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All you need to know about quilt batting!

Hey fabric lovers!

Don’t you think choosing the batting for your project gets confusing sometimes? For me, it does. Especially because there are so many options to choose from. So, I decided to research more about the different types of batting to help you understand how you can use them. Now, let's talk about batting!


How to choose the perfect batting for your project?

The batting can make a quilt flat, puffy, or stiff because it comes in different thicknesses. That’s why you first have to decide how you want your quilt to look. Also, make sure to always choose a batting that complements the purpose of your finished project because the type of the batting will affect the way your quilt looks!

For example:

Warmth:  Since cotton batting absorbs moisture. This makes them cool in the summer and warm during winter. Also, you can use wool to provide warmth but they weigh more than the cotton ones.

Drapability: The density or sparseness of the quilting and the thickness of the batting will affect how your quilt will look when it's finished. Polyester and bamboo batting drape better than cotton and wool batting.

Washability: Be very careful with this one. Cotton and bamboo batting can shrink when washed while wool and polyester batting resist shrinking. It all depends on how you crinkly you want your quilt to look.

Resiliency: Is the batting’s ability to regain its original shape.  

Fiber content: There are two types. Natural and synthetic fibers.

Price: Cotton and wool are the most expensive ones. Polyester batting is the least expensive.

Types of batting:

Well, since now you know some characteristics of the batting let’s get more specific and learn more about some different types of batting!

Cotton batting:  It’s made with natural fibers and that’s what makes it very soft and comfort.

Polyester batting: Holds its shape and thickness. What’s good about polyester is that it keeps you warm but it doesn’t weight. It also resists mold and mildew, but it’s non-breathable.

Wool batting: It’s used for warmth. This is a natural option just like cotton. Wool is crease resistant it holds its shape and springs back.

Bamboo batting:  It’s breathable and machine washable but it shrinks a little bit, about 2-3% shrinkage.

Fusible batting: This batting has a fusible web so you can baste the layers together. When using this type of batting make sure to put the wool setting on your iron. This type of batting is great for small projects it can be ironed to temporarily secure it into the middle of a quilt and it will save you time basting.

Oh! There are some popular question you guys might be interested in…

How should I wash my quilt?

In my opinion, all quilts should be washed with care. It doesn’t matter if they are old or new. It’s better if you wash them by hand or in a washer on the light/gentle cycle and using cool water and also when drying the dryer should be on the lowest heat setting. I would also recommend air dry them if you can.

What is the warmest batting?

The warmth of a quilt is affected by the fibers used and by the amount of quilting in the quilt. You know what’s very interesting? That a quilt with larger air pockets provide more storage for warm air. Therefore, a quilt that is extremely closely quilted will not provide as much warmth as the one that is quilter 2-4’’ apart.  Also, silk and wool are considered the warmest fibers. OH! And polyester retains warmth too.

Note: Cotton breathes so that makes it cool in the summer and warm during winter. Wool also breathes, it absorbs moisture well which makes it comfortable in damp climates. Polyester doesn’t breathe which makes it warm all year long.

Do you need to prewash the batting?

Well, well... This question is a little subjective. Most battings can be prewashed but you don’t have to do it. Let’s say you accidentally spilled juice or any kind of liquid on it you can wash it but if nothing happens to it you don’t really need to.

Note: Cotton, bamboo and wool battings shrink after you wash the quilt. It will create that shrink quilt look that you will either love or hate. (I would recommend testing it if it’s your first time doing this)

What’s the purpose of your quilt?

Well, before you make your final decision, think about the purpose of your finished quilt. For example, these are some of the purposes I can think of: a baby quilt that will need to be washed a couple times a week, a bed quilt that will be washed and used for a long time, a decorative quilt that will be hanging on a wall and needs to stay flat on the wall, a table runner or a place mat that will need to be washed at least every two weeks. This is just to give you an idea about the purpose of your quilt and then you can decide which batting will work better for you. 

I know, choosing the right batting can take time but it all depends what you want the final product to look like. Once you do it a couple of times, choosing the right batting will become easier and faster.


I hope you learned something new about batting! Let me know in the comments, what kind of batting you like to use in your quilts.


I hope you all enjoyed,





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AGF Quilt Block Collection Tutorial: Churn Dash Block featuring Here Comes the Fun

Hello Everyone,

Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? Hope you all enjoyed spending time with family and friends this past weekend! Today I have a new addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection! 


We will be sewing up the Churn Dash Block featuring Here Comes the Fun fabric. Making this block we learn to make four at a time HST’s and simple strip pieced squares. I wanted to make my block pop so I used our Coral pure element fabric to help break up all the prints and bring my block to life! Watch the step by step instructions below!  




