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December 2016

A Recap of AGF's 2016

Hey Makers!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday with your loved ones! As the New Year approaches, this is a great time to reflect on all your accomplishments that you have achieved during the year. Here at the AGF HQ we're reminiscing about all the lovely collections we've revealed, the great makers we've worked with, and all the good times we've had. To give you a glimpse at AGF's 2016, here's a re-cap of some of the major events that we experienced. Let’s start!

The Denim Studio by AGF


One of the most exciting collection releases we had in 2016 was the release of the Denim Studio by AGF. This new substrate took the sewing world by storm because of its versatility for garments and quilts. As you might know, the Denim Studio features denim prints, textured denim, linen, outland yarn dyes and more! Check out the look book for the original release and the fall 2016 edition of the Denim Studio.

AGF Organics


As if having denim wasn’t exciting enough, we just had to release another surprise! This year we introduced AGF organics. This new substrate has our unmatched quality and the designs are printed on a 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton base cloth, with the most eco-friendly GOTS-approved inks and dyes in the industry. The first organic collection introduced by AGF was Hello, Ollie by Bonnie Christine and it was a delicate dream!

Designer - Dana Willard

Danna Willard Limited Edition 3

We love it when the AGF family grows and this year we were happy to add Dana Willard from Made Everyday to the family! She showed off her vibrant personality with her limited edition collection Boardwalk Delight and her new collection Fiesta Fun for our new fabric division ANGLES. We can’t wait to see what surprises she will have for 2017!


ColorFun Logocoral

Like many of you, here at AGF we are in LOVE with color! To find fun ways of mixing some of our favorite prints and curating color bundles, we created the ColorFun series. We’ve put together bundles ranging from neutral ivory to deep plum, showed off crafty projects that can be made with these projects and much more! Plus, Fat Quarter Shop now sells these color curated bundles! Yay!

AGF Sewcialite - Mister Domestic

Mister Domestic Graphic

Another wonderful addition that became part of the AGF family was Mister Domestic! He stole our hearts with his wonder creations and we are extremely happy to have him as our AGF Sewcialite.

Youtube Series- AGF Quilt Block Collection

Quilt block  logo edit collection

This year was all about helping makers learn new things, so we created the Youtube series the AGF Quilt Block Collection. With every collection release we taught how to create a new quilt block with tons of techniques that you can use in everyday sewing. Visit our Youtube channel to see all the blocks you can sew.

AGF Consumer Website

Insta graphic for website launch

At AGF we believe strongly in always learning new things and improving for the better. This year we felt that it was time to give our consumer website a makeover! If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to explore its clean and modern design.

Fall 2016 Quilt Market- Houston, TX

Booth award

Last but not least, one of the most exciting things that happened to us this year was winning the First Place Multiple Booth award at Fall Quilt Market in Houston. This totally made our year and it showed us that hard work and passion for what you love does pay off.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of AGF’s 2016! Let me know in the comments all about the highlights of your year and what accomplishments you’re the most proud of. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year filled with creativity and success!

Happy 2017!


Let's go a little wonky with an improv quilt block! Mister Domestic teaches his fun technique

Aloha all makers!

We hope that you are having great Holiday Season. The year ends and we are ready to make summary of all the exciting things we have done in 2016. Stay tuned for the next post! :)

One of the amazing sewing enthusiasts we introduced to the AGF family this year is our AGF sewcialite: Mister Domestic. We couldn't be more happy to have him in our team of AGF fabric lovers. The projects he makes with all of our collections are like art pieces and we are thankful for all the crafty lessons we keep getting from him.

One of the classes we took at "Mister Domestic's sewing school" ;) was how to make an improv flower quilt block. We had so much fun learning how to cut all the wonky strips and sew them together.

We documented it all in thisshort video tutorial. We hope you will have lots of fun watching it. :)

For all of you who want to learn more from Mister Domestic - check out all the classes he gives at Fabric Depot. Also we have a little secret for all the fans of Mister Domestic. He is going to be with us at Quiltcon in Savannah, GA  February 23-26  and will have some sewing demos for you! You can't miss this!

