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The Art of Mutual Learning: Piecing the Quilt

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I’m back to tell you all about my sewing journey! If you haven’t been able to keep up, check out my posts about the inspiration behind my project and my struggles with the quarter inch seam allowance. Today, I finally get to tell you about how I put my mini quilt together.

Once I had all my 2.5” by 2.5” squares cut, I began to place them on our giant batting wall to visualize how the mini was going to look. It seems silly, but I was so fascinated at how the fabrics stick to the batting!

Placing fabrics

Then the real fun started… I finally started sewing together the pieces of my quilt! At first, putting the little squares together wasn’t so difficult until I started piecing the bigger blocks. That’s when my frustrations began because I just couldn’t get matching seams. It drove me crazy!

In some cases I had to redo the seams like ten times. Honestly, it took me a few days to just piece the top because I kept redoing everything. I thought I was never going to finish…but that battle was fought and my quilt began looking more like my initial sketch.


Once the top was done, I put together my quilt sandwich and got ready to quilt it. For the backing, I chose Solid Smooth Denim from the Denim Studio by AGF in Afternoon Sail and decided to quilt it with wide diagonal lines so that the design could stand out.

Quilting was probably one of the easier things I’ve done during this process. It was actually kind of relaxing because I just followed the movement of the machine as I reflected about the project and other things could make.


Last but not least, I had reached the final step…BINDING! I was so excited when I reached this step because I was a few stitches away from finishing my quilt. That afternoon, I measured my strips, sewed the binding, and that was it. I had succeeded in learning how to sew a mini quilt!


The journey may be over but you still haven’t seen my completed quilt! Stay tuned to see the full reveal of my mini quilt along, with the one Lauv (my teacher) made!

Thanks for following my journey!


Till next time,



The Art of Mutual Learning: Inspiration from Art

Hey Everyone!

I’m back and ready to tell you more about my sewing journey! About two months ago I embarked on a journey to learn how to sew by making a mini quilt. The idea was initiated by one of our cool product designers, Lauv. You’ve probably been reading her posts about our quilt designs and all of the techniques she has taught me, but you’re probably wondering about my beginner’s point of view. Well, I’m ready to tell you all about it!

 Lauv and Steph

Lauv (left) & Me (right)

Lauv felt that it would be best if I planned my quilt on grid paper so that I could learn the basics of planning a quilt. She told me to assume that every square was one inch so that I could measure everything correctly once I was ready to cut the fabrics. During this time, Lauv kept asking me if I enjoyed geometry because quilting is all about the right measurements. Although, I wasn’t the biggest fan of math in school, I did enjoy sketching my idea because it reminded me of when I had to plan creative projects.


Now, let me tell you a little about the inspiration behind my mini quilt. During the time that we started planning out our projects we were also preparing for spring Quilt Market. Since I love to associate everything with art and this year Quilt Market took place in Salt Lake City, UT; I decided to base my design on a famous art piece that’s in Utah, the Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson. I thought it would be fun to appropriate something memorable from the “art world” in a quilty style.

The Spiral Jetty is known as an “earthwork” a.k.a outdoor sculpture, so I decided to choose natural colors for my design. Based on pictures I’ve seen of the sculpture, I knew I wanted to mix various blue fabrics along with our Premium Linen from The Denim Studio for a modern yet earthy feel.

Color Selection

I can’t wait to show you how it will look! I’ll be keeping everyone posted on my quilting progress here on the blog. But before I leave, I have two questions for you…

1.Where do you find inspiration for your quilts? 

2.How do you plan your quilts (software, on paper, etc.)?


Thank you for following my quilting journey!



Hi, don't be shy!

    D r u m  r o l l  p l e a s e!

Yes, I’m calling for my own drum roll ;) My name is Elaina, but friends and family call me Nay (long story). Introductions always seem a little too safe for my liking. I’m going to start off by saying that I’m the girl that tells it like it is, because sugar can be poisonous. I come from a very large family, and have learned early on in life that to get what or where you want you have to chase it, until you can't run anymore...and then take a deep breathe and chase some more! With that being said, I’m a very passionate person…I give everything, my everything.

