey on our rug!) 

Solids(AGF Solids)

3. What goes into fabric selection?  What do you consider and how much of a role does personal taste play?

I am the sole buyer but I definitely get input from my customers and employees.  It's a gut feeling really, that propels me to choose fabrics.  So I guess personal taste plays a huge role, but I like a lot of things so that keeps it plentiful!
Quality of basecloth, designs, colors, price points, delivery dates...all of that is considered as well.  
Lounge(Lounge area to sit back and relax, hang out with friends or hold a get together)

4. Social media is one of the biggest tools out there right do you incorporate it on a daily basis and how have you seen that impact your business?

Social media is huge now in business.  We have a Facebook page, we Tweet, we're on Pinterest...and the ONLY advertising we've done is on blogs.  WE LOVE BLOGS!  We also have our own blog which is getting a facelift as we speak.  I would say most of our online traffic comes from blogs and Twitter.  

5. So let's say I just bought some fabric online...describe the process and time frame from order to doorstep...without letting our any secrets ;)
Luckily our online store is connected to our in-store POS system.  When we get an order a few things happen.  The order shows up on the store computer.  I also receive an email notifying me from our system.  I also get a notice from paypal saying money was received. It's amazing because this way we never miss an order.  As soon as someone is in the shop the order is cut and packaged and the inventory is updated.  Usually the orders ship out the same day they are placed or the next day.  It should arrive on your doorstep within 3 days of shipping.  
Ariga (Ariga going through some AGF Solids)
6. Lauren, you have kids ranging from ages 4-15...How involved and interested are they in the shop?  Are they interested in the sewing, fabric or quilting world?  

My kids are all pretty impressed with the store, but only one of them is really interested in sewing at this point.  She's my 9 year old and she has a sewing machine in her room and she wants embroidery stuff for her birthday.  If they are in  the store, they all like to ring up sales...they think they're so cool.  Mostly they like that I'm a few doors down from Starbucks.
Liz(Liz flashing us a smile)
7. Tell us about your staff.  WE met Liz at quilt market and can tell that you are surrounded by a wonderful staff.

Well that is absolutely true, I have a great staff.  I've got Liz who is my manager, personal slave and sewist extraordinaire, Ariga who is amazingly patient with customers and a great garment designer and sewist,  Lisa who knows all about sewing machine parts and can fix most anything AND sew anything---she made it her personal mission to know our long arm machine better than anyone so she can teach it well, and we have many other top notch guest instructors.  I'm extremely fortunate in that regard.  Oh, and my amazing nanny, Cesiah, without whom I would not be able to work at all!

Long arm(Lisa at the long arm)
8. If you didn't run a successful fabric shop what would be your dream job? 

In many respects this is my dream job, though it couldn't be more different from what I thought I'd be doing with my life.  I love sewing but I can't be holed up by myself all the time, it's just not in my nature.  I need people.  I do hope that some day the business parts of the shop will be running enough without me so that I can be more creative and have a smidgen of free time.  HA!

9. You carry a variety of Art Gallery Fabrics products.  Can you tell our readers what you like most about our products?  What are your hot sellers from AGF right now?

I would have to start at the beginning with the base cloth Art Gallery uses.  It has such a beautiful hand to it...soft and drapier than other mid-weight cottons so it's great for garments as well as quilting.  The colors Pat uses and her designs are just stunning in every collection.  Different from anyone else out there!  And prolific!  just one gorgeous collection after another!
What's hot now?  Summerlove has been selling extremely well and we are constantly reordering Oval and Lace Elements.  They are the perfect blenders.  But Pure Elements has to be our hottest seller right now because the colors are extraordinary and the little bit of sheen they have....mmmmm. just divine!

10. What kind of feedback do you get from consumers that buy AGF? 
Nothin' but net, baby.  It's all fantastic.

11. What is your favorite AGF collection so far?

I have to pick ONE?  That's too hard!  I plead the 5th!

Agf rocks
(Lauren, Shop owner)

Awwww... Thanks Lauren and gals over at Sew Modern! We love you guys too! You have a beautiful store and we are so happy to be in your shop!

If you would like to know more about Sew Modern you can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and get the latest scoop on the blog.... Go on and let them know AGF sent you!
Til next time... Happy fabric buying!

