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Where to buy AGF Fabric?

Hello, dear quilty friends!


After posting our latest video with Mister Domestic talking about AGF Denim we found out that some of you are curious about where you can purchase our fabrics!Don't worry, finding our fabrics is easier than you think! That's why I dedicate this post to showing you that finding AGF is at the tip of your fingers.

Whether you prefer buying at your local Quilt store or online we have you covered!

Ok, so let's started with local quilt shops.

Just go to our website to find a list of fabric stores that carry all or most of our prints. We recommend to call the store to ask for specific prints before you go to buy it. Sometimes it may happen that the store is out of stock. Not sure how to find the store which is the closest to your home? That's easy! Just put your zip-code and you will see all the stores in your area pop up.


How to buy AGF fabric online?

For all of you who prefer buying online we have a great solution too! We have prepared a list of online fabric stores around the world that carry all or most of our AGF prints. If any fabric is out of stock, message the shop and let them know that you are waiting!



Easy, right? So we hope that nothing will hold you back from sewing with AGF!

Also we have some awesome news for you. Recently we found out that Fat Quater Shop carries our Color Fun bundles! Isn't that amazing! Now it's even easier for you to sew with your favorite colors. By the way, I am already working on color the for November... and I think it's my favorite bundle of all! (Do I say that every month?) :p

Check out the colors available on Fat Quater Shop's website!


We hope you will never have a problem with finding AGF prints!

All the best 



P.S. If there's a shop that you would like to carry AGF, let them know! :)

LIVE from Quilt Market in Houston

Hey there, beautiful makers!

One of our favorite times of the year has arrived! It’s time for FALL QUILT MARKET in Hosuton, TX! Over the past weeks you got to see all the amazing fabric collections we have prepared for you this season and now we get to show them off to all your favorite shops. Since Quilt Market is only open for industry professionals (fabric shops, long arm quilters, pattern makers, etc.) we know it’s a bummer that all of you awesome makers can’t come.

But that’s not going to stop us from bringing you with us! Get ready to take a tour of our Quilt Market Booth, LIVE on Facebook. Stay tuned on Sunday, October 30th around 2:00 pm EST to see how creative our booth design is this time! Also, make sure to keep your eyes glued to our Instagram account to see all of our antics from the moment we build our booth. We can’t wait to show you everything!

Quilt market graphic

Hope you see us at Quilt Market!


Denim Studio 2.0 Blog Tour Re-Cap

Hey everyone!

Did you get a chance to see all the amazing projects in the Denim Studio 2.0 Blog Tour? If you didn’t, you’re in for a treat because today we’re showcasing all the amazing makers on this tour! If you’ve been following what we’ve done in the past with the Denim Studio, you probably know that when we first launched denim as a new substrate our friend the Tattooed Quilter hosted the first installment of the Denim Studio Blog Tour. Since then we have added some new additions to this collection such as new denim prints, Outland Yarn Dyes, Crosshatch Textured Denim, and Streaked Blend Denim.

Denim collage

When the very sweet Sarah from Sariditty Handmade (who also was part of the first tour) told us she wanted to host the second version of Denim Studio Blog Tour, we were extremely excited. We couldn’t wait to see what amazing projects were going to be made with our new denims. But enough of me talking…Without further ado, I present to you the projects from the Denim Studio 2.0 Blog Tour.


Christopher – The Tattooed Quilter

Tattooed quilter denim mini

First up, on the tour was Christopher a.k.a. The Tattooed Quilter and master of mini quilts. For this stylish mini he was inspired by Amy Sinibaldi’s #asdesignchallenge. He used a few of our new denim prints and our Outland Yarn Dyes in white, Rose Feather, Deep Ocean, and Endless Paradise. This yummy combination of colors is definitely worth taking a closer look at. Visit his blog to read all about his mini. ;)

Nicole – Lillyella

Lilly ella pillow 1

Isn’t this floor pillow fabulous? Nicole completely nailed a beautiful juxtaposition between edgy denim and feminine details. I would love to have this floor pillow in my house! For this project she used our “Clouded Horizon” Crosshatched Textured Denim with the “Paradis Sweet” print from Joie De Vivre fabrics by Bari J.  Read her blog to get some tips about making this pattern.

Sarah – Sariditty Handmade

Elements quilt-Sariditty

Sarah colored our world with her amazing quilt made with AGF Denim and Elements! For the white background she used our “Vanilla Mist” Outland Yarn Dye and throughout the colorful blocks you can find bits of our Solid Smooth Denim and the other colors of the yarn dyes. I encourage you to check out her blog post where she explains all the details about her design.