    Being a part of the AGF family is more than exciting for me, it’s life changing! I have always been interested in art, design and creativity. AGF has tied all of that into the perfect little bundle. My love for sewing actually came out of necessity. Growing up I was always extremely tall and thin, and I could never find pants that were as small, or as long, as I was (tough life, I know). I took control of that situation by altering pants to fit me the way I wanted them to. My first few attempts at altering clothes were amusing, to say the least. Eventually… I got the hang of it. I wish I could say that those early attempts of sewing blossomed into a love for fashion design, but not so much.  If anything, I’m kind of mad at fashion for not catering to the struggles of a lanky girl. Those types of experiences taught me to solve problems, not sulk in them. 

    As a new contributor to the AGF blog, I'll be sharing some pretty cool stories and insights on the fabric world and beyond. I am the mother of a very adventurous two year old boy, so you can imagine I'll have to share some motherly advice and tips I have learned during these last two years as well. Art and design pretty much flow through my veins. I plan on tying my many passions into the fabric and sewing world to bring a more personal touch to your daily reading routine. More than anything else, I aim to inspire you. 

    I remember my first portfolio class in high school, we had to paint a portrait of a person. I was so scared because I had never even attempted to paint anyone, ever. Well, let’s just say my first portrait was a little flat, and a lot of ugly...but I finished it. Today, I've painted more portraits than I can keep track of. Art has taught me that nobody is born “good” at anything. With enough practice, and a lot of passion, we can all master anything. Whether you've just started your first quilting project, or just can't find the energy to finish sewing your latest masterpiece, remember that somewhere out there somebody is looking up to you for inspiration. So, until we meet again...get 'er done!



AGF is Nominated for "Best Fabric Brand"

Hey beautiful makers!

Hope everyone is doing well and feeling more creative than ever. As you might already know, at AGF we love sharing good news with all of you. It’s like you’re that best friend that we share everything with! On that note, we want to let you in on something that we are super excited about. We are proud to announce that we have
been nominated for the 2015 Sew Magazine, British Sewing Awards! Yay (insert applause and cheers here)!

The nominations are chosen by the readers of Sew Magazine and we have been selected to be part of the “Best Fabric Brand” category. We are ecstatic about this nomination because amazing makers like yourself, have given us this opportunity. But the fun doesn’t stop there! If you agree with the readers that nominated us, feel free to cast your vote and make us the Best Fabric Brand of 2015. To make the British Sewing Awards even more exciting, Sew Magazine is hosting a GIVEAWAY. Once you submit your vote, you will be in the drawing to win £500 worth of sewing goodies from Sew Magazine! Yes, you read right, £500! This is over $750 worth of sewing goodies!

You can find voting forms in the November and December 2015 issues of Sew Magazine or you can vote online here. The voting period will close on Sunday, December 20th at midnight, so make sure to get your votes in, before time runs out!

As always, stay creative and thanks for inspiring.

Happy Voting!


 Bristish Sewing Awards Insta (small)


AGF Newest Addition


Hello fabric lovers,

My name is Gabriela (Gabs) and I’m the newest addition to the AGF Team (woohooo) and I couldn’t be proud-err. Let me tell you a little bit about me since we are going to be spending lot of time together. Agf gabs I’m Venezuelan and I moved to Miami, FL at the age of 14. I was quickly enrolled in English classes and it was then, when I fell in love with words- I mean that and the obsession I had with Carrie Bradshaw. I have been a blogger and an avid social media user for a few years now. I’m driven by the arts and knowing the history behind them so you’ll probably find me in a museum any given Saturday. I would like to make this space one where you will come for the love of the fabrics (of course) and for inspiration, to learn a new trick or two and why not? share a few laughs.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

Until next time…