Project Challenge 2012 - Challenge # 7 - Piecing Pillow

ProjectLOGO_finalSo we are over the hump... You all have now been following loyaly Project Challenge 2012 for over 6 months. Ladies, you have been doing a great job and we hope that these challenges have helped you grow as a sewer/quilter.

So without further adieu I give you July's challenge: Piecing Pillow.


This month we decided to pay homage to the Fouth of July and make this pillow project in some patriotic colors. We used Oval Elements in Mood Indigo for the backing and border, to form the word LOVE we used Nature Elements in Hibiscus, Living Elements in Red Ribbon, Lace Elements in Cherry Lace, Floral Elements in Scarlet, Pure Elements in Spiceberry, Modernology in Mod Vines Raspberry and Rhapsodia in Frida's Dream Red.

You can make any word as long as it contains a minimum of 4 letters.



1. Must use the piecing technique.

2. Pillow can be any shape.

3. Each letter must have a minimum of 2 different fabrics.

That's it ladies (and gents if there is one of you out there)

As always the rules are:

1. Join our Facebook group to enter into the challenge, and "like us" if you want...
2. Must use Art Gallery Fabrics ONLY to make the projects.
3. Must be completed and submitted in the allotted time.
4. Must let your imagination run wild!

All entries must be submitted by 12 am on July 31, 2012. They must be original works and use only AGF fabric.

Judging:  We will have 7 more people voting this month ...  AGF team (5 votes), our great designer & creative director Pat Bravo (1 vote) and awesome designer Bari J. (1 vote.)


 Participating in the AGF Project Challenge 2012 and you have blog? Want to add this badge to your facebook pictures... We go ahead, right click the badge bellow or dowload it here
and show your support!


May your thread be strong and your machine be speedy! Get set GO!!

XOXO, Anais


Fat Quarter Gang - Must Dash Little Lap Quilt by I'm A Ginger Monkey

Hi,  Katy Jones here from the I'm A Ginger Monkey blog. Today I am going to share with you my Must Dash Little Lap Quilt tutorial. This quilt has style and sophistication (hence the mustache appliques.. ha ha ha)

Title pic
So lets start with what you'll need to make this quilt top (measures 38" x 47")


    - 10 Fat Quarters *FQs (Rhapsodia was used here)
    - Fusible web (I prefer steam a seam 2 lite)
    - Download Mustdash template

First up press your FQs and cut EACH FQ into 2 10" squares for a total of 20 squares.

With the leftover fabrics print and cut out your Download Mustdash.


Following the manufacturers directions for the fusible web, make a total of 20 moustache shapes - 2 from each fabric.

Fold each of the 10" squares into quarters, pressing with your finger to leave a crease, and line up a moustache shape with the centre folds. Iron onto the background squares as per the manufacturers directions, and stitch into place using your preferred applique stitch. I used a regular straight stitch, but you could zig zag or use the button hole stitch.

Now lay out your blocks in 5 rows of 4, either on a design wall or floor. Move 'em around until you have a layout you like where the colours and patterns are evenly balanced.

Sew each row together, one by one, and press seams to alternating sides - eg rows 1, 3, 5 to the left and rows 2, 4 to the right. This helps match up your seams and let's them sit nicely together as you assemble the quilt top.

Sew the rows together into a top and press well all over.


To finish your quilt you will need:
    - 1.5 yards of fabric for backing
    - Piece of wadding measuring 44" x 53"
    - 1/2 yard fabric for binding

Thank you guys for tuning in to the Fat Quarter Gang and please join the fun and sew along... join our Flickr group (it may or may not..but mostly may.. include random prizes).

As always we have a giveaway!!!  :)

Giveaway Rules(dum dum dummm)

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Happy Sewing :)

<3 Love,

The Fat Quarter Gang & AGF team

*** Want the PDF? Check out AGF Consumer site for previous member projects and their PDF's ****

Fat Quarter Gang - Wellen Tank by luvinthemommyhood

Wellen Lead
Hi everyone! I'm Shannon from luvinthemommyhood and I'm here to inspire you to take some fun quilting techniques & add them into your wee ones wardrobe this summer!

 Wellen Lead 2

 This adorable tank was inspired by the beautiful coast I am so lucky to live on. The gorgeous waves never cease to take my breath away and I thought it would be fun to try to replicate the feeling of the waves with the equally gorgeous line "Summerlove" from Pat Bravo.  A perfect combination - yummy summer tones reminiscent of sand and surf partnered with the swoops and curves of coastal waves.