Let us know in comments if you are planning on going to Quiltcon! We would love to see you there! 


Happy sewing!




No Sew - Tassel Key Chain Tutorial

Hello hello!

Garden Dreamer fabrics by Maureen Cracknell has definitely stolen my heart. I LOVE all the prints! They are simply exquisite! I'm always looking for little projects I can make in less than an hour, so I get the chance to use all the beautiful fabrics we have here. :) Today, you will learn how to make a tassel key chain. Yay! What I like about this project is that it looks super cute when it's done and you can make it in a few minutes. Another thing that I like is that it is a kids friendly project because you don't need to sew it! For this project I used Garden Dreamer fabrics and our Floral elements!

Well, enough talk. Let's get to work!



  • 1 piece of Fabric 12'' x 4'' inch

  • Scissors or rotary cutter

  • Hot glue

  • Key ring

  • Embroidery thread


1- Create a 6 inch long braid with the embroidery thread, you can make this braid as thick as you want. I braided 6 threads for the ones that I made.


2- Mine was a little long so I cut it where you see the knot in the middle. After your braid, loop it through the key ring.


3- Fold the fabric you chose and the cut fringes with the scissor or rotary cutter. I used the scissors but if you want to be very precise use the rotary cutter.


4- After cutting all the fringes put some hot glue on the top of your fabric strip and press the braid to the fabric.


 5- Then, add hot glue on the top edge of the fabric and start rolling until you reach the end. Make sure to press hard so the fabric sticks together. 8

And you're done! You can decorate your tassel by wrapping embroidery thread on the top. I used just a little bit of hot glue at the beginning to stick the thread to the fabric and at the end as well.  You can make as many tassels as you like! They look so pretty and delicate! 


I hope you all enjoyed,


A Botanical Wonder: Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell


Hey makers!

How is the winter weather treating you so far? We hope all of you are staying warm in your cozy homes and that in the evenings you find time to sew. For me, days that I can stay home and be creative are great to reminisce about beautiful memories. When I’m having these moments of solitude, one memory that always comes to mind is when I would help my mom plant flowers in our garden. We would go to the local nursery and choose the brightest blooms to decorate the front of our house. As I grew up, this seasonal tradition made me enjoy gardening and feel connected to nature.

When I first laid eyes on Maureen Cracknell’s new collection Garden Dreamer, the beautiful florals reminded me of those moments I spent gardening with my mom. From dainty blooms, to voluptuous peonies and buzzing bees, this collection is filled with natural elements contrasted by geometric touches. Once you see this collection in person, it will have you dreaming of a walk through flower fields on a cool spring day.


One of my favorite prints in this collection is the “Moment in Time Dim” print. I absolutely love how all the flowers are perfectly arranged to look like pressed flowers. Not to mention, that this print would look lovely used for garments.

Garden Dreamer Product Inspiration Dress Moment 3

If you’re ready to dream about botanical wonders and all the inspiration florals can bring, check out the marvelous look book we’ve prepared. Indulge in feminine garments, crafty home décor, and much more!


If you’re thinking of sewing a new quilt for the New Year, download the FREE “Wind Chime” quilt pattern.

Garden Dreamer Product Inspiration Quilt Free 2

And… if you’re curious about the blenders that coordinate with this collection, here are a few of our picks.

Garden dreamer blenders horizontal

Last but not least, if adding new fabrics to your stash is on your to-do list enter the GIVEAWAY!


Have chance of winning a bundle of Garden Dreamer by filling the form below. GIVEAWAY ends Thursday, December 29th at 3:00pm EST. Good Luck!

We hope you’re already imagining all the projects you can make with Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell! Stay tuned for the next collection release.


CONGRATULATIONS Sherry Von Fumetti, you've won the Garden Dreamer Giveaway! Check your email:)


Happy Sewing!


P.S. Here's a little video for you to enjoy all the lovely prints in this collection. Enjoy!

"Quilt As You Go" Mini Stocking Tutorial

Hello fabulous makers!

