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"Steps to Tranquility" Quilt Tutorial + Giveaway

Hi everyone!

We hope your Thanksgiving celebrations have so far been memorable and yummier than ever. Today we're very happy to share with you another collaboration we've done with one of the sweetest quilters around, Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting with Melissa.

Back in October she put together this great tutorial for what I thought was a very romantic and modern quilt, titled "Playing the Scales", using our Bijoux fabric collection. This time around she used designs from Legacy, and created another modern design with a very clean style that's easy on the eye and a perfect pairing for this collection--who's fabrics have names like Lineage Aqua, Classic Tiles Mist, and Traces of Stillwater.




Are you feeling relaxed yet? Well don't get too comfortable, because we want you showing excitement to make this quilt and win great quality fabrics!


To coincide with her tutorial (and the holiday spirit), we are giving you a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of your favorite Legacy color story.


Choose 1 of 2 color stories from Legacy. Which are you most drawn to? Topaz Traditions (top), or Jade Heritage (bottom)? Let us know with a comment below. To get a closer look, you can check out both color stories in detail right here.




The giveaway is open until midnight, December 3rd. We'll update this very blog post on the morning of Wednesday, December 4th with TWO WINNERS who'll be receiving a fat quarter bundle in the color story of their choice.

Good luck! Don't forget to check out Melissa's tutorial (and eye her amazing quilting skills). And to those coming from Melissa's blog, welcome and thanks for reading!

The giveaway is over and we have TWO winners!
* Kris wins the Topaz Tradition colorway.
* Gemma Roberts wins the Jade Inheritance colorway.

Congrats to Kris and Gemma. And thanks to all 697 of you who entered!

Holidays with The AGF Designers (and a little gift from us)!

Hello everyone! This is Lauv again. Today, one day before this year's official holiday season begins* I want to share with you a mini interview I did with all of our AGF Designers asking them about their holiday traditions and some of their favourite things.

Here they are:


  • What have you been most grateful for this year?

I am extremely grateful for being able to have my mom with me for another year, and for sharing every day with my loving family.

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?

On Christmas Eve, after dinner, we always eat this fruit salad for dessert, it is a tradition that has stayed with us over the years.

  •  What is Pat Bravo's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?  

I like gifting lotion and fragrance kits, I think they are great gifts either for a man or a woman.

  •  What is your favourite print that has been released so far?

This is a hard question for me because all of my designs are like babies to me, but if I really had to choose I would say there is a tie between Wonderlust from my Indie Collection, and Wild Beauty from my newest collection Rapture :)



  • What have you been most grateful for this year?

My family. Really really happy I live near my parents and my sister and nephews... And the older my girls get (they'll be 16 and 18 in 2014) the more I realize they are my biggest blessings. Also, I truly have the best husband. 

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?

We love making cookies. I always make kolatchkies even though they are the most time consuming. My mom made them when I was a kid, and we wouldn't have a holiday season without them

  •  What is Bari J's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?

A quilt, of course!

  •  What is your favourite print that has been released so far?

Lily Bouquet in grey from LillyBelle 


  • What have you been most grateful for this year?

I have been most grateful for the support of my friends and family. Without them, I don't know where I'd be!

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?

We play bingo for small gifts (candy, knick-knacks, etc) in the evening after Christmas dinner, it's so fun!

  • What is Jeni Baker's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?

I feel you can never go wrong with homemade treats. Any excuse to bake cookies, make caramels, and roast nuts!

  • What is your favourite print that has been released so far?

My favorite print that has been released so far is probably Tulip Vines in Licorice from Nordika!



  • What have you been most grateful for this year?

I am most grateful for this awesome, crazy busy life that I get to lead. The fact that I get to make a business out my greatest passion is so overwhelming!!

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?  

Last year our extended family couldn't get together for Thanksgiving until the day after, so my immediate family went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. It was so relaxed and fun that we decided to make it our new tradition!

  • What is Angela Walters's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?

Burt's Bees sugar scrub. It's my go to gift for any smells so yummy and leaves your hands so soft.

  •  What is your favourite print that has been released so far?

My favorite print would be the Grand Mosaic print from Legacy, it's the very first print I ever designed. Having it released in a collection is the best feeling!



