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June 2013

Fall in Love with Reminisce by Bonnie Christine.


Sophisticated & vintage is just a few words that come to mind when you see this collection. 


Reminisce, the debut by Bonnie Christine, is a nostalgic collection of bold & sugar-colored hues, inspired by hazy and dream-like summer days filled with simple, yet memorable moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty.


Reminisce is a collection that mixes cottage chic with bright colors, making it very versatile and appealing to traditional quilters and modern sewists!


Inspired by sunshiny days and a simpler ways, Reminisce inspires the handmade way of life.


Watch the lovely Reminisce video for AGF's nostalgic take on this collection..

REMINISCE Fabric Collection by Bonnie Christine from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.


To see more pictures from this photshoot (and many more) visit AGF's Flickr  and Reminisce with us.

Want to get some Reminisce by Bonnie Christine: Find your favorite online retailer, or look for them at your Local Quilt Store.


<3 AGF

Featured Sewing Room


Everyone aquires their "sewing/crafting space" through various methods. Some of us inherit the room when a child moves out, some turn garages or attics into a creative space and some lucky ones plan ahead during a home purchase. 

This month we have Melissa from Craftygoods and she was blessed enough to have this room made especially for her. (start swooning)

She shares with us her story and her space...

 * * * 

Hi there! I'm Melissa of Craftygoods. I am blessed to have what I think is the most amazing craft room and I'm so excited to share it with you on the Art Gallery Fabrics blog today. First, a little background story...

In 2010, my then-boyfriend was building his dream house. Early in the process of building, he asked me what I wanted in my dream home. I told him that I didn't care how big or small, what style, or location, but it had to have a craft room and a tv over the bathtub. Every weekend he invited me to tour the construction site with him to see the progress. Over the garage was a big room that he kept referring to as his home gym.

Well obviously that would be a terrible idea. It's Florida - rooms above garages are always hot and who wants to move all that gym equipment to a second story, right? So of course I suggested that it might be better used as a craft room. He disagreed. Well in June of 2010, on one of our construction visits, in the "home gym" he proposed (awww...!). I won't gross you out with all the cutesy details but he ended his speech by saying, "And now you can make this your craft room." He's a keeper!

So let me show you around -


Starting with a blank slate meant that I could really customize the space. I am an avid scrapbooker, quilter, and knitter so I wanted space for storage and to spread out. But most of all, I wanted it to be easy to clean (i.e., no carpet) and cheery.


The desk area is part sewing space, part paper crafting space. The right side drawers and shelves contain scrapbooking tools and Cricut supplies and cartridges. The left side drawers and shelves hold sewing supplies, notions, and patterns, and I keep out my most-used scrapbooking papers and inks on the countertop along with my sewing machine and my Cricut.


The built-in shelves allow me to keep all of my work-in-progress scrapbooks at hand and hold my stamps, more scrapbooking papers, and all my quilting, sewing, and paper crafting books.


I store my fabric stash and yarns in the two cabinets at the far end of the room and batting and larger fabric cuts in the green dresser.


Visitors often ask why I have a bed in my craft room. Obviously, when sewing gets stressful, I need a craft nap from time to time (also it's a family antique and there's nowhere else for it).


Probably my favorite part of the room is the cozy rocking chair. It's the perfect spot for hand sewing while watching some wholesome Criminal Minds or Law and Order SVU.


So there you have it - my happy place. I'm so glad to share it with you! And by the way, my husband also came through on the other part of my dream home wish list - there is indeed a tv over the bathtub. He's a good man!

Thanks Melissa for sharing such a beautiful room with us! You are one lucky gal to have such an amazing space and an amazing husband that put it together for you. 

If you have a sewing room that you would like to share with us please email us at We look forward to taking a peek :)



Tune Tuesday

Happy Tuesday peeps!

I know its been quite some time since I've done this segment, but I'm back again to bring you some great music inspired by our great collections and their amazing designers. This week we have our very own Angela Walter's premiere collection, Textures.

Ladies and Gents, this is the Pathways playlist :)


Picture yourself along the blue coast, with a cup of hot chamomile tea and a good paperback, covered in your favorite quilt, the one that you've used so many times, it already molds itself onto your body, as you sit in the sand, taking in the view. Pathways is all about relaxing and taking time for yourself. So go ahead and treat yourself today to that cup of tea and take a listen to Pathways.

For more music inspired by this soothing collection, check out our Spotify playlist!

Subscribe to the playlist to add your own songs that are perfect for that day of relaxation or let us know which songs we should add in the comments below!

Have a great rest of the week and from my musical ears to yours,


Trend Alert: Take Flight


Hey AGF fans! It's Jeanee here and I'm back with some inspiration for you.

Joining the snake and the cat as a new “it” animal of the year is the butterfly! Butterflies aren't new to the scene. We've always seen them gracing prints in some cute whimsical way. But for fall/winter 2013 they will be taking on a surreal style as motifs of kaleidoscopic patterns, translucent overlaid wings and saturated colors.