As you all know we are only a few days from Christmas day! Isn’t this crazy…time flies! If you’re like me, you’re probably putting all the finishing touches on all your gifts. One thing that drives me crazy about the holidays is that I put so much effort into wrapping gifts nicely, but in the end you just rip everything up. Plus, throwing away all the ripped paper isn’t eco-friendly (I at least try to recycle).

In order to find an alternative to wrapping some of my gifts, I’ve decided to make mini stockings I can give to my friends with small gifts like gift cards, candies, etc. I thought this would be a cute way of presenting my gifts to them while giving them something handmade. And... since we're in South Florida I decided to give my stocking a tropical flair with the vivid fabrics from Here Comes the Fun by Sew Caroline. :)

Here comes the fun stocking

For those of you looking for a cute way of giving presents, I’ve prepared a tutorial on how to make the mini stocking. It’s a fun project where you can use scraps and if you’re a beginner sewist (like me) you can learn the “quilt as you go” technique. Check it out!

DOWNLOAD stocking template here. 

I hope you all enjoyed this holiday tutorial!

Happy sewing!


Happy Holidays-Bright Star Ornament Video Tutorial

Hello and happy holidays everyone! 

The month of December has always been my favorite time of year! Growing up in Minnesota I loved going sledding with the family and getting cozy on the couch under my favorite quilt and watching holiday movies! When I was younger my mom would set up a table of crafty materials and get me and my siblings to spend the whole day making handmade ornaments for our tree! It was such a magical time, listening to holiday music and feeling like Santa's little helper! To bring that tradition back to life I want to share with you the Bright Star ornament made with Here Comes the Fun fabrics designed by Sew Caroline! Click HERE to download the template! Enjoy the Bright Star ornament tutorial below!  



 Happy Sewing,


AGF Quilt Block Collection Tutorial: Moroccan Quilt Block featuring Blithe Fabrics

Hello Makers,

What's your favorite quilt block to make? What are some quilt blocks you would like to learn? Today I have a beautiful Moroccan quilt block to share with you featuring Blithe fabrics by Katarina Roccella! Blithe fabrics give a romantic, whimsical vibe that makes it such a joy to sew with!


In the middle of my Moroccan block I fussy cut  a bird from the Bird Songs Moon print which turns my creation into the most gorgeous quilt block! Get your sewing machine ready and learn how to create eight at a time half square triangles and flying geese using the corner triangle method! Click on the video tutorial below to learn how to make a Moroccan block for yourself!


Make sure to check out all the quilt blocks we have created so far: 

 #1- Fussy Cut Block featuring Hello Ollie fabric

#2- Dutchman’s Puzzle Block featuring Observer fabric

#3- Economy Block featuring Nightfall fabric

#4- Antique Tile Block featuring Lagom fabric

#5- Jack in the Box Block featuring Heartland fabric

#6-Churn Dash Block featuring Here Comes the Fun 

We would love to see your creations! Feel free to share on Social Media using hashtag #AGFquiltblockcollection. Stay tuned for the next addition to our quilt block collection featuring Garden Dreamer Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell!


Happy Holidays,



Let’s continue having fun with green and red fabrics - holiday sewing patterns

Hello awesome makers!

We are so happy by all the positive feedback we got about our Holiday Colorfun! I am glad that you love the colors combination and today it’s time to inspire you with some projects that can be sewn with the featured christmas fabrics. Red is a captivating color that keeps us warm on cold winter days and green is an color of hope. When you combine those together you can create an amazing Christmas mood. So let’s sew!

  1. Asymetrical blouse

Isn’t this pine tree fabric print just perfect for this year’s Christmas eve? What I especially like about the pattern is the asymmetric hem that is a bit longer in the back than in the front. :)


  1. Reversible Baby Shoes

These shoes will make a great holiday gift for your little one. Since there is no exposed seams in the pattern, they are fully reversible. Use emerald green fabric for the outside and another Christmas fabric print for the outside of the shoes. You will be able to choose the side depending on the color of your baby's outfit.


