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Quilt Blocks and Cute Dino's - How to Make a Endless Squares Block

Hello Quilty friends, 

 Who is ready for Thanksgiving?! I know I can't wait to go home to Minnesota and spend time with my family and eat tons of amazing home cooked food! Another thing I am looking forward to is teaching my sister how to sew up some of the blocks in the AGF Quilt Block Collection to make her very FIRST quilt! I still remember sewing up my first quilt about three and a half years ago! I have learned so much since then and am so happy my sister caught the quilting bug! One of the blocks I will be showing her to make is the Endless Squares Block featuring Esoterra Fabrics! My favorite part about this block is the dino from the " Triceratops Pink" print that  I fussy cut on point for the center of my block! SO STINKIN CUTE!  I love the vibrant, dark colors in this collection and for all you dinosaur lovers out there this collection is definitely for you! 



Enjoy the video below to make a Endless Square Block! Make sure to share your quilt block creations on social media using the hashtag #AGFQuiltBlockCollection


Happy Sewing,


AGF Mood Monday - Holidays


So what do we do when the space for decorations coincides with the space for fabric? We find the balance.

With this upcoming holiday weekend it'd be awesome to start the week knowing: which is your favourite holiday, and why?

I love Halloween because I love dressing up.

Nevertheless, there is something indescribable about the end-of-the-year holidays. There is a calm and a warmth coming from almost everyone, with that nostalgia of another year that passes and another one that comes full of opportunities to start anew. Yes, it sounds corny, but there is honesty in saying "[we] need corny in our lives" (quote from the movie The Holiday).

So with that and this photo of the beautiful mess that our homes can become during the holiday season, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend and may you start your week in a great mood.

AGF Mood Monday-Holiday


Sewing for the Season- Rustic Crossroads Mini Tutorial

Hello Makers, 

The ColorFun color of the month is the rich, beautiful rustic orange which usually makes its appearance this time of year in nature and in our home decor! Which is how the Rustic Crossroads mini came to be. This 20" x 20" mini is perfect to use as a center piece for your Thanksgiving table or to make as a large decorative pillow to bring out during the holiday season. Check out Fat quarter shop to find the Rustic Orange bundle to sew yourself some Thanksgiving decor!


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Explore Katarina Roccella's Exotic World of Esoterra Fabrics

Hey Makers!

Guess what?! It’s time for another lookbook release! Pack your bags and join me on an exciting adventure to a faraway land where lush foliage grows in the wild, rugged textures surround us, and best of all you get to admire extinct creatures a.k.a dinosaurs. So, are you up for the adventure? Welcome to Katarina Roccella’s exotic world of Esoterra fabrics!

Once more, Katarina has knocked the ball right out of the park with another creative collection! Who knew that dinosaurs, magenta leopard print, and exotic plants could be so stylish and cool. Another great thing about this rage of fabrics is that it’s totally gender neutral. You can make boys fun button up shirts and cargo pants while girls can have funky dresses and tops.

Esoterra 1

Besides the things you can make for kids, I also think this collection is filled with mature prints that adults can wear and incorporate in quilts. My favorite print in this collection is the “Tropicalia” print because it reminds me of the tropical foliage you see around South Florida. Can you imagine a beautiful maxi dress made with this print?!

Esoterra 2

Ok, so enough about me oozing over this collection. I encourage you to check it out yourself! Explore the new lookbook for Esoterra and get ready to be inspired by eye-catching quilts, funky garments, and tons of unique home decor.


Check out this modern Amber quilt that you can make! Make sure to download the free pattern.

Esoterra 3

I challenge you to come up with your own projects with these fun prints. To make fabric matching even easier, here’s guide of coordinating blenders.Collection elements template esoterra

Last but not least, make sure to enter the giveaway!

Esoterra 4

Enter for a chance to win this exotic stash of fabric by filling the form below. Giveaway ends Monday November 27th. Good luck!

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Katarina’s exotic world of Esoterra fabrics! Stay tuned for the next release.


Til next time!



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Quilts for Everyday Living with Sharon Holland


Long time no decor, I am back and fueled up, because I wanted to share with all of you some amazing projects for the home I came across. As you may know, Sharon Holland is one of our lovely designers, who just released a book called Utility Style: Quilts for Everday Living- which primarily talks about the various pattern designs and styles for quilts. I wanted to take you on a tour and give you a little behind-the-scenes on what this book has to offer and how the different quilts can be applied to any space in your home.



 1. Making a quilt that you can always throw on your sofa to add an extra level of comfy to TV nights is a must. An eclectic design as the Hawthorn pattern will accentuate any couch and if you choose to follow the color scheme Sharon recommends, then it will certainly lift any space up. 



 2. I am a big fan of hanging quilts, and by big I mean enormous. Beautiful quilts like these are meant to be observed, and no better way to display them than to hang them in a room and make them the focal point. The Pixel pattern clearly is meant to be displayed and best of all its beginner friendly, so if you've just started quilting, definitely give it a go with this design!