  Make sure to check out all the quilt blocks we have created so far: 

 #1- Fussy Cut Block featuring Hello Ollie fabric

#2- Dutchman’s Puzzle Block featuring Observer fabric

#3- Economy Block featuring Nightfall fabric

#4- Antique Tile Block featuring Lagom fabric

#5- Jack in the Box Block featuring Heartland fabric

We would love to see your creations! Feel free to share on Social Media using hashtag #AGFquiltblockcollection. Stay tuned for the next addition to our quilt block collection featuring Blithe Fabrics by Katarina Roccella!


Happy Sewing,




"Get the Look" from Simple Life Pattern Company

Hello fabulous makers!

Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from the holidays? As you all know, it’s time to do a little stretch, explore your fabrics stash, and start sewing handmade gifts! I know it seems overwhelming but don’t worry, we have something that will make your life a bit easier.

If you’re thinking of sewing a bunch of holiday outfits for your kids or you would like to give your friends a set of patterns, Simple Life Pattern Company has paired up with us to offer exclusive “Get the Look” kits that feature AGF! Yes, you read right! Now, you can sew all the Simple Life Patterns you love with your favorite AGF collections! Some of the popular collections included are Playground by Amy Sinibaldi, Lavish by Katarina Roccella, DARE by Pat Bravo and many more.

Gtl wholesale sample1

If you visit the new “Get the Look Kits” section on the SLPco website, you’ll find 6 pages filled with cute dress patterns, shorts, tops, and a myriad of baby patterns ranging from sizes NB- 12. What’s great about these kits is that more will be added with every collection we release! Therefore, you'll always be able to sew new patterns with the newest AGF collections.

To take a closer look at some of the adorable outfits you can make for your little ones, check out the “Get the Look” lookbooks we’ve prepared for you.


Girls' Looks:


Baby Looks:


What did you think? I’m sure your little one will look like a fashionista with these outfits. ;) To purchase any of the “Get the Look Kits” visit the Simple Life Pattern Company website.


Feel free to tell us what your favorite Simple Life Pattern is.


Happy Sewing!


Holiday Calendar - Easy and fun video sewing tutorial

Ho Ho Ho !!!

We are approaching the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t you love all the Holiday decorations, songs, and the general cheer?

In my home, following the polish tradition we usually prepare for Christmas lots of delicious food. And I know that the end of December just won't be the best time to diet;)

That’s why before holiday time, I am trying to restrain myself and diet a little to get ready for the deliciousness that is waiting on me at the end of December. I decided to create a Holiday calendar that will help me countdown to Holidays and also will restrict me to just one piece of candy per day;)

It’s a great tool for kids, it teaches them patience and gives them a sense of reward. I truly recommend you to make one especially that the project is extremely easy and fun. Using the “ Happy Cheer” print frm Here comes the Fun by Sew Caroline was just perfect for this project.



Did you enjoy the tutorial? Let me know in comments how you are getting ready for Holiday Season?

I would love to hear from you :) Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. :)


Sew Cheerfully with Here Comes the Fun by Sew Caroline


Hey fabulous makers!

The other day I had a thought… trends come and go but colors are always cool. There’s something so interesting about mixing and matching bright colors to create modern sewing masterpieces. Colors can change the mood of any project and if you choose vibrant hues, all your projects will instantly exude joy.

One collection that screams happiness is Here Comes the Fun by Sew Caroline. This collection is filled with happy lyrics, bold brush strokes inspired by street art, and whimsy florals that will simply make you smile when you sew with these prints. I personally have a special connection with this fun collection because it reminds me of the Arts District in Miami called Wynwood. The bright colors in this collection and especially the “Improv Strokes” print remind me of the beautiful murals that line the streets of that neighborhood.

Skort square
Skirt featuring "Improv Stroke Citrus" print

I can already envision modern color block quilts and tons of children’s clothes with this youthful collection. Caroline has shown off her bubbly personality in her designs once more!

Here Comes the Fun Product Inspiration Girls 14

Brighten your day by browsing through the look book and get inspired by cute garments, colorful quilts, and much more!


Bring a fun accent to your little one’s room with this “Happy Song” FREE QUILT PATTERN.   


And if you’re wondering what blenders coordinate with this vibrant collection, here’s a nice selection of our specially curated AGF Elements. ;)

Here comes the fun blenders

But the real fun doesn’t start until you enter the GIVEAWAY! Win a bundle of Here Comes the Fun!

Giveaway blog hcf

To enter fill the form below. ;)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 29th at 3:00pm. Winner will be announced on this post.


I hope you’re excited to start creating beautiful projects with this collection. Stay tuned for more exciting things from AGF!


Till next time,





CONGRATULATIONS Dorie Eaquivel, you've won the Here Comes the Fun Giveaway! Check your email:)

P.S. If you're wondering how fun it was to make this look book, check out this video. :)

AGF Free Sewing Patterns - a paradise for all makers

Hello awesome sewists!

