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Festive Magic: "Sparkler" Fabric Collection

Growing up in Florida always made the holiday season a very unique one! Unlike most parts of the world where December is a cold and snow-filled month, Florida's climate is usually hot, sticky and humid. I grew accustom to decorating tropical palm trees with Christmas lights and not being able to wear a "Christmas sweater" without sweating, hah! It wasn't until this past winter, I was able to experience my first "White Christmas!" My husband, his family and myself flew north to Canada to go skiing right outside Quebec City. Being in the snow really puts you into that "real, holiday spirit!" From wearing cozy layers, watching a peaceful snowfall, the smell of pine tree forests, enjoying the warmth of a fireplace, sipping hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, it was so amazing to FINALLY experience a "winter wonderland." I'll never forget it!

Because winter's such a magical time of year, here at AGF we wanted to create a fabric collection that resonated around that cozy feeling. In our latest collection, "Sparkler," discover a quiet winter motif that’s filled with pine tree forests, enchanting little animals, soft florals and twinkling, metallic lights. With a light, airy color palette of cinder greys, creamy blush and ochre, this collection is perfect for holiday-inspired quilts, whimsical-filled garments and cozy home decor. For more festive ideas involving “Sparkler," browse through our fabric look book to view our special curation of sewing projects with instructions and tutorials we’ve put together, just for you!Sparkler_banner_600px


Love this soft rayon used for this little lady's dress!


Sparkler Fusion Pillow 1

For more holiday inspiration and sewing projects that included quilt, garment and home decor tutorials with instructions, head over to our "Sparkler" lookbook!



Here's our lovely "Golden Hour Quilt" for you to sew and enjoy, just click the link below for the free pattern!

Download Golden Hour Quilt Pattern

Sparkler Fusion Quilt Free 1 CROP

I've also included these blender for you that go with the holiday-feel of "Sparkler."


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Introducing Our Newest Blog Contributor: Martina

Hello, AGF friends!

So pumped to be part of this amazing creative blog and get to know everyone. My name is Martina and I just recently joined the AGF Marketing team. I’m incredibly excited to start sharing photos and talking with you all on social media.

Martina Rosenthal
Before I go ahead and tell you more about myself, I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer first. I haven’t touched a sewing machine in a really (really, really, REALLY) long time, so I am nervously anxious to see what my DIY projects will turn out to be. Phew, now that that’s out of the way I can tell you all a little about myself. I started off as a fashion design student, and yes that’s exactly where the small interaction with the sewing machine happened, but then realized I was more into textile design and quickly changed majors. From there on came marketing and merchandising… and here I am today, getting a little of both worlds. I can't wait to combine all my skills to make awesome content for all the platforms!

Working here, collaborating with the smartest gals in marketing and still be surrounded by beautiful fabrics and talented designers makes my heart warm and definitely inspires me to call my old sewing machine up and maybe get back together? Who knows! What I do know is that I am definitely intrigued now… my Pinterest boards are growing like crazy with ideas, so I hope you have patience with me as I wake up an old sleeping hobby of mine.

I still haven’t settled on exactly what to make as my first sewing project at AGF (please send me ideas!!) but I can assure you, it will be colorful. Maybe I’ll do something for the home since I am moving into a new place and want to learn how to make my own pillows and more. 😊

I am looking forward to reading your comments.


Talk soon,



Learn About ANGLES - A new division of AGF

Hey there, fabric connoisseurs!


A few weeks ago we revealed that AGF has opened a new division of fabrics named ANGLES! We have been so flattered by everyone’s positive response and curiosity that we wanted to give you more details about this exciting new project.

  Angles logo cropped

Many makers have been asking the following questions and we're happy to answer all of them:

  • What is ANGLES and what does it mean?

  • What kind of designs should I expect to see in ANGLES?

  • Will the collections be made with the same quality of current AGF collections?

  • Who are the current Angles designers and will more designers be added to this new division?

What is ANGLES and what does it mean?

ANGLES is our new fabric division. Here at AGF we believe that fabrics are works of art that can be seen, used and interpreted in many ways. Hence fabrics can be seen from many "angles". We believe in what makes you happy, which means using prints you love in the way you want and combining them to suit your specific needs. This pays way to a new wave of designers, styles, and trends that will influence the way we sew in the years to come.

We want to keep inspiring you everyday. For this reason, we are embracing unique talents and myriad of design styles through our new fabric division, ANGLES. From vintage inspired motifs to funky trends, we are excited to open the doors to a new generation of fabric designers that will create new textile movements.

What kind of designs should I expect to see in ANGLES?

To put it in simple terms, you’ll be able to see a little bit of everything in this new fabric division. From cute novelty prints, to vintage designs appropriated into modern themes, to funky unimaginable prints! There will be a medley of styles to suit all of your sewing needs.

Will the collections be made with the same quality as other AGF collections?

The fabric collections created under ANGLES will have the SAME GREAT QUALITY as current AGF collections. As a maker, you’ll be able to enjoy new design aesthetics that will suit a variety of styles while sewing with the same amazing softness, drape, and vibrance that AGF always delivers.