Wellen Lead 3

The tank itself is simple in construction with a wide neckline & strap and an a-line cut allowing all the detail work of the curves to speak for themselves and to allow that lovely fabric to shine!  It's a fun project and a great way to dive head first into sewing with curves. I'm now hopelessly addicted and dying to make a quilt to match!

Wellen Lead 4

So join me....take a walk along the surf, smell the ocean breeze, feel the sand between your toes and get inspired to add The Wellen Tank to your kidlets summer wardrobe!

Let's get started...


MATERIALS : - 8 Fat Quarters of Quilting cotton. I used Summerlove by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics. Prints used were from "Sunkissed": Beyond Bliss Ginger, Swept Away Serenity, Tokens of Love Pink, Passionate Spirit Teal, Malibu Kiss, Naivety Berry, Sweet Days Seashell, Retro Harmony Sugar. - Approximately 44" of  handmade bias tapeor 1 package pre-made. - Co-ordinating thread - Pins - Scissors/rotary cutter & mat.

PATTERN PIECE : - Download and print the "curves template" here:

*Note: When printing please make sure your printer is set to "actual size" or set your page scaling to "none".  Be sure not to select "shrink to fit" or any other page scaling as this will result in your pattern pieces being the incorrect size. Pattern piece is sized to fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" page.

For the tank top pattern itself use a pre-existing garment to trace your pattern piece from.  There are a lot of great tutorials online that you can find that will show you how to use an existing piece of clothing to trace out a pattern template. Make sure when making a larger/smaller size than a 2T that you adjust the amount of  "curved" pieces needed. You can simply add another column of curves to increase the width and to increase the height you would add more curved pieces to the top of each column.  For more instructions on how to do this please see Step One below.  My tank top was a Size 2 Tank that I drafted from scratch.

*Note: The style of tank used to draft your pattern would need to  have a wide neckline to allow the tank to slip over the child's head without the use of buttons, zippers or a "v" neck.



*Copyright 2012. All rights reserved  Personal use only unless prior permission has been given.



*Note: Make sure to wash, dry and press your fabric before sewing.  This is very important when making garments.

- Print out your Curves Template Piece and cut (6) curves out of  all (8) of your prints for a total of (48) curved pieces.  I did this with my fabric folded so that I could cut doubles right off the bat.  Make sure that when you are cutting your curved pieces that your grain line (straight grain) is going vertically.  Your selvadges will be parallel to this.  When you tug the fabric you should feel some give/stretch from left to right.  If the give is from up/down you need to adjust your fabric.


Starting from bottom going upwards - #1 - Passionate Spirit Teal, #2 - Sweet Days Seashell, #3 - Naivety Berry, #4 - Malibu Kiss, #5 - Retro Harmony Sugar, #6 - Tokens of Love Pink, #7 - Beyond Bliss Ginger, #8 - Swept Away Serenity

-  Lay your curved pieces out and plan your layout for your "waves".  We will be assembling these in the next step in columns so it's easiest to plan your layout laying them out vertically first and then if you'd like to see the whole picture align more columns of curves beside your original column.  I used the following layout shown in the picture above. - I'm all about customizing great garments for your own style/taste.  The outline of the Wellen Tank is easy and quick to change. Based on the tank you are using for your pattern you can lower the neck, add a v, widen the a-line or elongate the hem  - it's up to you! That's the fun part of making your own clothes!  If you would like a larger/smaller size just adjust the number of curves used to make each column and the amount of rows of columns you use.  We are essentially going to be creating two large rectangles made of pieced curves that are made big enough to cut your tank pattern out of.  Ready to get sewing? Yay!  


- Lay your pieces out in order in separate piles for each soon to be sewn column.  Figure out what is your inner concave and what is your outer concave.  See the pic above for an example.
PicMonkey Collage- Take your first curved piece and lay it right side facing up with your inner concave to your right.  Place your next curved piece wrong side facing up with the inner concave to the left taking care to align only your top point at this moment as shown in the image below.

*Note: Your top will overlap just a bit with the point not matching up with your bottom curve. This is fine.