You'll find this new take on butterflies in:




We here at AGF have jumped on the butterfly bandwagon by using it as our icon for Pure Elements. For the Spring Quilt Market, this past May, our booth was filled with a rainbow of fabric butterflies!



You'll also find this new take on butterflies in:


A butterfly quilt block is a cool way to add a butterfly into a quilt. And fabric butterflies would make a great garland. The possibilities are endless!

How will you incorporate the new sophisticated butterfly motifs in your sewing?

Be Inspired!
~ Jeanee

One Block Three Looks II

Hello! Lauv here! How's the Rock 'n Sew going? I’m back with the second approach to One Block, Three Looks. I really enjoy showing you the different moods that a quilt can embody by changing the fabrics in the blocks. The first approach was shown on a post by our very own Pat Bravo. The first time I did this exercise with The Hopscotch Block, I incorporated Pure Elements that complemented the fabrics that I chose. By incorporating solids you create contrast and give your quilt an ultra-modern feel that can even read as minimalistic.

This time; however, I wanted to use only prints, especially prints within a same collection. At AGF we put great emphasis on ensuring that the prints within each collection are cohesive and create harmony with each other. The block you see is a traditional Rotating Strips block with identical strips that measure 2 ½” x 6 ½”.

For the first block I used the Urban Mod Collection by AGF studio. The name indicates the casual, urban and contemporary qualities of this collection. Between the citric and asphalt hues in this line, the block leads to a modern quilt that transports you to a cosmopolitan city full of punch.



For the second block, the free spirit of Bijoux by Bari J. was the inspiration. The warm honey tones against the verve violets and pinks fulfill that longing of the ethereal, and embark you on a caravan full of trinkets and a quilt that you will treasure.



The final block was created with the vintage and floral collection Reminisce by Bonnie Christine. Reminisce was inspired by hazy summer days filled with simple moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty. This block creates a quilt on which you can sit and enjoy the sweet scents of fresh blooms.



This exercise is helpful not only as a tool to help you better see the feel of each collection, but also for your future designs. Perhaps when you’re uncertain on what to gift someone, or even within your own home to create harmony and coherence. Personally it helps me because I love an eclectic look, but I believe that understanding the different styles out there can help me achieve a look that contains the best of all worlds.

What do you think, what style appeals to you?

Hi everyone, I'm Jeanee.

Hi everyone! My name is Jeanee and I’m a graphic designer and social media coordinator here at Art Gallery Fabrics.

I’ve been working with the team behind the scenes since February. You may have noticed me in the Urban Mod video and photos. I think I was hired as a model my second week on the job! And I was the one doing a little vogue for ya on the Quilt Market video.


With that said I have many roles here at AGF. One of them is that I’ve been the AGF Instagrammer since Valentine’s Day. HA! It’s me that you’ve been hearting and commenting to all this time. LOL!

At AGF I do many graphics for the fabric collections and the AGF sites. You'll see things like the header for this blog and the cool rollover pin it button from me.

So how did I find my way to AGF you ask? Well I’m originally from Michigan, then made my way to Atlanta, then I was a graphic designer at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for six and a half years. My husband and I left Kansas City last August and made the move to Miami Beach. Whew!

Since 2008 I’ve been blogging under the name Dirty Laundry. I started sewing my own apron designs then I moved onto making cupcake bath fizzies. Yes, cupcakes for your bath!

I'm an avid vegetarian (my husband makes the BEST tofu). And I'm obsessed with the color gray (I wear it every day). My passions are trend researching (to find cutest things ever), being a social media enthusiast (basically being on Instagram and Pinterest all day), and inspiring others. Working at AGF under a sea of beautiful fabric with some fab people has been a perfect fit for me!

For the AGF blog I’ll be posting some trendy inspiration for you. And who knows, there may be even more goodies from me in store for you!

Be Inspired!
~ Jeanee

Make it Right Challenge, Entries & Voting time!


Sewing machines off, its time to see what everyone created.

Head on over to Pinterest and vote for your favorite entry by repinning or liking the project of your choice. 

Now how does voting work?

First you head on over to AGF's Pinterest and find the Make it Right boards. The categories are:
- Quilts
- Apparel
- Home Decor


Look through the entries and repin your favorite one. You may like or pin more than one project.

On June 27th we will count the votes and select 1st, 2nd & 3rd place by popular vote. This means that likes and repins will be added up and the top 3 entries with the most votes will place accordingly.

Prizes & Superlatives

There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place chosen through People's Choice.

1st place - $500 plus a swag basket filled with goodies from our sponsors

2nd place - $300 plus a swag basket filled with goodies from our sponsors

3rd place - $200 plus a swag basket filled with goodies from our sponsors

Superlatives: (picked by AGF team & designers)

1.  Most creative
2.  Best use of color
3.  Best technique
4.  Most creative use of thread
5.  Most functional

* All superlative winners will win a swag basket filled with goodies from Art Gallery Fabrics and all of our lovely sponsors.

