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10 Designs Your Pillows Will Appreciate

Hello hello- what do you know, more talk about home decor. What can I say, I keep being drawn to it and every time I see a print, my mind automatically imagines it as a couch, rug or in this case… pillows. So from my mind to yours, I’ve put together a list of 12 prints I would personally own because I think each print and combination of color has its own purpose in every environment. 


 Read on and pillow away...



  10 PRINTS your pillows will appreciate

  1. The combination of colors in this collection by Maureen is magenta heaven and for those of you obsessed with this color, you're welcome. Of course, we have a pattern available.


Soulful by Maureen Cracknell


2. Can we all get together and talk about how amazing this collection is? Maybe I'm being extremely biased, given that my favorite color is red- but other than that, these set of prints are extremely well varied and will definitely shift the focus in any space. Find this pillow guide here. 


Woodlands Fusions by AGF Studio


 3. I will be having a total eclipse of the rest of my living room if I bring this pillow home. The colors, the angles, the PRINTS. This collection will definitely take the spotlight and win some major points in the pillow game. Find the eclipse pillow tutorial here. 


Blush by Danna Willard


4. Minimal lovers, I haven't forgotten about you. I am more of a pop of red on the corner person, but I am sort of enjoying the mix and matching of whites and greys and if you pair it with angles, either by adding hexes, a cool wall design or furniture, then you can't go wrong. Click here for the pattern.


Lagom  by AGF Studio


  5.  Earthy tone pillows can bring that hint of nature into your space. However you style it, it will automatically make the space warmer and definitely cozier. Find the pillow tutorial here.


Observer by April Rhodes 


6. Whether you like buying graphic or printed pillows, something that should be incorporated into everyone's house is pastel tones and neutrals that will contrast with the rest of the colors. Find the Playground collection tutorial here



Playground By Amy Sinibaldi 


7. This pillow tutorial takes graphic pillows to a whole new level, it can even be made with different colors and at the end of the day, you would be decorating a space with different colored panda faces! How cute would that be?


 Pandalicious By Katarina Roccella


 8.  Change up your pillows, break the rules and combine more than single printed or colored pillows. Color outside the lines and combine different colors and prints in one single pillow.  Follow this guide to make this pillow.



 Take Shape AGF Studio


9. Now we are talking, let's break up the flow of perfectly squared pillows and include some that defy shape. These triangles are so easy to mix in with other shaped pillows and if you stick to lighter colors like the ones below, they shouldn't interfere with the whole aesthetic of the room. Make this pillow here.



 Lambkin by Bonnie Christine


 10. More like all I need is this pillow- Graphic pillows are a good blender, if you find yourself with too many prints in one area, the graphic will certainly cut the rhythm a little bit. For those interested > pillow tutorial find here. 



Letters AGF Studio



I hope you enjoyed this collection of my favorite AGF designs for pillows :) If you think of any AGF prints not included in this blog post PLEASE PLEASE include it in the comments because I love discovering and pairing more prints together.

Thanks for reading : )