  • What have you been most grateful for this year?

Well this one's easy- our new baby boy! Born on September 3rd, Bear has made our life more joyful and complete than ever. We're so in love!

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?

My favorite holiday tradition would have to be our Christmas morning routine. We stay the night at my in-law's house on Christmas Eve where we still wake up before the sun rises to build a fire, make a big pot of coffee and pass out presents. We stay here until mid-morning and then head on over to my parent's house where fresh cinnamon rolls and hot cider await us. We stay in our pajamas all day and spend hours laughing and enjoying being together.

  • What is Bonnie Christine's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?

Anything handmade. My mom usually has a handbag, quilt or tunic wrapped up under the tree for me and they're always my favorite gifts. I cherish them all year long!

  •  What is your favorite print that has been released so far?

I think my favorite print so far would have to be orchard blossom autumn (available in january!). I love the subtle tones, bursts of color and budding blooms. I think it's sophisticated, sweet and modern.



  •  What have you been most grateful for this year?

Having time off in NYC with my husband. We moved here a year and a half ago and it's taken me a while to get my footing so I can really make the best of it. I finally feel comfortable here and look forward to soaking in all the city has to offer for the holidays.

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?

Watching Elf over and over, and over again!

  •  What is Leah Duncan's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?

An artsy tea towel! They are useful and budget friendly. They're perfect as hostess or house warming gifts, but of course I'm a little biased! I also think anything handmade will be loved forever, whether it's a quilt or a hand-printed piece, you're giving something unique and special with a handmade gift.

  • What is your favourite print that has been released so far?

Probably the Mojave triangle print from Tule. I have a slight obsession with geometrics and feel like it's a classic but modern print. I've loved seeing what people have made with it from dresses to bags to quilts.



  •  What have you been most grateful for this year?

I am greatful for my husband and son!

  • Can you share with us one of your traditions for the holidays?

Putting paper strips on a tree branch with our thanks and reading them at the table.

  • What is Frances Newcombe's "you can never go wrong with this" gift?

Joe Malone perfume or a great needlepoint.

  • What is your favourite print that has been released so far?

Forrest Leaves Raspberry

We wanted you to have something so we created these printables that you can share with your loved ones (with each designer's favourite print)!


To download click here


To download click here


To download click here


To download click here


To download click here


To download click here


To download click here

And we had to make one from our amazing AGF In-house Studio. Here it is with Minimalista:


To download click here

HINT: Print the post card on 8 1/2" x 11" cardtock paper. Fold it at the intersection and glue the backs together. Cut off the white borders and you're done!


Stay tuned for more gift tutorials and inspirational posts! 

Rock 'n Sew,


*Fun Fact: For the first time since 1888, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will converge, marking the first joint celebration of the two holidays aptly named Thanksgivukkah.

Fallen Leaves Garland Tutorial

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? I'm sure the holiday preparations are already going at full speed. Since it is Thanksgiving Day this week, we wanted to post a "last-minute" garland tutorial that you can incorporate into your dinner party decor. There is something about fallen leaves that is so comforting and warm, even if they usually represent the beginning of the cold seasons. We wanted to bring some of that outside beauty into the house with this simple tutorial.


Here is what you will need:

FAT EIGHTS of each of the following fabrics:

  1. Flora Honeycomb MNL-303 (Minimalista by AGF In-house Studio)
  2. Quietude Sunset TL-30027 (Tule by Leah Duncan)
  3. Sand Dunes Sienna TL-40029 (Tule Collection)
  4. Meadow of Gold RMS-2508 (Reminisce by Bonnie Christine)
  5. RMS-1506 (Reminisce by Bonnie Christine)
  6. Dulcette Azalea CMR-2101 (Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker)
  7. SPL-30016 (Splendor 1920 by Bari J.)
  8. SPL-30010 (Splendor 1920 by Bari J.)
  9. IN-5200 (Indie by Pat Bravo)
  10. RHA-401 (Rhapsodia by AGF In-house Studio)

1/8 yd. of Russet Orange FE-503 (Floral Elements)

To make the leaves:

Use the template to cut 2 leaves out of all fabrics 1-10 (1/4" seam allowance included).