Good luck to all who entered. And contestants, don't forget to share your entries!

Fat Quarter Gang - Tea Time Trivet by i heart linen

 6a00d8341ccf5c53ef017ee56275de970dHey everyone!

Rashida here, checking in for the very last Fat Quarter Gang post!!  Booooooo. So sad, but it's been so fantastically fun, no?  I know you're thinking, "why does it have to end?"

Well, while you're pondering it how about a super cute, quick, easy project to soothe the sorrow in your heart?  A sweet little for your tea pot to rest it's warm little bottom on. Ready?  Let's do this thang! 


FINISHED SIZE -  8" x8" 


  • 4 gorgeous fat quarters from Art Gallery Fabrics 
  • Linen scraps
  • High Loft Polyester Batting
  • 4 Felted Balls
  • Coordinating Embroidery Thread
  • Matching Thread 
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Acrylic Ruler






Patchwork - Cut two 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares from each fat quarter

                  Cut eight 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares from linen


Backing Fabric - Cut one 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" square


Batting  - Cut two 10" squares






Place your 16 squares in front of you right side up and decide how you'd like them to be laid out. 




Stich one cotton square to one linen square forming 8 pairs. Press the seams open. 


Next place two pairs, right sides together and stich along the length to form a wee block.  Repeat with the remaining pairs.  You will have 4 sections. Press all the seams open.  Finally stitch all of the sections together to form one 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" block.  Press the seams open. 




Next, form a sandwich using the batting, patchwork right side up, and backing piece right side down in that order.  Starting and ending with a backstitch, stitch all the way around the perimeter of the square through all of the layers.  Be sure to leave an opening for turning!  Trim away the excess batting, clip the corners and turn right side out.  Push the corners out with a knitting needle or some similiar pointy thingy.  Don't close that opening yet!  We have to do the fun part first!


Now grab your felt balls and your embroidery thread.  Thread your needle and tie a secure knot on the end of the embroidery thread. From the inside of the trivet pull the threaded needle through one of the corners to the outside.  Grab a felted ball and insert the needle just a wee bit as shown in the photo below and pull the thread all the way through.  


Move the ball to the corner of the trivet, push the needle back through the corner to the wrong side of the trivet.  You can repeat this one more time (or not) and then secure the ball with a knot on the wrong side of the trivet.  Repeat this with the remaining corners and felt balls.  Blindstitch the opening of the trivet closed. 


Finally, handstitch some tufting or quilt your little trivet to your hearts desire and you're all set!  Tea time!  


I'm a tea sort of girl, but will indulge in some coffee whenever I feel a need for a pick me up.  Are you Team Tea or Team Coffee?

Pop on over to my blog, iheartlinen and let me know wh in the comments to win a bundle of the pretties I used in this project!

As always to be eligible to win you must follow AGF on your fav social media platform(PinterestFacebook, Twitter)and Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on all things AGF & the Fat Quarter Gang!

Now, normally I would say "Til next week" but alas, this is the last Fat Quarter Gang post. We do have some new projects we are working on, so fret not, we will give you more tutorials soon!

So with that I sign off....

Til next time,

The Fat Quarter Gang and AGF!

Market Wrap-up, The Final Installment

Welcome back!

So glad to see you here for the final market wrap-up post. I am super excited to share these pictures because we all worked really really hard on the Art Gallery Fabrics booth. 

The concept was to create a storefront feel. Do you get that vibe?

We had only 4 store windows to decorate so it was a difficult task to narrow down what we really wanted to portray. 

Sew Fashion was the first store window (seen above.) For this one we really wanted to step it up and merge patchwork with high-fashion. This ball gown boasts over 1,000 3x3" squares of pure couture quilting! Who wouldn't love a dress like this?

The second & third windows were the feature of this booth. These windows were part of The Quilt Shop and displayed the transition from bolt to quilt. I do have to say that these mini-bolts were very cute, but it was painstaking to get them to stay in that fancy curve! 

The last window displayed was called A Happy Home. This window was simplistic in its design but when you looked in you could see the details in the pillows stacked on a swing. 

Overall this booth was fun to do. We all fell in love with our little street Art Gallery Fabrics stores. And we hope that you did as well. 

Also, debuting in its first standalone booth ever, Pure Elements.

Can you say immersion of color? Each butterfly cutout is a piece of the Pure Elements fabric on some backing. Looks like construction paper huh?

There are no words to discribe how this booth drew you in. The vibriant color and the fanciful butterflies added to the whole look of this booth to keep it purely elegant. 

Filled with samples and free projects I can safely say that this booth was never empty (well aside from when we took this picture, haha).

Now we wouldn't be AGF if we didn't end this post with a video. During market we always have a lot of fun and this time we had some new faces that joined in the shenanigan's.... take a look :)

Thanks for popping in and keeping up with all things Art Gallery Fabrics. We can not wait to start planning for next market (aahh... did I just say that??) and to show you all the great things we have planned for the end of the year. 

Keep sewing and we will see you next time!

<3 AGF