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Did you win the 100 YARDS GIVEAWAY?

Happy Friday, fabric lovers! 

The day has finally arrived!!! Today we announced the winners of the 100 YARDS GIVEAWAY!!! (2 winners – 50 yards each) Cotton, Knit (print or solid), Voile, and of course tons of Elements to mix and match with all your future projects ahead. The possibilities are endless....

Raining fabrics

We are truly amazed by your response and participation! We loved seeing the variety of projects from bags, to quilts, garments,  and even a few “sew together bags” (those are always so much fun to make)! Don't get us started on the little ones of the house that also joined the fun and posed for the camera! It wasn’t an easy decision to make and we wish we could give 100 yards of fabric to every single one of you.

Without any further due, the winners of this amazing giveaway are: (insert drum roll here, lol) 

@Kunklebaby & @Lelliebunny

 (Instagram handles) 

Thank you to everybody for inspiring other sewists and quilters, like yourselves. Let's keep the handmade tradition going!  Thanks again for entering and we hope you will continue participating in future contests, giveaways and more...

Until next time, 






Grow Your Stash of AGF Fabrics

Hello, Fabric Lovers!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. We are happy to announce that is introducing a monthly AGF fabric club. Did we say monthly fabric club? We sure did! Here is the scoop on how it works.

Triple stash 2

You may be wondering “Why is this fabric club so good”? Well, the idea behind the Stash Art Gallery Club is that you can build your “stash” of AGF fabrics overtime without hurting your pocket. Each bundle comes with 10 prints spanning from various collections to allow you to mix and match in a myriad of projects. As an added bonus Stash Fabrics will send you a fat quarter of Pure Elements so that you have a collection of solids to use with your prints.

AGF Club - 4 -Feb 2015

When visiting the Stash Fabrics website, you can either sign up for the Art Gallery Fabrics Fat Quarter Club or the Half Yard Club. There is a $5.00 initiation fee, but when you receive your first bundle it will be deducted from the payment after reoccurring billing has been established. The Fat Quarter Club is $30/month plus shipping and the Half Yard Club is $49.50/month plus shipping. You can cancel any time before the first of the month.


How cool is that? AGF fabrics delivered to you in specially curated bundles! We are excited to hear what you think of the club. Let us know what prints you receive and what projects you will make. Stay creative and thanks for inspiring!




2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 3

Hello there!

Hope everybody had a nice and long weekend. We definitely needed that extra day to rest, hopefully you did too. Did you enjoy recap 1 and 2 so far? Well, get ready for part 3 where we'll show you all the fabulous remaining booths as well as the winner of the best merchandise booth of Quilt Market 2015. How exiting is that? The AGF family won 2 awards!!! Also, stay a little longer to view our Quilt Market video.

Our first designer of this recap is Sharon Holland with her second collection for AGF, Sketchbook. This collection is inspired by nature's flora. Sharon's hand drawn designs and doodles come to life with a mix of indigo, spruce greens, berry pinks, and bark and flax neutrals, available in stores July 2015.


Next is the artistic Bari J. with her sixth collection, Anna Elise. This collection is for the artsy and free spirit souls. It encourages you to let your imagination run free while enjoying your surroundings filled with colors and music. Colored in sea foam, rosebud and sirocco, this collection will be available soon. We also want to congratulate Bari for winning the best booth award for merchandising. BRAVO! Bari-J

Caroline Hulse is our newest addition to our group of licensed designers. She began as one of our limited edition designers; we decided to expand her creative design aesthetics and we are so glad we did. Her second collection is called Happy Home. It is a lively and playful collection packed with swirling typography, loving hearts that are beautifully colored with spruce greens, peach buds and crystal roses, available in stores May 2015.


and last in our booth tour is Imprint by Katarina Roccella, a collection that is so versatile, rich and elemental. It gathers some of Katarina's favorite colors, shades and elements. Its versatility can be used to mix, match or blend with other collections, available in stores June 2015.


From the whole AGF family we hope you enjoyed visiting, meeting, catching up with every single one of us at QM (or the blog). We are definitely eager to start with the new collections and everything that comes with it. From designing and making inspirational projects, to  creating look books, tutorials, having collaborations and a few surprises along the way. We are extremely excited for what's coming during the next months.

Meanwhile, enjoy this fun video we made for you all!!  