Place the two fabric leaves face-to-face and sew around with a ¼” seam allowance. Remember to leave an opening of at least 2” on the top to flip it over.
Flip it over and with a pointy tool shape all the corners.


To close the 2” opening make a decorative top stitch 1/8” from the edge and go all the way around the leaf.
To give it the look of a leaf make a satin stitch following the lines on the template.



Repeat the previous steps with the remaining fabrics.

To make the strap:

Cut three (3) 1 ¼” x WOF strips of Russet Orange

Sew the strips together in order to make a longer strip.

Fold the strip on the long side face-to-face
Sew ¼” all the way down except on one of the shortest sides so that you can turn the strap right-side-out. Turn it right-side-out and fold the open side 1/4" inwards.

Sew a top stitch from end to end 1/8” away from the edge and repeat the same stitch on the other side to end up with two parallel stitches.  


Attach all the leaves to the strap leaving 8 ½” of space in between each leaf.


Even if you are not hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, you can still enjoy making this tutorial to hang it on top of the chimney and truly embrace the mood of autumn. 

We went a little further to show you a simple yet cozy way to set the table. Although we created this tutorial around Thanksgiving time, let it be an excuse to create an special occasion. The best thing is that we can be grateful everyday.


Rock 'n Sew,


Quilt Inspiration: Barn Quilts

Hey AGF fans!

I was on the Internet this week searching for some fall-harvest-Thanksgiving quilt inspiration to share with you. Along the way I discovered the wonderful world of barn quilts!


Barn quilts have been part of American history for decades. They are painted quilt squares, usually fashioned on boards and then mounted on a barn or other building.

There are even American Quilt Trails that you can follow! The 'Barn Quilt Trails' have recently made a comback and can be found over 22 states.

In many communities there is an official organization that organizes their barn quilts into a trail. A quilt trail can take visitors on a drive through the countryside. It can even be a walk downtown with stops at galleries, farm stands, wineries and historic points of interest. How fun!


A barn quilt can come from a variety of inspiration! It can be a replica of a painted quilt that resides on the property or honors a loved one. The pattern may be selected because of its name that represents the farm, or history of the city or state.


Sometimes a barn quilt is simply a cool pattern that the artist chose like the modern barn designs pictured above.

I love it! So much inspiraton to find on a barn. Who knew? One barn quilt can unlock ideas for a whole fabulous quilt.

Have you seen a barn quilt? Or better yet, do you have one?!? I'd like to know :)

Be Inspired!
~ Jeanee



Circle Fits The Skirt: Tutorial


Hello! I hope the past week was one full of accomplishments, and especially that our post inspired you to finish/start your creations. 

The holidays are rapidly approaching, Thanksgiving is next week! (when did that happen?!). Most of us are running around, planning Thanksgiving dinner, already looking at holiday gift lists and making sure that we look tip-top for the end of the year to ensure that we receive the new year at our best. Of course for the moms and dads out there finding children outfits for the special occasions coming is also a job.

We thought this was a great time to share our Circle Fits the Skirt, a simple-yet-fun circle skirt tutorial. It is an easy project that you can accomplish fast. The best part is that you get to choose the fabric with which to make it. Hey, if you are one of those parents with multiple children (or twins!) that loves to dress them similarly (insert photo of me wearing the same dress as my sister), you will love this project!


Here is what you will need:

  1. 1 yard of Mojave Opaque (from Leah Duncan's Tule Collection)
  2. 1” wide elastic (A 30" long piece will be more than enough)



Cut a 36” square, fold it in four parts and pin the folded corners.


The measurements we are using for this skirt fits a 8-year old girl with a waist size of 23” + 1”=24”. Divide the waist measurement by 4 (since we are folding the fabric four times). 24 ÷ 4= 6”.

We are taking this number to measure and mark a 45 degree diagonal line that crosses the corner that is folded (It is recommended to use a water erasable pen to trace where you are going to cut) connect this marks and round it like ¼” of a circle.


Decide how long you will like the skirt to be. Since this one is for an 8-year old girl we are making it 10” long (with 1/2" seam allowance for the hem already in it, you can make it longer to leave some room to choose the length once the skirt is on, or to allow to lower the hem as your child grows up). Start measuring from the edge of the circle 10” down and start making marks in various spots so you can trace your other circle.