3. Snuggle with your quilt outdoors with this Goose Chase pattern, which can easily be made using leftover halves! So, save in fabric and splurge on a yummy picnic outside to enjoy this design in some natural lighting. 



4. Don't let the Sunday Paper pattern intimidate you with its size, this big quilt uses 36'' blocks which makes the piecing go fast! Few seams and larger pieces of fabric make up for an easy flowing quilt to make and leave outside for those cozy winter nights.  


5. The ultimate display of a quilt can't be no other than as a table runner. Gather your family around the table for some food, drinks or good conversation as this Viewpoint pattern draws everyone in. 




aaaaand that's a wrap! IIf you see yourself making any of these patterns or are curious for more, make sure to click on here and get your own copy! The book is definitely a must-have, and since the holidays are coming... what better gift to give or get than Sharon Holland's Utility Stylebook?


Looking forward to reading your thoughts,


Quilt away....






For more on Sharon Holland's patterns make sure to click here 

Photographers: Sue Voegtlin, Sharon Holland, and Susan Playsted.

10 Projects Made with Rayon - AGF Rayon Blog Tour Recap

Hey Makers!

How’s it going!? You must be prepping all your holiday sewing! I love this time of the year because it’s filled with tons of inspiration. It makes me want to make everything I see! Last month, we had a huge dose of inspiration from a few makers that tested their creativity with our newest substrate: Rayon.

From funky garments to quilty projects (who knew you could make quilty things with rayon?!), these talented makers showed us their tips to sewing with this substrate along with tons of possibilities. Check out all 10 projects made with rayon during this fun blog hop hosted by Sarah from Sariditty Handmade.


  1. Double Layered Wrap Skirt

Can this skirt be anymore perfect for Fall? Our hostess with the most, Sarah made this stylish wrap skirt with Heritage and Arizona After fabrics by April Rhodes and the Simplicity #1164 pattern. From the colors to the length and everything else, just imagine wearing it for any Thanksgiving get together. Check out her blog post for all the details.

  1. Flowy Tunic

Sarah also invited her mom, Cynthia to join the blog hop and she made a coordinating tunic with Arizona After fabrics. Her look was comfy yet fashionable! Since Cynthia is an experienced garment sewer, she gave some valuable tips on how she handles rayon. See her guest post on Sarah’s blog.

  1. Rayon Plus Quilt

Who said you can’t add a little rayon to your quilts?! Nicole from Modern Handcraft showed us that this substrate is great for adding a little texture to your quilts. She created a modern plus quilt where the focal point was the beautiful “Paparounes Spices” print by Katarina Roccella. Check out her blog to read about how she quilted with Rayon.

  1. Nappy Hour Bed Roll

It’s no surprise that some kids don’t like nap time. If you’re little one is anti naps, you can change this around with the cool project that Jenn from Ginger Peach Studio made for her little girl with Lambkin fabrics by Bonnie christine. The Nappy Hour Bed Roll is a quilt/ sleeping bag hybrid that’s lined with our soft rayon. Once nap time is over your kiddo can roll it up. Check out how she made this ingenious project on her blog.

  1. Cookie Blouson Jacket

Some of you might think, rayon is wonderful but it’s too lightweight for fall. Not true. Cristy from Love You Sew blog has shown us that you can make a great layering piece with rayon and knits. Read all about the fabulous bomber jacket she made with the rayon from Blush fabrics by Dana Willard.

  1. Rayon and Denim Applique Quilt

Yes, rayon is even great for applique! Vicki from Orchid Owl Quilts totally made it seem extremely easy to do by using Steam-A-Seam and working her magic with the quilting. Read her blog to see the beautiful detailed quilting she made on this quilt.

  1. Polaroid Photo Hoop

The creativity in this blog hop was just amazing! Nicohle from Wild Boho showed us how to make a really cool home decor piece with prints from many of April Rhodes Collections and hints of her rayon. Check out her blog to see what inspired her to create this special project.

  1. Comfy Rayon PJs

We all know that AGF Rayon is known for it’s softness and quality, now just imagine it in pajamas! Well, Amanda from @pinkmandarin.handmade has made this dream come true with a cute PJ set made with the “Floret Sunkissed” rayon from Blush fabrics by Dana Willard and a robe made with the “Rivercane” print from Heritage Fabrics by April Rhodes. Read her guest post on Sarah’s blog.

  1. Classic Rayon Dress

Another great option to wear for a thanksgiving dinner is a sweet floral dress. Danyella totally made us fall in love with this rayon dress she made with the “Floral Universe Turquoise” print by Maureen Cracknell. Pair this dress with a cozy cardigan and booties and it will be the perfect fall ensemble. Read her guest post on Sarah’s blog.

