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Follow the pages of this Sketchbook and watch them come to life...


 Hello fabric lovers,

What’s everyone been up to these days? We are having tons of fun here at the #AGFHQ! We are thrilled to present the next collection in our line up, this one is by our very sweet Sharon Holland and her second collection for AGF, Sketchbook. This collection is a representation of Sharon’s admiration towards flora, doodles and hand drawn designs which come to life very gracefully in this collection.



Feed your inspiration buds with this lookbok, remember some projects have patterns + instructions. Feel free to share your projects with us. (WE LOVE TO SEE THEM!Click here to view the lookbok


Share this "Falling" quilt with all your quilting friends.


This "Art Roll-Up" project is perfect to store some of your favorite pens, pencils even brushes and its so easy to carry around. Just fold, roll and GO! Get this free pattern here.

Add these Elements to blend, mix and\or match with this collection:






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You can enter the give away by simply: 

  • Browsing the Sketchbook Lookbook
  • Leaving a comment below with the project you would like to make.

Giveaways ends August 10th at 3 pm EST. and the winner will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy Sewing,



Summer Tour Re-cap

Hey everyone, 

I hope everyone is enjoying your week so far. About a a month or so ago a group of very talented ladies did a small blog tour featuring #HappyHomeFabrics by Caroline Hulse (Aka Sew Caroline) and #AnnaEliseFabrics by Bari j. You might have seem some projects in our social media outlets, but i'm here to bring you the whole scoop about it.

We can start the re-cap with | Elizabeth from LilyGiggle. She made the "Poppy Bubble Tank Tunic & Dress" Which it looks so comfy to wear and we are sure it's super simple to make. Anna Elise fabrics

How adorable is this dress that Raedene from LLK made for her little one. We love how flowy it is and who doesn't love pockets in a dress!? Happy home fabricsEven though it's summer time, we have to start thinking of back to school outfits for the little ones of the house. Kara from Jocole made her daughter this "Endless Dress" for the new school year. Don't you just want to pinch her cheeks? HAPPY hOME FABRICS 2

In celebration of the summer days Tameka from Elleinspired decided to make this simple YET "twirly and girly" outfit for her “Queen of all the Dresses” daughter. Anna Elise fabrics22Our Friend Alexis from Brownie Goose made her daughter this "Allie Oop" dress." She went above and beyond by making two different versions of it. How beautiful is the horse! Little Miss T. looks like a flower child with her matching halos!  Mysweetsunshine

This re-cap is soon approaching its end, but not before introducing the last two stops of the blog-tour. Jessica from IzzyIvy Designs made this "Charly" tunic and paired it with some raffle leggings, so lovely!

HappyHome fabrics 33

And, last but not least in our tour is Sarah from Green Style. She made these "kind of" matching outfits for her daughters, we think they are adorable.Anna Elise fabrics and Happy Home fabrics

Hop over to all of their blogs to find more info, tricks & the patterns they used. Like always, feel free to share all of your projects with us via email or social media.


Until next time, 





AGF Stitched with Kimberly featuring Imprint fabrics quilt tutorial.

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great week, so far! Let me start by refreshing your memory about our latest collaboration with Fat Quarter Shop for their YouTube channel called Stitched with Kimberly.

Agf-stitched-LOGO(it’s a series of quilt tutorials made by FQS using exclusively Art Gallery Fabrics, read more about it here)

If you missed the first quilt tutorial of this series, don’t you worry about it… AGF has the whole scoop for you here. Today, we are super excited to bring you, yet another fun tutorial featuring #ImprintFabrics by Katarina Roccella


The geometric shapes in this quilt will add that modern look you have been looking for. This quilt uses the Creative Grids Kites Plus Ruler and although it might look challenging, Kimberly will give you tips and tricks on how to piece your blocks together. Ready to sew your Fractal quilt?


If you want to make this Fractal quilt, FQS has the kits available and ready for you to sew in here. Also, Check out the different versions of this quilt made by some talented hands:

AGF Designer, Katarina Roccella
AGF Designer, Caroline Hulse
Christina of Sometimes Crafter
Natalia of Piece N Quilt
Michele-Renee of Quilt Matters
Riane of Vessel Quilts

 Can't wait to see yours and always feel free to share your projects with us....