Cut the two circles and you should end up with a fabric circle with a circular whole in the center (like a doughnut).

Iron the bottom edge and finish the hem. Take your elastic piece and sew the short edges together with a zig-zag stitch and matching color thread. For reinforcing purposes you can go over the stitch more than once.


If you'd like, clean the top edge of the skirt with a serger.

Pin the elastic to the center (front and back) of the skirt's waist then continue pinning the elastic all the way around the outside of the skirt halfway up on the elastic's width. When you are done pinning start sewing with a close and wide zig-zag stitch to attach them together (stretch the elastic JUST A LITTLE BIT while you are sewing). 


You are done!

*To get your own measurements, measure around your baby's waist as precise as you can so it won’t be too tight or too loose on the baby. Add 1” to the measurement you got, and follow the instructions. For the elastic take the measurement of the waist (in this case 23”) and subtract ½” from it. 23”- ½”= 22 ½” this is the length for the elastic piece.

Now that the skirt is finished, you can play with the styling. The best part about this skirt is its versatility. Depending on the fabric and accesories that you choose, it can be a casual piece for play-dates, or dressed-up for days such as Thanksgiving Day.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that your home is invaded with gratitude this Thanksgiving Day and EVERYDAY. Here at AGF our hearts go out to the victims of the typhoon in The Philippines and to every country that has been struck by disasters throughout the year. We should be grateful for all of the good people and things that surround us and for our abilities to create.

Rock 'n Sew,


Today's Inspiration: The Crafter Table Topper


Hello! How was everyone's Veteran's Day weekend, and how are the preparations for the holidays coming along? Here at AGF we are still organising and handling all the amazing things that came with International Quilt Market (did you see Jeanee's beautiful posts with the recap?). Part of what came involves creating new projects and ideas to bring to you, but before we can start a whole new wave of projects (and I say this while they have been started) we like to re-organise and de-clutter all the work areas...especially our sewing room.

Today I want to share this table-topper we created from trial blocks and extra strips from different quilts. I love the ecclectic look this topper has; with an ethnic touch and a great feel of craft.


We hope this is an inspirational push for you to start/finish at least some projects that were thrown on top of the back-burner. This table top was once a pile of fabric pieces at the back of a shelve and now it is a piece that brightens up our meeting room.


Rock 'n Sew,


Fall Quilt Market recap, part three

Hey there! This is the final installment of the Fall 2013 Houston Quit Market recap.

Now for our final three AGF designers.

Jeni Baker showed her third collection, Dreamin' Vintage (available April 2014). 


Inspired by bed linens from the 50s and 60s, Dreamin' Vintage is totally retro with cheerful florals and cool geometrics. Jeni's booth was flea market crafty with giant tissue paper flower pom poms, fabric garland and vintage finds.


We'll never know how Jeni managed to fit everything for the booth in two suitcases and a carry-on! Just look at all of those adorable projects.

Another one of our designers, also showing her third collection, is Anglea Walters. With her beach themed booth, Anglea's Drift collection (available March 2014) was a tropical island paradise. We were having a great time playing vollyball and blowing bubbles!


Angela is known for her amazing quilts. She made her reverse appliqué quilt a week before Market! She machine quilted the quilt and then cut away the top layer of navy linen to expose the Drift fabric.


What a pro!

Last, but not least, is Leach Duncan showing her second AGF collection, Meadow (available February 2014). 


As usual, Leah brings the outdoors into Market with her fresh flower displays allowing anyone who comes into her booth feeling like they are in the summer air of a fresh meadow. The photo backdrop of a meadow and sky made Leah's booth so serene.


Makes you want to put on a Meadow dress and sit down for a picnic! And those darling suitcases are just to die for, right?

Again, we give a big round of applause to ALL of our designers!

Thanks for reading the AGF blog and keeping up with all things Art Gallery Fabrics. We cannot wait to start planning for Spring Market (aahh... did I just say that???).

Keep sewing and we'll see you next week!

<3 AGF

Fall Quilt Market recap, part two

We're back with part two of Houston Fall Quilt Market recap. I hope you enjoyed seeing our AGF booths in part one and you entered to win a smartphone case featuring the Noir Square Elements!

