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AGF Makers Spotlight Winner: Allison from @allisonsews

Hey, Makers!

I hope you’re having a fun summer so far. As you all know, every month we feature a maker as part of our AGF Makers Spotlight contest on Instagram. Today we’re happy to feature our winner for the month of June, Allison from @AllisonSews

Makers Spotlight logoWhen we saw her sloth quilt made with Nordika Fabrics by Jeni Baker it made us smile. Get to know Allison in the interview below  and find out what inspired her to make this fun quilt. :)

Sloth quilt with logo

1. Hi Allison! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi AGF team! I’ve known how to sew my whole life (thanks Mom!) but really got into it about 6 years ago when I started reading a lot of craft blogs and seeing more fabric I liked in stores. I started making bags and pillows, and eventually found my way to the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. Since then, I’ve made more quilts than I can count and even started making a few garments. I try to keep up with my sewing adventures on Instagram @allisonsews and sometimes go into more detail on my blog

Allison headshot-june maker

2. When we saw your quilt, the team couldn’t help but smile. What inspired you to create a sloth quilt?

Thank you! I really love this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. She has a ton of adorable patterns but something about this one called out to me and told me it would be perfect for a baby quilt I wanted to make. I wasn’t sure about using this print at first because it’s a panel that looks very different from selvage to selvage but Jeni Baker’s Whimsicol print from her Nordika line turned out to be the perfect print for a sloth body. The shapes and lines make each one unique. I’m sure I’ll make a few more sloths in the future.

Makers spotlight sloth detail 1

3. How long have you been sewing and what are some tips you would give beginner sewists?

I learned to sew when I was very young - I remember my Mom’s Singer always being set up because she sewed many, many matching dresses for my sisters and I when we were little. She would let me do a little sewing on it here and there. I eventually took some sewing lessons around junior high but moved on to other things after awhile.

I would encourage beginners to just have fun playing around, getting to know your machine and sewing some scraps together. Sew something fun to start. Sure, those pants need to be hemmed but hemming pants is not exactly fun. If you sew a project you actually like when it’s finished, you’ll be much happier.

Also, take a class, either online or in person if you’re able. You will learn so much while making a project that you otherwise might not have. And definitely join a group. Sewing with friends is more fun than sewing alone! Once I joined Seattle MQG I made instant sewing friends who have become an important part of my life. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. There are tons of online sewing groups too if you aren’t able to join one in person.

Makers spotlight sloth detail 2

4. What are some of your favorite things to sew and why?

Quilts for sure - I love putting all the fabrics together and especially the quilting. Free motion quilting is a lot of fun for me. It’s a tense kind of relaxing, letting go and drawing all over the finished quilt top. I like looking through my FMQ books and instagram for ideas on which motifs to use.

For a quick finish, I really like sewing zippered pouches. I may or may not have a large stash of zippers on hand at all times. Small pouches are a good way for me to be able to use a little bit of the fabrics that I love but still keep a lot in my stash. Not that my stash needs any help there…

I also have been getting more and more into garment sewing. Sewing dresses for my niece is great because she loves just about anything I make and I’m able to use some of the more whimsical or novelty prints for her. Kids patterns are usually so quick and rewarding too. I’ve been working on sewing tops and dresses for myself as well but those take a little more work to get the fit right.

5. How did you find out about AGF and what was your first thought when you started sewing with our fabrics?

I first came across AGF after I won a blog giveaway bundle of Pat Bravo’s Carnaby Street line. I made a quilt with it and love the light crispness of the fabric. That made it a little more stable and easy to work with for sure.

Since then, I’ve loved so many of AGF’s designers and collections. I’ve had the pleasure of working with quilting cotton, AGF denim (so soft!), and knit. The knit fabric is the perfect weight for dresses for me or leggings for my niece. I’ve used the cotton in both quilts and bags.

Carnaby street quilt

6. What’s next on your sewing list?

So many projects, so little time! I have several quilts in progress so I’m trying to finish a few of those up and also hoping to get a tank top or two sewn up before I go on a trip in a few weeks. Off to sew now!


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Allison. Make sure to check out her blog to see more of her projects and follow her on Instagram at @allisonsews. Don't forget to share all of your creations made with AGF under the hashtag #AGFmakersspotlight for a chance to win a feature here on the blog and a bundle of fabrics (winner is chosen the last day of every month)!

Till next time,