Until next time, 



Cultivate in Fall Challenge

Hello everyone!

Are your sewing machines running? We have a challenge for you.

It's almost the end of July, this means that the end of summer is steadily approaching and although fall is still distant, at Art Gallery we like to prepare ahead of time.

Fall is a season that symbolizes change. It's an ideal time to plant, it's the time when the kids go back to school, and for many, it's the time to prepare for the temperature changes. This season is filled with warm colors in various shades of red, green, brown and yellow. With that in mind, we are excited to present a fun, versatile and unique challenge that will embrace the upcoming season.

CultivateChallenge banner


We have joined together with Bonnie Christine and Aurifil to present the "Cultivate in Fall Challenge." This challenge is a great way to inspire other sewists and quilters like yourself, while keeping the handmade traditions going! We were inspired by Bonnie's latest collection "Cultivate." We feel that the color palette of this collection transitions perfectly from summer to fall.

THE CHALLENGE: The idea is to create a fun, and unique project inspired by the idea of change, while using fabrics from the Cultivate collection by Bonnie Christine. Here is a thought: this is also a great way to start getting ready for back to school (think garments, backpacks, pencil bags etc), create new home decor or (of course) a quilt, and anything else that signifies change for you. For some inspiration, click here.

HOW IT WORKS: AGF will make a Pinterest board call "Cultivate in Fall" where the projects that are submitted will be posted. Since we love to spark things up, we're going to let the public choose the winners. This is why you should put your best effort into the project and its presentation. The pictures with the most LIKES (or hearts) will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (Re-pins are always welcomed :D).

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Submissions* must be e-mailed to by August 10th at 11:59 PM EST to be eligible to compete. 

Public voting will begin on August 11th and will continue until August 17th. Winners will be announced August 18th here in the AGF Blog by 3pm EST.

*keep in mind that the quality of the photo (styling, lighting and definition) is always a plus.


And now for THE PRIZES: 

1st place will receive:

  • 10 Yards of Fabric (winner gets to choose from all of Bonnie's released collections)
  • 4 yards of Rennaisance Ribbons.
  • Set of 6 8x10 Cultivate Art Prints.
  • Set of 3 Project Patterns.
  • Large Aurifil Thread Box.
  • 1 year Subscription to the Roost Tribe

2nd place: 

  • 5 Yards of Fabric. (winner gets to choose from all of Bonnie's released collections)
  • Small Box of thread.           
  • 6 Month Subscription to the Roost Tribe.

3rd place: 

  • Fat Quarter Bundle. (winner gets to choose from all of Bonnie's released collections)
  • 1 Month Subscription to the Roost Tribe.

Feel free to share your sneak-peeks on social media using the hash-tags: #CultivateChallenge & #CultivateInFall.

We hope you're up for the challenge. Time to REAP & SEW!



DUMAT quilt tutorial.


Of course we love patchwork. Who doesn't (in our world of fabric at least)? I'd say patchwork is why we do what we do. The beautiful product of hours and hours of patience and detail. The design. That vision of a beautiful quilt in our head that motivates us to keep going... one more stitch, one more seam to press. I know a lot of us find it therapeutic. The need to be meticulous with our movements could be calming. 

Often times patchwork seems complicated; intimidating. There are many new quilters that can feel scared at the amount of cutting and piecing in a quilt pattern, and the need for precise 1/4" seam allowances, which raises simultaneously with the number of seams (the lack of it will mean a very warped quilt top - it's happened to most of us). 

Which is why we wanted to bring you this tutorial for the Dumat Quilt, to say "hey, patchwork can be simple and still be beautiful" and "it's ok to want to do something seemingly easy." Ultimately it's about creating something you're in love with.