Jennifer – Ginger Peach Studio

Jennrossotti_denim shirt

I absolutely LOVE this fashionable shirt Jenn from Ginger Peach Studio made with a combination of our Solid Smooth Denims! From the embroidered details to the positive vibes she evokes with the phrase “voir le bon” meaning “see the good” in French; this shirt is better than any ready-made garment out there. Check out Jenn’s Instagram to take a closer look at all of details.

Matthew – Mister Domestic

Mister domestic's woven quilt

Last but not least our AGF Sewcialite, Mister Domestic was the last participant on the awesome blog tour. As you already know, Matthew is a weaving fiend and he used these masterful skills to create a woven denim quilt. Isn’t it insanely wonderful? He weaved together Solid Smooth Denim and added accents of the Outland Yarn Dyes to give it little pops of color. Visit Matthews blog read about his crazy quilt weaving process.


I hope you love all the projects in the Denim Studio 2.0 Blog Tour! As always, stay creative and thanks for inspiring!

All the best,



P.S. If you never got to see our Denim Studio video, here it is so you can check it out! It's filled with inspiration!

Sleep Mask - DIY Tutorial!

Hey hey makers!

How are you doing today? I hope you are all feeling great because I'm feeling happy and excited! Today, I will teach you how to make a sleep mask. I found this project very useful and fun because every girl needs her beauty sleep! The best thing about this projects is that it's not hard to make. Since I'm a beginner, I always try to look for cool and useful projects that are not that complicated. I think this one was a success! 

Well, let's begin with this fun adventure!



  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric (12'' x 6.5'') each

  • 1 1/2" x 34'' strip of fabric

  • 10" Elastic band

  • Batting (12'' x 6.5'')

  • Glue gun

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • Sewing needle 

  • Rik rak trim (you can use any trim for decoration)

  • Safety pins

  • Template (click here to download)



1. Print the template, cut it and then pin it to both pieces of fabric you'll be using.  


2. Proceed to cut the fabric around the shape that you have pinned. It will look like this.


3.Pin the fabric to the batting and cut out along the edges of the fabric (follow the same shape).


After cutting it should look like this!



4.  Pin your 1 1/2" x 34" strip all the way across and sew the right sides together on the edge.  This will be the strap of your mask.


5. Once you have sewed the edge of the strip turn it inside out. Pin a safety pin to a elastic band and insert it . Pin a safety pin to a elastic band and insert it into one of the ends of the fabric tube. Start moving the elastic through the tube, letting the fabric bunch along it. Keep doing it until you get to the other end of the tube. I suggest pinning the other end so the elastic doesn't move. 


6.Sew the elastic to the fabric at both ends of the tube. By doing this you will ensure that the elastic stays spread across.



7. Now, it's time to start sewing your mask! Place right sides of your mask together with the batting on the back of one of the fabrics. Also, make sure to place the elastic tube in the middle of the fabrics (like a sandwich). Then, pin the edges together. Sew a straight stitch all around the edges of the mask. Make sure to leave a 2.5" open hole to be able to flip the fabrics.




8. This is how it should look after you sew the mask. 


9. After, sewing all around the edges, you will flip the mask right side out. Then, you will sew the open hole by using a needle and thread with an invisible hand stitch. 


10. Make sure to iron your mask when you finish. This will give it a smooth and nice look.

Tutorial blog

And VOILA! This is how the sleep mask will look! I added some decoration to it so it will look fun and cute. You can do the same. Just cut two 3'' rik rak trim ( or any other decorative trim) and hot glue them in the middle of the mask and they will look like sleepy eyes. :) Oh! In case you guys loved the fabric, I used Hello Ollie Fabrics by Bonnie Christine.


I hope you all enjoyed!


5 Stylish Home Decor Projects for Fall

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing? Here at the HQ we’ve been revealing our upcoming fall 2016 collections and it has been tons of fun. As we release new fabrics and the seasons change, one of my favorite things to do during my free time is to decorate my house in festive themes to match the season. There’s always something so nice about giving your living room a face lift with a few cute pillows, a nice rug, and a cozy quilt.

One of my favorite seasons to decorate for is fall. I simply love all the warm colors, the fun shapes you can play with, and most importantly you can show off your creations with your friends and family during Thanksgiving. To get your home ready for this season, I’ve prepared a selection of some of my favorite AGF projects made with collections that are excellent for fall.

