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Ironing Fun with Laurastar

Hey there fabric friends, 

Today I wanted to share with you our new fabric sewing essential that will make your life easier when it comes to ironing and pressing your fabrics. Ironing and pressing is an extremely  important process that starts in the beginning of a sewing project, all throughout the creation of your project and the final press at the end. Ironing and pressing sometimes is overlooked to save time but I promise you, no matter how amazing you are at sewing, avoiding ironing can potentially be what's standing in the way of a more professional well done sewing project! 

Last Quilt Market we had the pleasure of meeting the people from Laurastar and we fell in love with how fun ironing can really be. They had a variety of colors to choose from but of course we choose this beautiful hot pink iron. (We love all things pink!)



There are so many reasons why we fell in love our new Laurastar, they take ironing to a whole new level with their design and technology

Here are a few awesome features that we fell in love with: 

 1. Water Reservoir and Filter

Most irons have a built in water tank which you fill up with water and eventually the chemicals from your water will end the life of your iron. The Laurastar has it's own separate water reservoir and filter. It purifies your water so no bad chemicals will harm the life of your iron! How cool is that?! 

2. Iron Settings 

Setting the temperature on your iron has never been easier. There is nothing worse than accidentally having the wrong temperature and burning or melting your fabric. Iron temperature is extremely important when using delicate fabrics. There are two different settings which makes things less complicated in deciding what temperature to iron your fabrics with. 

3. Steam 

What's ironing without steam! Have troubles getting out those pesky wrinkles? This iron releases the perfect amount of steam to help eliminate those unwanted creases. We love using our Laurastar to steam clothes and quilts before a photo shoot.  

So whether you are sewing up a new project or just trying to get those unwanted winkles from your clothes the Laurastar will have you ironing like a pro.


If your in need of a new iron I suggest you give this iron a try. You can purchase this cool iron along with other Laurastar products at and receive a 

10% discount by using the code “artgalleryfabrics10” during the month of September! 



Anyone have any ironing stories to share? If you’ve tried a Laurastar before let us know in the comments what you think. :)

Happy Ironing,