PicMonkey Collage4 (2)
- Now comes a bit of a tricky part.  It's going to feel weird to sew these two together but trust me - it will work out.  Use a 1/4" seam allowance using the outer edge of your presser foot as a guide to use as you move your curve while sewing.  I didn't use pins and you don't need to either.  Simply go slow while you get the hang of it.  I highly suggest doing a sample swatch to try it out before you do the real one.  Once you start sewing you simply slowly keep moving your top piece "only" to align it with your bottom one and voila! A sewn curve!  You don't even need to clip your seams!!!! That's right! Turn that bad boy right side out and press and you've started your column!  I pinked all of my seam allowances to prevent unraveling since this will be a worn garment.
PicMonkey Collage6
- Continue on joining curve to curve building your column in this manner always starting with your curved pieces laid out as previously stated.  Once you have sewn (8) curves together you have finished your first column!  Make 5 more columns in this manner for a total of (6) columns. - Once you are done all your columns and pressed them all neatly line up (3) columns for your front rectangle.  Pin (2) columns together with right sides facing each other.  Pin along the left outer long edge.  Sew these columns together using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Trim your seam allowance with your pinking shears and press neatly.  Now attach your other column to the right side of the column with right sides facing each other.  Repeat the steps above.  You now have your front rectangle complete.  Repeat the steps in this paragraph to make your back rectangle.
- We're going to topstitch those pretty waves you created now :)  With your front rectangle topstitch along all of your seams (right side facing up) to add some detail and also so that those curves look nice and finished. I've got a thing for topstitching so following the waves with some pretty stitching was a lot of fun for me :)  Press.  Repeat for the back rectangle. Great job!


- Get out your tank pattern pieces and cut them out of your newly created wave rectangles.  Place your front pattern piece on your front rectangle piece and cut it out.  Do the same for the back pattern piece placing it on your back rectangle. - Take your front and back tank pieces and place them right sides facing each other. Pin your side seams and sew them with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Zig zag stitch/pink or serge your seam allowances to finish your seams.  Press. - Pin your shoulder seams.  Sew them both with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Finish your seams in the same method as your side seams. - If possible try the tank on your wee one before finishing in case you need to make any adjustments and also to mark your hem length.
-  Press your bottom hem up 1/4" and press.  Press the hem up yet again 1/2" and pin in place.  Sew along the inside edge of your fold. I like to do two stitch lines on my hems for a nice professional finish.  I simply follow the first one and stitch about the size of the one of the teeth of the presser foot away from it.  It is also possible to sew the hem with just a double needle if you have the option on your sewing machine.  Press again.


- We are now going to finish off your neckline and your armholes.  You can choose to either make your own bias tape or used pre-bought bias tape.  I used pre-bought single fold bias tape for my tank. Single fold bias tape is most commonly used for finishing garments when you don't want it to show.

- With your tank right sides facing out take the edge of your bias tape (wrong side facing up) and pin along your entire armhole.  Stitch down along the first crease of your bias tape.  Turn the tank inside out and fold the bias tape over and under pinning as you go.  You will not be able to see the bias tape from the outside now.  Stitch down close to your bias tape inner edge.  Repeat this for your other armhole and for your neckline.  Press.  Voila!  You now have your very own Wellen Tank (wellen is german for waves)!  You did awesome!  I can't wait to see it!

Wellen Lead 6 
Happy sewing from my home to yours :) 

You in the mood to win some fabric?  Let's hear from Art Gallery Fabrics below on how to enter to win your very own bundle of Summerlove!!!!

PicMonkey Collage4
Wellen Lead 5

Join the fun and sew along... join our Flickr group (it may or may not..but mostly may.. include random prizes).

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(Picture that inspired the Wellen Tank)

Until next week, <3 The Fat Quarter Gang & AGF Team

Fat Quarter Gang: Patchwork Bunting by In Color Order


Hi Everybody! It’s Jeni, from In Color Order here to share a fun summer inspired project for you!

Who said bunting is just for celebrations? Everyday is a celebration, so use this bunting anywhere you want to add a little sunshine!

I choose prints from the Creamy Gelato color way of Sugar by Pat Bravo for this project. The colors and prints just scream summer to me!

Project photo w-text


This is a great project for beginners and also to share with the kiddo's while they are home from school this Summer. Download PatchworkBunting_FQG.

2nd project photo
Join the fun and sew along... join our Flickr group (it may or may not..but mostly may.. include random prizes)

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Until next week,

<3 The Fat Quarter Gang & AGF Team


Fat Quarter Gang - Body Pillow by P.S. I Quilt


Hey guys,

Rachel here from P.S. I Quilt. Today i'm excited to show y'all how to make your very own decorative body pillow cover.