Who are the current Angles designers and will more designers be added to this new division?

It is very important for us to bring you unique and exclusive design styles. Therefore, we are happy to have Dana Willard from Made Everyday and Amy Sinibaldi from Nanacompany as our introductory ANGLES designers! They’ll be showing off their unique styles with their new collections in the upcoming months. Each collection will consist of 16 cotton prints with 3 prints in knits and 1 print in canvas.


Dana will present Fiesta Fun fabrics | Available December 2016

Fiesta fun blog graphic

Amy will present Charleston fabrics & Les Petits fabrics | Available March 2017

Charleston blog graphic

  Les petits pic with logo

And YES! In the future we do plan on adding more designers to ANGLES. We’ll be announcing new additions in the future, so stay tuned! 

We hope you are as excited as we are to learn and sew with the new collections from ANGLES! Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions regarding our new fabric division.


Till next time!


Fall 2016 Quilt Market Recap

Hey fabulous makers!

I hope everyone had a great week! Now that we’re back from Quilt Market we’re ready to start showing off our upcoming collections. But before we do that, we have to show you a glimpse of our time at the trade show. We’ve prepared a re-cap for you to experience all the fun we had at the show!


For this year’s concept, we designed an open plan booth surrounded by themes of color. We wanted to show off all the bright colors in our fabrics. So, the best way of doing this was by creating color stories with handmade products and inspirational images. Our layout reminded me so much of the beautiful merchandising of retails stores like Anthropologie.


One of my favorite parts of the booth was the floor. I know it sounds bizarre, but it was amazing! We covered the black convention center floor with patterned decals that said LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH. I thought it was a beautiful way of summing up our ideas and all of the things we love.


But the most exciting part of this year’s Quilt Market in Houston was that we won the 1st Place Multiple Booths Award! We were over the moon when we heard the announcement and they came to hand us the award. This showed us that hard work pays off and we were so happy to share our joy with everyone who came by our booth.


To take a glimpse at Quilt Market with an AGF twist, I invite you to view this video re-cap we’ve prepared for you (and you get to see me as the host (✿◠‿◠)). Enjoy!

I hope you had fun watching our re-cap video and that you felt like you were there with us.

Feel free to tell us about your favorite parts of the video in the comments.


See ya!


LIVE from Quilt Market in Houston

Hey there, beautiful makers!

One of our favorite times of the year has arrived! It’s time for FALL QUILT MARKET in Hosuton, TX! Over the past weeks you got to see all the amazing fabric collections we have prepared for you this season and now we get to show them off to all your favorite shops. Since Quilt Market is only open for industry professionals (fabric shops, long arm quilters, pattern makers, etc.) we know it’s a bummer that all of you awesome makers can’t come.

But that’s not going to stop us from bringing you with us! Get ready to take a tour of our Quilt Market Booth, LIVE on Facebook. Stay tuned on Sunday, October 30th around 2:00 pm EST to see how creative our booth design is this time! Also, make sure to keep your eyes glued to our Instagram account to see all of our antics from the moment we build our booth. We can’t wait to show you everything!

Quilt market graphic

Hope you see us at Quilt Market!


Introducing Our Newest Blog Contributor: Christine

Hi AGF fans!

I’m super excited to be able to introduce myself today as a new contributing member to the AGF Creative Blog!  My name is Christine Mahecha and I’ve been behind the scenes at AGF for a while on the product design team, designing quilts, sewing clothes and making plushies.  You may have seen my semi-awkward cameo appearances in the Millie Fleur and Pandalicious lookbooks (Disclaimer: I studied fashion design, not modeling). 

Christine Mahecha

I'm standing in front of a leaf stamp art display I created for our Observer collection.

Let me say, for a lifelong maker working at AGF is a dream!  It’s the greatest pleasure to be able to combine my love of sewing, textiles, art, color, design, and DIY EVERYTHING in my job.  You’d think that as a recovering fabric hoarder this would be a dangerous place to work at, perhaps you’re thinking of dire parallels like a chocoholic working at that chocolate factory from that I Love Lucy episode… but let me tell you- it’s been the best!  I used to impulse buy tons of questionable prints just because they were on sale before and end up with piles of unusable fabric that would leave me thinking “what on earth possessed me?”  Nowadays, most fabric prints just aren’t up to snuff, even if they’re on sale.  Yup, I won’t lie, working at AGF has turned me into a bit of a fabric snob.  My favorite part of working here is when the advance yardage comes in and we finally get to see what the actual fabric looks like and start to make the products we’ve been designing.  It’s the best! 

Introductions out of the way, now that we’re old internet pals, I’m excited to announce… (drumroll please)… that I’m expecting my first baby in October!  He’s a little boy and I’m super excited!  I’ll be visiting the blog from time to time to share DIY tutorials and sewing projects for the expectant mother.  Whether that’s you, or someone you know that you’d like to sew a gift for I hope you’ll enjoy the posts!

See you soon!