Do you need more sewing projects to keep you busy on long winter evenings? Or you're just looking for ideas for Holiday gifts? Well if you haven't, check out the free sewing patterns section on the AGF website. You must visit it now! We've prepared a library of free sewing patterns just for you. From beginner friendly patterns to more advanced ones - you simply have it all. Today I want to share with you a couple of my favorites. :)

Pillows free sewing patterns

Discover ways to bring a pop of color into your home by making cute pillows from our selection! Quilting pillows can transform an entire room's decor and deliver a bold color statement. Just take a look at this gorgeous Swan Kiss pillow sewn with the swan fabric print from Bonnie Christine's Collection, Hello Ollie. It will make your room so pretty and romantic.

How about my other favorite: The Egress pillow sewn with Scandinavian inspired fabrics from Pat’s Bravo collection Heartland. I am sure all your guests will admire your quilting skills if you make it:)




Table Toppers free sewing patterns

Table runners and table toppers not only look beautiful but also protect your furniture. Dress up your table with one of the cute quilted runners from our library. My two favorite ones are: the Eventide table runner (featuring Nightfall fabric collection by Maureen Cracknell and AGF studio linen fabric) and the Reveal table runner in which the combination of all shades of blue fabrics with mustard fabrics from the Observer collection by April Rhodes just stole my heart.

Table runners


Bags and backpacks free sewing patterns

Don’t you love  sewing your own bags and purses? Even if you don't have much sewing experience you’ll learn how to easily make a handbag or cute purse using any of our free bag patterns. Take a look at the practical Asana Bag. You can take it to the gym or to your yoga class. The black and white fabric from the Lagom collection makes it look really modern. If you prefer a more edgy style, the Boro Boro tote is perfect for you! It combines fabrics from the Observer fabric collection by April Rhodes with denim from the Denim Studio and fancy leather accents. Isn’t it stylish?


I hope that you are taking advantage of our library of free sewing patterns. Have fum choosing your favorite ones. Remember that hand-made gifts are always much more valuable than the ones from the store! I hope I inspired you to make one of our projects. 

Let me know in comment section which of these projects you  would like to make?


Happy Holiday Sewing:)








10 sewing notions you will love!

Hey there awesome makers!

I hope you guys are doing well, because today is a good day to learn new things! Recently, I've been searching for unique notions that can make our sewing lives easier and I found a few you would love! I'm a strong believer in making sewing as efficient as possible by using useful tools . This is why I've gathered a list of notions that can speed up your sewing and help you give your project that professional final touch.

  Banner blo

1. Thermal thimbles

Thermal_thimble_set_01_84c49807-bd9b-456c-a526-4d292cdd9675_grande The thermal thimbles are designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand and they are heat resistant so your fingertips won’t get hurt when ironing seams! Isn't this a handy invention? 

2. Seam ripper 


This is a small tool used for unpicking stitches that's always put to good use. You can never have enough seam rippers in your supply box!

3. Magic Erase Markers


This is one of my favorite tools! You can write as many marks on the fabric as you need and they will go away when you iron the fabric. When I first discovered these pens it's like a magic trick was unveiling before me.

4. Sewing clips Clover-Wonder-Clips-50-Pack_MAIN-1

These clips are so simple but they are life savers when it comes to sewing bindings! They are perfect to hold  fabrics together when sewing and they always come in cute colors.

5. Scissors sharpener


This tool is a must-have! Sometimes our loved ones use the fabric scissors to cut paper (I think that’s the worst feeling ever). Having a sharpener in our sewing room can save us lots of time and money!

6. Turn it all tool


Do you ever have a difficult time turning your projects inside out? Well, this tool is perfect! It helps you flip your projects without getting your fingers stuck and it prevents you from popping any of the seams.

7. Tablet stand 4e600aa11197e

Since digital patterns are getting more popular each day. Having a tablet stand makes it easier for all of us to see the pattern while working on the project.

8. Thread cutterz ring:

This is something that’s very innovative. I found out about it because our AGF Sewcialite Mister Domestic had a giveaway on his blog. At first I didn't know what it was until I read the function of it and I think it's amazing! Isn't this a stylish accessory that's useful for cutting threads?

9. Bobbin clips

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.46.14

This little tool not only keeps the bobbin thread from unwinding, you can also use it to color coordinate your threads. With this useful tool you'll never use your bobbins again!

10. Wrist pinny


This notion is the best! It's the easiest way to keep your pins on hand. It’s a bracelet and it has a magnet in the middle that will make all your pins stay in the same place.

I think these notions are awesome and they could make a huge difference for any sewing project, especially when you want to finish something really quick. Having everything on hand will make your life easier! What do you guys think? And what else would you add?