FQG - pillow tut - blog teaser
For my fat quarter choices . . . I honestly picked my 8 fat quarters because they complimented the quilt on my bed. :). I chose to mix & match a few different Art Gallery Fabrics lines with some of my favorite basics.

For the cover:

The basics:

  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Mat
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron, etc.

FQG - pillow tut - 00 - 2
(various Art Gallery Fabrics collections shown)

These are fairly quick to make so you can change your decorative body pillow cover as often as you want. So go make some to match all your bed quilts or even to celebrate the changing seasons.

Please note: not all body pillows are the exact same size. My measurements were based on the average 20" x 54" body pillow. Your cover may fit a little more snug {or a little more loose} depending on the size of your body pillow.

Ready . . . go. ( Download Body Pillow)

Now for the good stuff.. the giveaway..

Giveaway rules:

P.S. I Quilt Rules:

Leave a comment on her blog telling her which of the 8 prints are your favorite.

Art Gallery's Rules:

Subscribe to the Art Gallery Fabrics blog AND follow Art Gallery Fabrics on Pinterest.


Good luck peeps!

Hope y'all enjoy.

image from
♥ rachel


P.S. - Wanna post your own project? Sewing along with the gang and want to show the gang? Follow us on Flickr and post your projects there!

Project Challenge 2012 - Challnge # 6 - Placemat

ProjectLOGO_finalHello ladies, (& gents if you're out there join us!)

It is that time of the month when one challenge ends and a new one begins. Last month you all made wine bottle covers and included a drawstring technique with some embroidery (for bonus points.) Well as always ladies... you exceeded our expectations. You can look at the entries here.

We are in the middle of voting and some fierce words are being thrown around as to who is the winner.... you know we always get along but during this time of the month... well let's just say we all have "different" I mean this in a good way because you all are so great.

There is a decline in entries... Remember that in order to qualify for the sewing machine at the end of the year you must have completed all 12 projects (you can turn them in later.. you just wouldn't qualify to win the 10 half-yards)

So now on to June's challenge.. A placemat.


1. Must use the ruffles technique.

2. Any shape you like but BONUS for a unique (functional) shape.

That's it ladies (and gents if there is one of you out there)

As always the rules are:

1. Join our Facebook group to enter into the challenge, and "like us" if you want...
2. Must use Art Gallery Fabrics ONLY to make the projects.
3. Must be completed and submitted in the allotted time.
4. Must let your imagination run wild!

All entries must be submitted by 12 am on June 30, 2012. They must be original works and use only AGF fabric.

Judging:  We will have 7 more people voting this month ...  AGF team (5 votes), our great designer & creative director Pat Bravo (1 vote) and awesome designer Bari J. (1 vote.)

May your thread be strong and your machine be speedy! Get set GO!!

XOXO, Anais



AGF's Fat Quarter Gang


 Hi everyone!

Here at AGF we feel that sewing is some "hardcore" stuff and therefore when Pat came with the idea of recruiting bloggers to join a "little sewing group" it turned out so big that we decided to transform it into a gang; a gang of nice sewers and quilters nonetheless ... that is until they got into their roles.

Below is what happened (after asking them if they would join)...

We want to introduce to you the Art Gallery Fabrics FAT QUARTER GANG and its members:



Rachel "QUEEN QUILTA" Griffith is a quirky, southern girl who lives up north with her hubby and four kiddos. She loves to create, design & share her creations at her blog,  P.S. I Quilt. This "Queen Quilta" throws down for AGF and has been know to blend collections at the drop of a pin.


Lee "THE FEED DOGG" Heinrich is a graphic designer, mother of two, and blogs at Freshly Pieced . Nobody messes with her down at the LQS because they know she doesn't leave the house without a fresh blade in her rotary cutter. Her gang colors are Pure Elements Verve Violet and Light Citron.



Faith "FREE MOTION" Jones has been blogging at Fresh Lemons Quilts for 3 years. "Free Motion" takes her skillz to the streets in her Hello Kitty sewing machine and she loves working with Art Gallery Fabrics; especially the Pure Elements line which she used in her Summer Sampler quilt last year.



Shannon "SCRAPUCCINO" Cook is a wife and a mommy to two daughters. She is happily living a handmade life in "da streets" of Vancouver Island and blogs over at luvinthemommyhood. "Scrapuccino" is always busy sewing, knitting & designing, attempting to parent & stay sane at the same time. She battles the dreaded laundry pile and constantly has coffeee is in her system (definitely a necessity.)  Scrapuccino loves to stay up late at night, caffeinated and sewing away with her fave AGF prints. She is known for scrappin it out if you try to touch her AGF stash.. 



