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AGF Mood Monday - Our Own Collectibles

Where to start? Humans. We are incredible. We can imagine things and then bring those things to reality. Sometimes those things are similar to one another, yet they are perfectly unique, and when we start to gather more than three of the "same" thing then we call it a collection.

If you are like me then you like to collect different things, and please don't confuse it with hoarding or impulsive buying; the floor at my house is still visible, and most things I collect are "rescued;" they were either going to the garbage through someone else's hands, or I rescued them from a second-hand store or thrift shop. I'd call it an organic way of collecting.

When I moved to the U.S I was amazed by this avid culture of collecting groups of the same thing, especially stamps because those seemed so boring, and now, although not diligently, I collect stamps. 

Do you collect anything? 

There must be at least a couple of you who collect kitchen tins or milk glass, and yes, fabric counts, especially if you collect a particular design. So don't shy away,  please share.

It's beautiful how we can relate objects to people who collect them. My dad collects hangers, among a hundred other things (I think I get it from him), but every time I see something with a hanger on it, or like the other day when I saw these tiny hanger charms at the craft store, I thought: "dad!"

I could stay all day writing about the things I collect, and the amount of panda, bicycle, or "creepy" toys I've received as presents because my friends relate those things to me, but in the exercise of choosing which collection to show you I decided to go with the least obvious yet most present in my house (especially in my closet), and that is my collection of red things.

My whole life I have been nicknamed different red things like strawberry or cherry, and I'm also "Red" to my closer friends, because I have red hair, so it might have permeated my favouritism, but I naturally gravitate toward the red (hence the moped and matching helmet). Red jackets and dresses are a magnet to me, and I made the dress in the centre of the photo for last New Year's Eve using Aurora Red* from Pure Elements:




*Little details: We named this colour Aurora Red after the polar lights (aurora borealis) and the shade of red that can sometimes be seen during a display.

Hoping you start the week in a great mood,