Home decor projects graphic

Make sure to click on all the names to download the patterns! :)


  1. Starfold Pillow


Like I mentioned before, pillows are one of the easiest way of updating your home décor. I especially love this Starfold Pillow made with Artisan Fabrics by Pat Bravo because the unique folded details give it a luxurious look, like the pillows they sell in Pier 1 Imports or Anthropologie. Oh, and that burnt orange combined with hunter green just screams FALL!    

  1. Denim Coasters


We already know that denim is a versatile substrate, but just imagine incorporating it into your home décor! These denim coasters are a great subtle detail to have around the house and they’re so functional. With tons of guests coming to visit you for the upcoming holidays, these coasters will protect your coffee tables in style!

  1. Instinct Paths Quilt


If you plan on decorating the whole house, might as well decorate your room too! And what a better way of doing that, than with a quilt? The warm rich colors of this Instinct Paths Quilt made with Fleet and Flourish Fabrics by Maureen Cracknell will help you bring in the fall with some boho flair.

  1. Gava Rug


Another home accessory that I love is a funky rug. They can be nice welcoming pieces right by your door or something soft to put your feet on when you get out of bed. I must admit, I have a crush on this Gava Rug made with Artisan fabrics by Pat Bravo. The strips of mixed prints are sure to add a nice autumnal touch to your home.

  1. Reveal Table Runner


You can’t complete your fall decorating without a beautiful table runner for your dining table. This Reveal Table Runner made with Observer fabrics by April Rhodes will add a modern twist to your decorating with its subtle textural elements and muted colors.


I hope you’re inspired to decorate for fall! Feel free to let me know what was your favorite project and how do you like to decorate for the season.


Until next time,


Mister Domestic about AGF Denim

Hello all crafty friends!

I have a little secret I want to share with you! Soon we will be releasing another look book featuring the new denims!



I am lucky enough to look and pet the new AGF denim prints and let me tell you: the colors are simply amazing! As you remember we had the pleasure to welcome Mister Domestic at the AGF HQ and he spread  so much joy with his positive “You do you!” attitude. 

One of the fabrics he is especially in love with is AGF denim. And he is crazy about denim floral and geometric prints. So, to devote his love for The Denim Studio, Mister Domestic made this little video with us during his visit at the HQ. Check it out!



As you already know, Mister Domestic loves to sew for his daughter Helena. He made this gorgeous woven bodice Cora dress and all the girls in the office fell in love it! When Mister Domestic was telling us about his experience with AGF denim, we were surprised to find out that before being introduced to our denim, he was scared to sew with this substrate. But once he started working with AGF Denim he simply fell in love! :)

Just take a look at this lovely lightweight dress. Isn't it stunning?


Stay tuned for the new denim look book to get even more inspired to sew with our denim. ;)

Let us know in comments what has been your experience sewing with The Denim Studio by AGF.


Happy sewing!


Fabric Gift Tag Tutorial featuring Boardwalk Delight

Hey There,

I have something fun to share with you today that will take your gift giving game to a whole new level! The holiday season is approaching and I was thinking of ways to add the perfect touch to all my presents this year and that's how these cute fabric gift tags came to life! Since Halloween is the next holiday I decided to make a few to add to my treat bags I will be handing out this year to friends and family. What is incredibly great about this project is you need very little fabric, so head to your scrap stash and pull out colors to coordinate for the holiday theme, or that special someone you are making the gift tags for. I am already thinking about the fabric tags I will create for Thanksgiving and Christmas! 


These little fabric tags come to life with the combination of AGF fabric and Bernina's decorative stitches and letters! Bernina's decorative stitches pop of the tag with the bright, beautiful colors of Aurifil thread!  


Once you make one I warn you are aren't going to want to stop! Find the full tutorial here

We would love to see your fabric gift tag creations so make sure to tag us if you share on social media! 




10 quilt blocks we love!

Hello Hello!

Have you ever wondered what are some of our go-to quilt blocks?

Well, here at AGF HQ we like every single quilt block but, as everyone else we have our favorite ones! I made a little graphic to show you which ones are our favorite ones and I will show you some pictures of quilt's we have made in the past with some of these quilt blocks!  

Quilt blocks blog post

The reason why we love these 10 quilt blocks is because you can arrange them differently and they will always look good. Another good thing is that some of them are easy to make for beginners! Depending on the fabric you use, you can give your quilts that "traditional" or "modern" touch. Also, these quilt blocks are very popular because they have been around since day one.