Here is what you will need:

Finished size:75" x 50"


-IMP-40451: 3/8 yd

-IMP-20453: 3/8 yd

-IMP-10451: 5/8 yd

-IMP-30452: 1 3/8 yd

-IMP-10452: 7/8 yd

-IMP-30453: 3/4 yd

-IMP-20454: 5/8 yd

-IMP-10453: 5/8 yd

-IMP-40454: 5/8 yd

-IMP-20450: 5/8 yd

-IMP-10450: 3/4 yd


  • One (1) 10” x 19½” strip of Buttonballs Laguna  (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 10” x WOF strip of Morse Dot Sun (Imprint collection)
  • Two (2) 10” x WOF strips of Buttonballs Gloss (Imprint collection)
  • Five (5) 3¼” x WOF strips of Maze Clarity (Imprint collection)
  • Two (2) 10” x WOF strips of Maze Clarity (Imprint collection)
  • Two (1) 10” x 15 strip of Maze Clarity (Imprint collection)
  • Two (2) 10” x WOF strips of Maze Alley (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 10” x 25” strip of Maze Alley (Imprint Collection)
  • Two (2) 11” x WOF strips of Morse Dot Blu (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 10” x WOF strip of Crossthread Sheen (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 10” x WOF strip of Morse Dot Pink (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 10” x WOF strip of Crossthread Nox (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 10” x WOF strip of Add Shade (Imprint collection)
  • Six (6) 3 ¼” x WOF Strips of Add Strawberry (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 3 ¼” x 26” Strip of Add Strawberry (Imprint collection)
  • One (1) 3 ¼” x 9” Strip of Add Strawberry (Imprint collection)


There is a specific measurement for every strip of this quilt top.

Following the diagram below for strip measurements attach them together to make longer strips as specified and trim them until you get the exact measurement needed (not all of them will need and attachment).

Diagram 1:

Diagram1After all the strips are attached with their corresponding measurement, start attaching the first set of strips together.

For this set you will need the following strips:

-      Button Balls Laguna 10 x 19 1/2”

-      Morse Dot Sun 10” x WOF”

-      Button Balls Gloss (1) 10”x 71 1/2”

-      Maze Clarity 10” x 93 1/2”

-      Maze Alley 10” x 107 1/2” 

-      Add Strawberry 3 1/4” x 26”, 3 1/4” x 50 1/2”, 3 1/4” x 75”, 3 1/4” x 105 1/2”  

Attach them together always alternating a strip from the Add Strawberry fabric in between the others.

Start with the smallest strip and end up with the larger one, attach them in width order.

Determine the strips order and align all of them at the center.

Diagram 2:



Attach the second set with the remaining strip pieces, leave the two (2) 11” x WOF strips of Morse Dot Blu to the beginning and end of the second set and this time use the 3¼” x WOF strips of Maze Clarity to alternate in between strips.

Diagram 3:



Leave the first set in a horizontal order and the second one turn it over to a vertical order so that they are perpendicular to each other.

Align the center of the first set to the center of the 3¼” strip from Maze Clarity that is positioned in between the Crossthread Sheen and Morse Dot Pink strips from the second set of strips. Sew it together.

Diagram 4:



Turn the whole piece 45° and trim the edges making a 50” x 75” rectangle and woo-la!* You’re done with the quilt top! (hint: save those more-than-enough scraps for another project)

Diagram 5:


Quilt and bind as you wish (we used the Morse Dot Pink fabric for our binding).

sew on!


*woo-la: a mix between woo-hoo and voila said as a celebration when a project is finished.


Discover Imprint's essence of Suprematism + GIVEAWAY!!


Hello fabric lovers,

I hope you all had a great weekend! Things are really warming up in South Florida, well it is summer time after all... It's a new week and we are super excited to present our latest collection, Imprint by Katarina Roccella. I really like the versatility, color and elements of this collection because it can be use as a blender or you can mix and match with other collections (which is always a plus in my book :]) Imprint_puff_1

I really enjoy the easiness of this collection, because it gathers inspiration in print making and Katarina's linocuts. "The basic Suprematist elements-square, cross, circle, oblong, line-when placed on pure white surfaces, seem to project onto a weightless world of infinite space."


For this photo shoot we wanted to choose a location that didn't "distract" you from the collection, but empower it with the simplicity of it. That way you can appreciate each print to the fullest. Take a look at this "Suprematism" lookbook we have put together and always feel free to share all of the projects with your friends.....


Complement all of your projects with this "Elemental" quilt and be sure to share it with all of your quilting friends. Find this and other free pattern here.


 Add this Elements to blend, mix and\or match with this collection:IMPRNTI BLENDERS



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You can enter the give away by simply: 

  • Browsing the Imprint Lookbook. 
  • Leaving a comment below with the project you would like to make.