  1.  Rayon Henley Top

Last but not least, if you’re a jeans and shirt kind of gal this top is a great way of dressing up a simple outfit. Jessy from @needle_ink_and_thread made this cute top with the “Winterberry Pine” rayon by Amy Sinibaldi. This classy yet festive print is great for the upcoming holidays!


We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out all the fabulous projects these makers have made. If you’re inspired to sew with rayon check out our website for an ever growing selection of prints and visit our online store directory to see where you can buy AGF rayon


Til next time!


Holiday Sewing- Give Thanks Table Runner Tutorial

Hi there, 

Are you prepared for the holiday season? Thanksgiving is around the corner and we are all adding the final touches to our home. Looking for some last min projects to make for your home or as a hostess gift? The Give Thanks table runner will instantly add the perfect amount of  holiday spirit to any home! If you have a afternoon to spare I suggest you give this project a try! It was so much fun fussy cutting the letters, florals, birds and beautiful butterflies from the painterly fabrics by Bari J.  Head over the the weallsew blog for the full tutorial. 


Looking for some more thanksgiving sewing tutorials? Check out these great sewing patterns to make in the month of November! 

Happy Holidays, 


How to make a Shooting Star Block featuring Indie Folk Fabrics

Hello Quilty friends, 

Are you following along with the AGF Quilt Block Collection? Well, if you aren't this is the time to start! With every new fabric collection release comes a new addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection! For every block we have a easy to follow video tutorial that breaks down the block step by step to complete a fun new quilt block to add to your quilting resume! 

I am also excited about the AGF Quilt Block Collection contest being held on our Instagram. Where two lucky winners will win a bundle of AGF fabrics for sharing their quilt blocks made with AGF fabrics! Make sure to use the #agfquiltblockcollection! Can't wait to see your blocks! For all the details about the contest click here!  



Only got a few mins a day to sew! I suggest you give  these blocks a try! Choose your favorite block from the collection and get started!  Follow along below to make the Shooting Star Block! 


Happy Sewing, 


AGF Mood Monday - Blossoming

"Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful" - Jim Carrey

Does anyone here not like flowers? And I'm not talking about floral fabrics (which are loved by many), I'm referring to an actual, natural flower. I have yet to meet a person who is not moved in some way by looking at one.

Flowers have the power to evoke such emotions within us that it's not a surprise we gift them to each other in the most special occasions. Now that fall is upon us and winter quickens to arrive, the sight of blossoms is yet more thrilling. Though there are many types of flowers that prefer to bloom during the lower temperature, some will not be seen until next spring. So today I'd love for us to start the week in a floral mood, let's share about our favourite(s) flower(s).

I love the fact that many women are named after flowers. Both of my grandmothers were named Rosa, and because of that I love roses, white and red. My favourite though, are hydrangeas. I find them extremely beautiful like fluffy clouds floating on a green sky. As far as smell, the scent of hyacinths is both joy and calm. One day I'd love to have a garden with all different kinds of red flowers and white flowers, so if you know any names please teach me :)

Here in South Florida, most flowers also shy away during fall and "winter," but in some areas vibrant bugambilia can be found. It is their particular colour during this time which inspired the photos below [also: the first two people to tell me who is the designer of this print might* get some flowers (printed on fabric) this winter]:


Fabric is from our City Loft Fusion collection

To a blossoming week,


*"might" means you "will" 

Modern Quilting with Reverie Fusions- Sew Up Something New

Hello Quilty Friends,

What is your go to quilting style? There are many different ways to create a quilt: patchwork, applique, paper piecing, English paper piecing, art quilts and the list goes on. Which ever style you prefer it usually falls into two different categories Modern or Traditional.  Depending on what fabric collections we  are working with, the theme we are aiming for, and how we are feeling that day all depends on how our quilt designs come to life! Today I would like to share this fresh modern quilt design we made with Reverie Fusions fabric

Reverie-quilt 1

We mixed the dreamy blooms and soft geometric prints from Reverie Fabrics with solid smooth denims from the AGF Denim Studio and our snow Pure Element which added amazing texture and complexity to this quilt. The quilt is made entirely out of strip pieced blocks and put together in such a way to create this kaleidoscope looking design that keeps your eyes moving with excitement! I love how the happy colors pop from the background fabric and the cool shades of denim fabric makes for a refreshing, crisp feel. 

Reverie Quilt cover

You can find the pattern for this quilt in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Modern Patchwork. Pick up a copy today and get started on some great projects to make as gifts for the holiday season ahead! 

To share our love for modern fabrics and quilting we are giving away a fat quarter bundle of Reverie fabrics along with a copy the Nov/Dec issue of Modern Patchwork

To enter the giveaway fill out the form below! Good Luck and Happy Sewing. :)

The Giveaway is from November 13- November 20! 

Fusions Reverie Fabric 4



Congrats Kathy Luehrs you are the winner! Make sure to check your email! :)