  1. Straight and  Steady Table Runner

How about sewing this table runner for your Christmas table? You can make it with traditional Christmas colors: red and green fabrics but I think that this navy blue print with gold stars( Midnight Roof) from the Wild and Free collection by Maureen Cracknell matches the holiday atmosphere perfectly as well!


  1. Hobo Bag

You will make any girl happy by making her a beautiful bag this holiday season. I especially like the fussy cut details on the front of the bag. They add a special touch to it. :) 

Blithe Product Inspiration Handbag 2 1

5.View Ridge Top

You can never have enough floral tops in your closet! I love this red floral fabric print from our organic fabric collection “Hello Ollie”. The gathered front detail adds an extra feminine touch to this top.


Take a look once again at the prints featured in our Holiday Edition of Colorfun. Did you know that you can buy all the ColorFun fabric bundles in Fat Quater shop? Wouldn’t that just be perfect Christmas gift for a crafty person in your life? Or maybe just wrap it and put it under Christmas tree for yourself. ;)

Happy Holiday sewing!


Add a Crafty Touch to Your Presents with AGF Gift tags

Howdy howdy everyone!

Christmas is next week and we are getting everything ready! What about you?

As you all know, gifts are a way to show people you care about them and that you are thankful for everything they do for us. As makers we like things to look good and pretty. Especially those gifts we give to our loved ones on special occasions! I decided to create little gift tags so you can add more color to your Christmas presents. What I like about these tags is that they will take your gifts to another level, plus you can say they are handmade! I hope you enjoy and use them :)


click here to download the gift tags!


I hope you guys enjoyed,



10 Crafty Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Hey there makers!

With the holidays around the corner, I know it’s crunch time to get all those handmade gifts finished on time. If you fear that you won’t have enough time to finish that special quilt or detailed pillow, don’t worry, I’ve prepared a list of stocking stuffers that your crafty friends will love. Check it out!

Craft gifts graphics

1. Seam Fix seam ripper

Since I’m a beginner sewist I found myself using the seam ripper A LOT, but there’s always the issue of threads staying behind. When one of our product designers, Meli let me use her Seam Fix seam ripper my life changed. The rubber tip on the lid helps you pick up all the loose threads so that you can start sewing with a clean surface. No matter what level of a sewist you are, this tool is great!

2. Fabrics A to Z

If you have tons of friends who are obsessed with fabrics (like we are), this book is the perfect reference. Our designer, Dana Willard goes into detail explaining different substrates and their characteristics so that you can choose the right fabrics with confidence.

3. Woven Pin Cushion by Mister Domestic

A sewist can never have enough pin cushions and this one is special! I’m sure who ever receives this as a gift will be mesmerized by the detail of the design.

4. Cut, Pin, Stitch, Repeat Mug

We all know that there’s nothing better than finishing a sewing project with a nice cup of coffee or tea by your side. This cute mug designed by Sew Caroline, will bring a smile to your friends every time they take a sip as they sew. 

5. Wefty Needle

Speaking of woven things… with the huge trend in woven projects hitting the sewing scene, this is the tool that will get anyone hooked! Open the doors to the weaving world by giving your friends this simple tool.

6. Bohemian Patchwork Phone Case

If you have a friend that loves patchwork style, this case inspired by one of the prints in Pat Bravo’s upcoming collection Indie Boheme is perfect! It’s quilty, stylish, and techy all in one.

7. Vintage McCall’s Pattern Notebooks

If you have friends that like sketching out their projects first or like keeping a sewing journal, these notebooks are great! The covers feature old school McCall’s Pattern covers that will look cute on any desk.

8. Make Something Beautiful Coloring Book

After a long day, this beautiful coloring book designed by our designer Bari J. will bring you relaxation. For your friends who love florals and DIY art, the pages of this coloring book will bring them happiness.

9. Sewing Machine Necklace

What’s a better way of showing your devotion for sewing than with a little bling. This sewing machine necklace is a cute and classy gift for any sewing enthusiast.

10. Quilter’s Cut and Press Board

This is one of the most convenient tools any sewist can have! It’s a great day when you can press your quilt block without walking to the ironing board.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of crafty stocking stuffers. Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite.


Happy Holidays!