Katy "STASH SLASHER" Jones is representing the UK over at her blog I'm A Ginger Monkey. Many weaker quilters have lost fingers when they've messed with her stash. She's always packing rotary cutter and scissors - be warned. Stash Slasher is AGF crew to the core. Cut her and she bleeds pure elements Cabernet.



Maureen "MC HEMMER" Cracknell is a stay-at-home mama of three and a lover of all things crafty! She spends her days being creative and sewing as much as she can in her crib in "da streets" of Pennsylvania. "MC Hemmer" blogs at Maureen Cracknell Handmade and she can't wait to get stitchin' with her favorite fabrics, her Art Gallery Fabrics stash!!



Sukie "PHAT EIGHTHS" Newbold is currently currently chillin' in Salt Lake, UT with her hubs and 2 kids. "Phat Eighths" is an accountant by day and Sewing gangsta by night. Don't mess with this chick and her AGF stack.. she's been known to go crazy at the sight of Pure Elements and Summerlove. "Phat Eighths" blogs over at Sukie don't ya know.



John “Q-DIDDY” Adams is a father of three who loves to make quilts and blog about them over at Quilt Dad.  Q-Diddy is originally from NYC -- more specifically, from the borough of Brooklyn -- and has since taken his talents to the Raleigh, NC area. He resides in “da hood” with his crew, which includes his 7 year-old twin girls and a 6 year-old son.  Q-Diddy loves sewing with Art Gallery Fabrics and is ecstatic to be part of AGF's new posse.



Jeni "SEAM BUSTA" Baker has been sewing for about 10 years and loves to blog at In Color Order, about her sewing, quilting projects, thrifting adventures, and "killa" pet bunny George.  She can't get enough of Art Gallery Fabrics famous hand, and finds they are perfect for garments and quilts alike! She carries around a suitcase full of AGF and is ready to "sew a stitch" if tried!


Amy - stitch_rippa

Amy "STITCH RIPPA" Friend is a 30 something year old mom to three, former museum collections curator, turned sewing gangsta. "Stitch Rippa" has always loved art in nearly every form (especially graffiti.. cuz it's street art). She studied studio art and art history and found that she really enjoyed classifying and organizing art collections and that was her profession until she decided to stay home with her crew (children). To satisfy her creative side, she sews, quilts, occasionally screen prints fabric, and lately, has an addiction to designing paper pieced patterns with AGF. Check her blog at



Amy “SEW HYPE” Smart turned her back on the hardscrabble streets of her youth, but to her homies she’ll always be “Amy from the quilt block.”  She has four children and is married to an aspiring rapper. Although her "hood" at Diary of a Quilter is safe, she still carries a fresh rotary blade and is always strapped with a nine patch in the glove compartment, made from Art Gallery Essential Ovals, of course.  She’s got 99 problems, but a stitch ain’t one.


Now that you all have been introduced to our members let's share what you should expect from these "Sewing Gangstas."

  • Every Monday, starting June 4th, 2012, a new Project will posted with picture tutorial. These lovely ladies & gents have some really amazing tutorials in store for you and they are ÜBER excited (can you tell by the pics?) to start sharing their talents with all of you.
  • Every project that gets posted will have a giveaway for the EXACT fabrics used in the project over at the members blog (rules to that giveaway will be posted in each project). We will also randomly select lucky people to win patterns and such through the Flickr Fat Quarter Gang group. Feel free to post your projects as you make them... you never know when we are in the giving mood (and that's often.)
  • Lastly... Have a blog? Wanna be a member? Well, we have 4 guest spots open for blogging "newbies." After all 12 bloggers have posted their tutorials we will have a spot open for a guest blogger (that could be you!) to post their project tutorial. This pattern will repeat itself for 1 year so you have 4 spots available.
  • Also, if you have a blog, you can follow the Gang grabbing a "FQG button" located on the right side of our blog!

We think this is gonna be an event of EPIC proportions, so share and start inviting your friends to participate and have fun... with the gang!

Think you got what it takes? Submit your project ideas along with a link to your blog to Who know, you might end up with your own gang name and pic too :)

Lets SEW this!

<3 Your AGF Team