Thanks for your love towards fabrics and see you all in Houston for the big AGF celebration!!



2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 2

Hey everybody,

I hope you enjoyed part one of our Quilt Market recap. We are ready to show you the first half of the designers and how they translated their collection (and inspiration) into their booth. We are thrilled to present our first designer; April Rhodes with her latest collection Bound Fabrics. This collection is often described as bold, untamed and earthy. April continues to showcase her style with this collection, which is filled with unique designs and brushstrokes. The rich western colors pallet include tangerine oranges, soothing sea blues, malachite greens and autumn sunset yellows, available in stores July 2015.April

Another of our talented designers is Bonnie Christine, this time debuting her Succulence collection with organic, vibrant and fresh designs that are very distinctive of Bonnie's style. This collection is about the ability to thrive and create new beginnings with an everlasting drive to evolve. With lively hues like plum wine, and copper Succulence is a collection like no other, available in stores Sept 2015. Bonnie

As you all might know, Katarina Roccella, lives in Serbia, and we were so happy she flew in to launch her up coming lines Wonderland and Imprint (up on the blog tomorrow). Wonderland is an illustrative, textured, and enchanted collection inspired by adventures. With a balanced mixed of Katarina's drawings and prints, this collection merges dreams and reality with a hint of nostalgia, available in stores Sept 2015.Katarina_Wonderland

And last but definitely not least is Jeni Baker with her Curiosities collection. Jeni is able to maintain a refined color palette style throughout this collection with youthful, charismatic and refreshing designs. This collection is dedicated to Jeni's bunny George, who is ever curious.JeniWe hope you enjoyed part one and two of the recap, stay tuned for part three next week, where we'll show you the rest of our designers and their beautiful booths. Feel free to leave us your comments and/or questions in the section below....

Until next time.




2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 1 [AGF & Pat Bravo]

Hey Fabric Lovers, 


What a week or should I say weekend! Time flew by so fast we can't believe Quilt Market is already over. The whole AGF family (designers + the girls) had such a remarkable time meeting new faces, reconnecting with old friends, and setting up our booths; but it feels so good to be back home to the warm weather of FL. As you might all know, Quilt Market is a trade show where fabric shops are able to buy large amounts of fabrics from various wholesale vendors. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public (sad, we know). For this reason, we thought about everyone who couldn't make it and we took tons of pictures and videos for your enjoyment. We wanted you to feel as if you were there, at least in spirit!


This year for the AGF booth we wanted to do something simple yet stylish, something that was going to make people stop by and say "Woah, that's beautiful!" while still representing everyone's passion for the industry. Here is a tour of our booth from wall to wall. On the front entry we featured our upcoming substrate: Canvas. This display showed the substrate's prints in full view and allowed visitors feel the quality of the Canvas. On the inside of our booth, we curated a gallery of AGF quilts. We knew we couldn't go wrong with this idea because what's Quilt Market without quilts! We strategically folded each quilt so they all had the same measurements and hung them on hangers that were hand painted with gold designs.AGF

(click here see our Instagram post on how much fun we were having folding them

In the middle we had a lounging area, where everybody was welcomed to come sit, share a few laughs, and rest their feet after a long day of fabric shopping. After a few sleepless nights, brainstorming sessions and tons of preparations for Quilt Market, we are so proud to have won first place in multiple booths. 

I hope you are ready to see in full detail the booth of our first designer, Pat Bravo featuring her newest collection Artisan. It honors the passion of all crafters with a bohemian air. This collection is characterized by un-styled designs and hints of rustic textures. It truly celebrates DIY culture and "love for design." Artisan Fabrics features colors like denim blue, lumberjack red and raw sienna as key players, available in stores August 2015.Pat

We hope you enjoyed our first recap of Quilt Market. Stay tuned for more of tomorrow's tour where you'll get to see April, Bari, Katarina and Jeni's booth in full detail.




AGF - LIVE from Spring Quilt Market 2015

Hey everyone!!

Hope everybody is doing OK! Today is the first day of setup for this weekend. As you might know, Quilt Market is one if not the biggest show within our industry and in it we showcase all of our upcoming collections, read more about it here. We are so ready for the madness to begin!! Since this is a trade show, a lot of you are unable to attend this Spring Market, so we decided to STREAM the event!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???
Live streaming schedule graphic

This live stream is going to let you interact with us and the designers in real time!!! Let us know what would you like to see from the show, questions for the designers or the AGF girls, tour of our booths, and more. Be sure to add the hash-tag #AGFGoesLive when sending your questions via Twitter or simply leave them in the comment section below. 