What I found very interesting about the quilt blocks is that when I first started working in this industry I didn’t imagine quilts involved math in the making process. For me it just looked like something super complicated and almost impossible to make. Then, I realized how something so complicated can be simple! ( Wait, I’m not saying quilting is easy) but at first it just looked impossible to me. Oh! And in case you didn’t know, the names given to the quilt blocks are deeply rooted in the history of America. For example: religion, historical events, environment, everyday objects and the influences upon quilter lives.

Now, let me show you  quilts we have made with some of these blocks!

FREE quilt pattern "Llano Street" Featuring Morning Walk fabrics

Here you can see the Flying Geese quilt block. We love using a fresh combination of colors we used to create this beautiful quilt! Click here to download pattern.  

FREE quilt pattern "Abundance" Featuring Curiosities Fabrics

Here, you can see the nine patch block. This block is fun to use when mixing and matching differnt prints. Click here to download the pattern

FREE quilt pattern. Featuring Cherie Fabrics

In this quilt you can see the log cabin block. Don't the subtle colors make this quilt look calming? Click here to download pattern

Oh well, if it was for me I would show you 1000 pictures of different quilts! They are all beautiful! Before I forget, I would like to invite you to check out our website because we have TONS of free quilt patterns! You can find quilt patterns for every taste and every level.

I hope you all enjoyed!


Lots of love,




Just in case you want to know where I found this cool info!


Quilt Blocks. (n.d.). Retrieved October 17, 2016, from


AGF Quilt Block Collection Tutorial: Jack in the Box Block featuring Heartland fabrics

Hello Everyone!

How is the fall season treating everyone? Living in Florida I miss the nice crisp, cool air and the leaves changing colors. I also miss layering my outfits with jackets, cardigans and scarfs and wearing leggings with boots, especially after the release of Heartland fabrics by Pat Bravo! This fabric collection is perfect for making fall outfits and home decor! I fell in love with the beautiful yellows in this collection especially after I mixed them with The Denim Studio Linen. (Match made in heaven if you asked me!) Click here to check out her beautiful lookbook to get inspired to sew yourself something for the fall season!

Logo13Today I have another addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection, so get your sewing machines ready!The quilt block we will be sewing today is called Jack in the Box, which can be made in a variety of ways. We will be making ours with HST’s! The Jack in the Box quilt block gives the impression of movement and is a cheerful, fun block to make. The solid linen adds lovely texture and allows the prints in this collection to pop right out of the block!


View the video below and have fun making the fifth block of the AGF Quilt Block Collection.


Other videos in the series to check out!

#1- Fussy Cut Block featuring Hello Ollie fabric
#2- Dutchman’s Puzzle Block featuring Observer fabric
#3- Economy Block featuring Nightfall fabric
#4- Antique Tile Block featuring Lagom fabric

We would love to see your creations feel free to share on Social Media using hashtag #AGFquiltblockcollection.

Happy Sewing,


Homey Meets Modern: Heartland by Pat Bravo

Hello, wonderful makers!

I hope you are having a lovely autumn so far! Here in South Florida our autumn is known as Hurricane Season, and let me tell you… we are happy Hurricane Matthew avoided us at all costs! Though, we must admit that Hurricane days are great for sewing (as long as the electricity is working). Those days when you are stuck indoors really force you to be creative with your time and make you thankful for a great home.

Speaking of having a great home, one of the best ways of making your house extra cozy is by making tons of lovely quilts and pillows! One collection that truly brings out the essence of a cozy home is Heartland by Pat Bravo. Soothing colors combined with the right amount of geometrics and hand drawn elements will get your mind imagining all sorts of projects. The reason why all these elements work so well together is because for this collection Pat’s love for European style traveled to Scandinavia and she was inspired by modern Nordic design juxtaposed by the beautiful forests of the region.  


Trust me, this collection will transform your home! Simply look at how comfy this couch looks with that pretty Heartland quilt and pillows.


Are you ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful projects? Well, check out the Heartland look book filled with garments, quilts, and of course tons of home décor!


I encourage you to Download the FREE PATTERN and make this beautiful “Gladden” quilt. I’m sure you won’t want to get up in the morning when you’ll be wrapped in this quilt!


How about adding a few accents to your projects? Here are a few AGF Elements (blenders) that will make all your projects pop.


Last but not least, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! Have a chance to win a Fat Quarter Bundle of Heartland for your fabric collection.

Giveaway graphic

To enter:

Simply fill the form below.

I hope you loved everything Heartland has to offer. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful projects everyone will make!


Till next time,






CONGRATULATIONS Diane Rogers, you've won the Heartland fabric bundle! Check your email.

P.S. Enjoy this video that gives you a closer look at this homey fabric collection.