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7 accessories for Fall

Gather around, cold fronts are coming and we put together a list of the main elements this season entails- from accessories for her, to those little ones as well. As the temperature drops, there is nothing cozier than dressing the part in the colors this time of the year brings. We've got your favorite accessories, but with an AGF twist and a pattern that goes along with, so you're not far from obtaining your own.




1. Indulge in those fall nights with a seasonal clutch that will surely go with any outfit. Soft oranges and mustards will be prominent colors, so we suggest joining the team and making yourself some Arizona After accessories- we know we are.


Arizona After by April Rhodes


2. Pattern available for fall earrings? um.. yes, please. These light cuties will definitely become the center of attention and will keep your accessory game strong. 



 Fusion Spices By AGF Studio


3. We've been over clutches, but we all know we need those oversized bags to keep unnecessary things in. I mean we all need that expired coupon right? How about one that includes multiple prints, tassels, AND a pattern? SOLD. Click here to access this handbag's pattern.



 Indie Boheme By Pat Bravo


4. We have shown off what you can make with our cotton fabrics, but have you seen our canvas? Sure, they are known to be rougher, have a tendency to be seen in furniture mostly, but when we make canvas, we make it soft enough for cute fall vests to happen. So let's make some vests happen > pattern available here.


 Bound By April Rhodes


5. And we wouldn't leave the coziest item out of this list. When we think of cold weather, we think warm feet (and hot chocolate). How about some warm socks with some knits from Charleston Fabrics? How about that hot chocolate too with some marshmallows? Sorry got carried away, back to socks: amazing. Click the photo to see more prints from this collection. 



Charleston By Amy Sinibaldi


 6. As promised, we aren't leaving those little ones behind. The head is one of the first parts of the body where one gets cold, and this simple pattern can be a perfect DIY for the smallest ones. If you aren't getting any cold weather yet, this hat pattern is also a good excuse to make any kid look more adorable. Baby hat pattern available here.


 Observer By April Rhodes


7. We wanted to leave one item you probably wouldn't imagine you could do it yourself- shoes. We put together some cultivate fabrics and with a cute pair of shoes, any combination of prints can happen. Make sure to follow this tutorial to make a pair for you and your friends



Cultivate By Bonnie Christine


I hope these 7 items make up for a comfy and warm season for everyone- Let's face the cold months with some colorful prints and style. 

Stay warm everyone!


Accessorize away...




P.S. we are clearly feeling this season, so we've put together a list of our trendiest Fall outfits and our pick of 10 fabrics perfect to use this Autumn season.