Giveaways ends July 20th at 3 pm EST. and the winner will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy Sewing,



Hello and happy friday, fabric & fashion lovers! 

Ahh so much alliteration (yes!). I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy with the team putting products together so we can share our LookBooks with you. There are so many projects and photos and we get so excited when you write that they inspire you, so THANK YOU for that.

This time I'm back with another image recollection of products and FABRIC that come together to set a mood: SUCCULENT


Succulent motifs have been very present in all aspects for quite sometime: home decor, fashion, and of course as house plants (they are so beautiful and forgiving).

So here is some succulent eye-candy:



Cacti Field Fun from Morning Walk by Leah Duncan




Of course the silhouette of the cactus is a very memorable one, and you saw it on Morning Walk. Personally, I can't wait to see how the mood transitions into autumn, especially with the launch of Succulence by Bonnie Christine in September. I mean this print...:


These plums and dirt tones that take you to the desert dusk... so much beauty:


Each of our collections is carefully curated to work harmoniously, yet I love finding prints from different collections that work well together, like this group of fabrics which includes Succulence by Bonnie (first six prints) and Bound by April Rhodes (available later this month).


Have you seen any recurrent motif that catches your eye lately? Let's share inspiration.



AGF is featured in EQ Stash Online Spring 2015

Hey fabric lovers!

I hope everyone has been finding tons of inspiration in our newest collections (I am still very much in love with Skopelos by Katarina Roccella).  To entice your inspiration a bit more, let me tell you about another place where your creative visions can come to life. In case you didn’t know, The Electric Quilt Company designed their latest software called Electric Quilt 7 where you can design your own quilts and pattern blocks. How cool is that? You are able to plan out how your quilt will look with the fabric of your choice without having to deal with rulers, calculations and inaccurate amounts of fabric. Once your design is done you can print out the pre-designed template and you’re ready to sew!

  Purchase Electric Quilt 7 Here

The software works for both MAC and PC and you can purchase it on the Electric Quilt Company website as a direct download.  To make your life even easier, they have also created an extension to the program that features various fabrics made to scale, so you can import them into your custom designs. The extension is called EQ Stash Online and it’s released four times a year. Once you purchase this additional software, it downloads directly into your current version of Electric Quilt and gives you access to over 1,400 fabrics that are in stores or coming soon.

EQ Stash Online GraphicPurchase EQ Stash 2015 Here

If you are wondering “What does this software have to do with my obsession with AGF?” Well, The EQ Stash Online is featuring AGF in their spring edition of the software! This means that you can plan out custom quilts with some of your favorite AGF collections! YAY! Here is a list of the collections included in the download:

I love technology, and if it can help develop creative projects it’s even better! Let us know if you have used Electric Quilt and EQ Stash Online in the past and what you think of it. As always, feel free to share any projects you make with AGF! Thanks for inspiring!




Admire the little things with Curiosities by Jeni Baker + GIVEAWAY!!!


Hey fabric lovers, 

Is it me, or the weeks are flying by? Quilt Market will be here in a blink of an eye! (YAY!!) But not without presenting all the collections for this season (I can’t seem to pick a favorite, I just love them all) This week, we are eager to present Curiosities by Jeni Baker. Her collections are bright, fresh and fun, and often reflect her bubbly personality. 


CuriositiesFabrics was inspired by many small wonders in life and invites you to explore the world around you... Jeni is able to maintain her distinctive color palette with youthful, charismatic and refreshing designs. This collection is dedicated to Jeni's bunny George, who is ever curious.


We had so much fun shooting this collection because it has a vintage feel to it, yet its so modern and refreshing... Feed your inspiration buds with this lookbook, remember some projects have patterns + instructions. Feel free to share your projects with us. (WE LOVE TO SEE THEM!)  



Add this "Abundance" quilt to your sewing bucket list! and share it with all of your quilting friends... Check out our other free patterns: here.



Add this Elements to blend, mix and\or match with this charismatic collection:Blanders curiosities



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CONGRATULATIONS to "Sarah J." on your Curiosities Bundle! 
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You can enter the give away by simply: 

Giveaways ends July 8th at 3 pm EST. and the winner will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy Sewing,