You can either download the Periscope app to your Apple device or simply click on the link posted in our twitter feed at the time of streaming from your desktop computer. 

See you all on Friday!



AGF - is giving away 100 yards !!!

Hello fabric lovers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day, surrounded by family and friends. We are super excited to be leaving for Quilt Market tomorrow. For those who follow us on instagram, we recently hit the 20,000 followers’ mark, we are actually at 20,5k today, and we are over the moon about it! Our number one priority at Art Gallery Fabrics is to bring you trendy and timeless designs with the best quality in the industry so that you are able to feel the difference. We live to inspire you and to celebrate your creativity and love for sewing. Because of that we are doing a massive giveaway of 100 yards !!!

20k Giveaway graphic
That’s right! You read correctly: 100 YARDS. Here is how you can enter this amazing giveaway:

Please read carefully, we don’t want you to miss out in this awesome opportunity. All steps will be checked and verified to ensure that everyone has a fair chance. 

A selfie is a “photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone and shared via social media” 

1. Take a "selfie" with a project made entirely with Art Gallery Fabrics, doesn't matter how old or how new your project is. It can literary be anything! Let your imagination run free! The only requirement is that it features Art Gallery Fabrics.

2. Post the image to your social media and @ or tag us (Instagram, Facebook and\or Twitter) 

3. When posting the image on social media @ or tag at-least 3 of your friends and   #ShowUsHowYouAGF. (this hash-tag must be used in order for your post to pop-up on our feed) 

4. Projects will be reviewed carefully and 2 winner will be selected (50 YARDS FOR EACH WINNER!!)

5. Private accounts are not eligible to participate, due to the fact that we have to verify that all steps were followed.

6. Fabric giveaway is based on availability.

7. Giveaway ends May 29th at 3pm EST (click here to find out who are the winners)

 Remember to follow all steps, use the hash tags (#ShowUsHowYouAGF, #artgalleryfabrics & #wearefabrics)

Can't wait to see all of your beautiful creations!! & I'll see a few of you in Quilt Market later this week!! 



Discover our Knits

Knits newsletter banner 2

Hello fabric lovers!

Hope everybody is having a great week! We are in our last minute preparations for Quilt Market, I'm actually pretty excited to experience my first Market. We are thrilled to showcase all of our KNITS. As you might know, with each collection release there are four prints that also come in knit. We decided to put this lookbook together to show you how versatile they are, and inspire you as well. Stay tuned for the giveaway down below!


Our knits are fun, soft and stretchy; they are 95% cotton and 5% spandex (58 - 60 wide). They will bring comfort and versatility to all of your garments, home decor, and are the perfect fit for the little ones of the house, since they are always on the go.


The possibilities are endless, and with a myriad of designs to choose from, designing and sewing become as pleasant as wearing this fabric. Enjoy this lookbook we have put together for your enjoyment, remember some projects have patterns + instructions and always feel free to share your projects with us. 





Get more inspirations from Rochelle from LuckyLucille and her "goes with everything top" made with the Amaranth solid knit, get the whole scoop in her blog: here


And this Delphi Layered Maxi Dress made by Lindsay from LindsayWoodWard, its perfect for the summer days ahead. Stop by her blog to get this pattern.


I hope you all feel inspired and ready to sew, now to the...

Knits giveaway graphic


| Giveaway Closed |  

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! 

I have contacted you thru DM. 

For this giveaway we are doing things a little differently, so please read carefully. You have 2\3 ways to entry this give away, this is how you can enter.

  • Leave us a comment (in this post) with the project you would like to make. (1st entry)
  • Share the lookbook cover image on your Instagram - @ArtGalleryFabrics (2nd entry) AND\OR twitter - @ArtGalleryFab (3rd entry) and make sure to:
    @ us and use the hash-tags: #AGFKnits, #AGF, #ArtGalleryFabrics, #WeAreFabrics  
  • 4 winners will be chosen and fabric is based on availability. 
  • You must follow all the steps to be eligible for this giveaway. 

Giveaways ends May 22th at 4 pm EST. and the winner will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy weekend,