Now it's time to talk about our awesome designers! First up is the heart and soul of AGF, Pat Bravo.


Her latest fabric collection, Rapture, will be coming out at the end of this month. Soft pastels of watercolor and line work combined with brights and black makes this collection modern, happy and feminine.


We'd like to congratulate Pat for winning 2nd place double booth!

Pat definitely deserved a prize. Don't you just want to live in her booth?!? This young girl's living and art studio should be in the pages of a magazine!


And just look at all of the details from the hand dipped ombre stools to the paint in the tea cups! Check out the interview BERNINA did with Pat on the first day at Quilt Market to learn more about Rapture.


We'd also like to congratulate Frances Newcombe, our newest AGF designer for winning the Best New Exhibitor award!

We immediately knew that Frances was a top contender as she was setting up her booth.


First of all, Frances and her husband John are truely nice and genuine people. And you can see that quality in Frances' first collection with us, Safari Moon (available in December).

Safari Moon is truly unique with it's rich colors and hidden animals amidst the designs. Frances' booth was a safari spa oasis adorned with the cutest safari stuffed animals!


If you missed our introduction of Frances to the AGF family you can check it out here.

We truly missed Bonnie Christine this Market! Bonnie recently gave birth to her baby boy, Bear, so she wasn't able to make it.


But she sent over the most beautiful hexi quilt made with her second fabric collection, Sweet as Honey (available January 2014).

We're just adoring the woodland theme of nestled deer, flying birds and hone bees. It's so sweet!


All of our designers really did an amazing job. We're so proud of ALL of them!

I hope you have enjoyed part 2 of our market wrap-up and that you will tune in tomorrow for the final installment with Jeni Baker, Angela Walters and Leah Duncan.

See you tomorrow!

<3 AGF

Fall Quilt Market recap, part one

Hey there!

We've been back from Houston Fall Quilt Market for about a week now. It's been super busy in the office since we've gotten back. So many emails to answer and so many things to be packed away! But we're super excited to share with you all of the great things that happend while we were at Market. So here goes!

For the AGF booth we decided to feature the entire AGF family by collecting all of the blue, green, yellow and pink fabrics. We did this by creating a themed wall for each color!

First up, the blue wall.


We covered the walls with Tile Blue Pure Elements and did a travel theme. It was so fun thrifting for blue suitcases! We also gathered all of the blue AGF fabrics and put them into embrodery hoops.


How cute are those blue shoes with Legacy liners?!?

The green wall went green peace and earthy with a green bicycle as the star.


We put fabric and green photos into picture frames, along with a a big green quilt in the bike basket. We even Modge Podge some Poetica fabric onto a pair of canvas shoes to make AGF TOMS! The walls are covered with Dark Citron Pure Elements.


Country summer was theme for the yellow wall and the Honey Pure Elements fabric was our sunset.


You couldn't make a pitcher of lemonade with our plastic lemons. But there was a laundry line included a big sushine quilt done for us by Carolina Moore.


And last up is the pink room, Cherry Lipgloss Pure Elements to be exact!


It's every girl's dream to have a darling pink room with a chandelier! Well this isn't just any chandelier. We cut the pieces out of styrofoam and covered each piece with fabric and then hot glued them to the wall. It looks like it's hanging, right?


A stack of hot pink chairs held a quilt and the pink pouf was sewn by Carolina Moore. We can't forget Maggie, the magenta mannequin, who struck a pose wearing Coquette.

All of the walls were a lot of work. But it was great to receive all of the great compliments from everyone at Market!

We also gave out free smartphone cases featuring Noir Square Elements! We're going to have 10 new Square Elements colors coming out this month. So stay tuned!


For those of you that couldn't make it to Market we're giving away 10 phone cases! We have iPhone 4s and 5, Galaxy III and 4. So if you have one of these smartphones you can enter the giveaway!

Go to the Square Elements page and let us know what is your favorie color, what you'd make with it and what smartphone you have!

10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen.

Contest ends Friday, November 8, 2013 at 5pm EST.

{Note: We did research on the most popular smartphones to be sure we accompanied our audience. Therefore we only have iPhone 4s and 5, Galaxy III and 4 available.}


And stay tuned for Market update on the AGF designers!

<3 AGF