I hope you all enjoyed!

Lots of love,





Personalized Mitered Napkin Tutorial featuring Outland Yarn Dyes

Hello Everyone,

This is my favorite time of year because a coolness swipes the air and it's that time of the year where we spend time with family and friends we haven't seen in a while! There is nothing better then reuniting with family and eating good food. For those of you hosting these big get togethers or maybe you are a guest and want to bring the perfect host present! Hop over to the Bernina blog to create these beautiful personalized mitered napkins!  Click here to see the full tutorial!


AGF loves the gift of giving and one thing we love giving away is fabrics! If you are loving the our new yarn dyed fabrics and prints from Joie de Vivre which I think goes together so perfectly then get ready to enter this amazing FABRIC GIVEAWAY! With this bundle (pictured below) have fun creating this napkin tutorial or other gifts to give away this holiday season!


To enter to win fill out the form at the end of the blog post and tell us what you will make with this beautiful bundle! Giveaway starts today and ends Monday, November 21!

Happy Sewing,






CONGRATULATIONS Alana Callens , you've won the Gift of Giving Fabric Giveaway! Check your email:)

Learn About ANGLES - A new division of AGF

Hey there, fabric connoisseurs!


A few weeks ago we revealed that AGF has opened a new division of fabrics named ANGLES! We have been so flattered by everyone’s positive response and curiosity that we wanted to give you more details about this exciting new project.

  Angles logo cropped

Many makers have been asking the following questions and we're happy to answer all of them:

  • What is ANGLES and what does it mean?

  • What kind of designs should I expect to see in ANGLES?

  • Will the collections be made with the same quality of current AGF collections?

  • Who are the current Angles designers and will more designers be added to this new division?

What is ANGLES and what does it mean?

ANGLES is our new fabric division. Here at AGF we believe that fabrics are works of art that can be seen, used and interpreted in many ways. Hence fabrics can be seen from many "angles". We believe in what makes you happy, which means using prints you love in the way you want and combining them to suit your specific needs. This pays way to a new wave of designers, styles, and trends that will influence the way we sew in the years to come.

We want to keep inspiring you everyday. For this reason, we are embracing unique talents and myriad of design styles through our new fabric division, ANGLES. From vintage inspired motifs to funky trends, we are excited to open the doors to a new generation of fabric designers that will create new textile movements.

What kind of designs should I expect to see in ANGLES?

To put it in simple terms, you’ll be able to see a little bit of everything in this new fabric division. From cute novelty prints, to vintage designs appropriated into modern themes, to funky unimaginable prints! There will be a medley of styles to suit all of your sewing needs.

Will the collections be made with the same quality as other AGF collections?

The fabric collections created under ANGLES will have the SAME GREAT QUALITY as current AGF collections. As a maker, you’ll be able to enjoy new design aesthetics that will suit a variety of styles while sewing with the same amazing softness, drape, and vibrance that AGF always delivers.

Who are the current Angles designers and will more designers be added to this new division?

It is very important for us to bring you unique and exclusive design styles. Therefore, we are happy to have Dana Willard from Made Everyday and Amy Sinibaldi from Nanacompany as our introductory ANGLES designers! They’ll be showing off their unique styles with their new collections in the upcoming months. Each collection will consist of 16 cotton prints with 3 prints in knits and 1 print in canvas.


Dana will present Fiesta Fun fabrics | Available December 2016

Fiesta fun blog graphic

Amy will present Charleston fabrics & Les Petits fabrics | Available March 2017

Charleston blog graphic

  Les petits pic with logo

And YES! In the future we do plan on adding more designers to ANGLES. We’ll be announcing new additions in the future, so stay tuned! 

We hope you are as excited as we are to learn and sew with the new collections from ANGLES! Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions regarding our new fabric division.


Till next time!


AGF is nominated for the 2017 British Craft Awards

Hey, fabulous makers!

Have you ever been overjoyed to tell your friends good news? We know the feeling because we’re excited to share some news with you! We’re happy to announce that we have been nominated for the 2017 British Craft Awards in the Quilting Brand of the Year and the Sewing Brand of the Year categories!

Awards graphics

We are over the moon about this nomination and we’re so happy to share such a special moment with all of you. At AGF, we put our heart and soul into every design, look book, picture, and everything we do to inspire you as much as possible! We want you to reach your untapped potential every time you sew with our fabrics while enjoying quality like no other.

If you believe we deserve to win at the 2017 British Craft Awards, vote for Art Gallery Fabrics by selecting the sewing and quilting categories. Thank you for supporting us and for allowing us to inspire you every day!

Voting will be opened until December 20th 2016 



Happy voting!



P.S. If you’re a UK resident, you’ll be entered to win a £100 Amazon gift card.   ;)