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2 More fusions to love: City Loft and Floralia Fusion

Hey there, makers!

The hectic holiday season is in full swing but we just had to take a break from all the gift making to show you the new additions to our Fusions bite-sized collections. Quilters, sewists, and all around crafty friends, we’re happy to show you Floralia and City Loft Fusions! Like all the other Fusions, both of these collections contain 10 prints from many of our designers that have been recolored to be part of conceptual themes.

Best of all, both of these collections have two prints in knits and one in rayon! So, let’s see what both of these Fusions are all about.

City Loft Fusion

If bold colors and funky geometrics are your thing, the metropolitan chic style of City Loft Fusion will add eye catching details to your projects. Can you envision a quilt made with the saturated plums and oranges from this fusion? How about some trendy pillows and placemats? No matter what you make, we’re sure it will be chic.

Featured designers: Pat Bravo, Bonnie Christine, Katarina Roccella, Bari J., and AGF Studio


Floralia Fusion

Is your home filled with greenery? Do you have a thing for botanical inspired things? If yes, Floralia is the collection you’ve been waiting for! This fusion is filled with lush greens, fresh yellows, and hints of fuchsia that enhance sophisticated floral prints. Just imagine all the bags, quilts, and pretty dresses you can make!

Featured designers: Pat Bravo, Sharon Holland, Bari J., Maureen Cracknell, Bonnie Christine


Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the new additions to our Fusions, check out the newest lookbook! Get inspired by lovely quilts, modern home decor ideas, garments and much more!



If you’re thinking of making a fresh quilt for your loved ones this soliday season, check out the two FREE QUILT PATTERNS designed with prints from each fusion.


Download Flutter free quilt pattern



Download Metropolitan free quilt pattern


Last but not least, if you want an early Christmas gift try your luck by entering our giveaway. Have a chance to win a bundle of Floralia and City Loft Fusions!



To enter simply fill the form below. Giveaway ends December 26th. Good luck!


I hope you’re just as excited as we are to sew with the new Fusions! Let me know in the comments which projects from the lookbook you like the most.


Happy Sewing! 



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Quilts Donated with Love for AGF Comforts Texas

Hello, wonderful makers!

The holiday season is filled with so many special moments, time with family, and gifts but with shopping, parties, and a myriad of things on our minds it’s easy to forget what this time is truly about. It’s time to be grateful for everything you have regardless of your circumstances. At AGF, we’re all extremely thankful to be part of such a supportive and creative community because you inspire us everyday to do what we love. Not to mention, that earlier this year we were overjoyed by all the love you shared with us during our quilt drive.  

Between mid August and early September, Texas was hit by the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Many of the residents in Houston lost their homes due to the floods and till this day are trying to recover from the effects. During this time, the destruction was constantly on the news and everyone felt the need to help. Many organizations collected monetary donations, but we felt that this wasn’t enough. As makers, we believed that the victims needed to be comforted with love from quilts as a representation of their home. Hence, we partnered with Quilts of Compassion to host the #AGFcomfortsTexas quilt drive.


After researching many organizations, we felt the most connected to Quilts of Compassion because they are a non-profit organization that has been delivering quilts to disaster areas for over 15 years. The organization was scheduled to deploy quilts in November to ensure that the area of destruction was safe. From the moment we were notified the day of deployment the AGF quilt drive begun!


We collected quilts from September to October and we couldn’t be happier with the response. We received over 120 quilts from all over the world! It was truly humbling and exciting to see the quilting community come together to help others.

In gratitude for everyone’s generosity, we sent everyone who donated a quilt a little gift.  In addition, the team from Quilts of Compassion shared with us that everyone who received a quilt was overjoyed.


We hope that all the victims of Hurricane Harvey have recovered to normality and that we’re all able to love and help each other not just during difficult times. So this holiday season, hug your loved ones, wrap them in a quilt, and let everyone know how grateful you are to have them in your life.


Happy Holidays! 


Top 6 Party Dresses: Sew your own Holiday Party Dress

Hi Everyone, 

Let's just face it, our lives are busy and the last thing we want to spend money and time on is shopping especially in the crazy holiday rush!  Which is why I decided to put together some great party dress patterns that are somewhat simple to make and will have you looking cute and confident for all your holiday events. 




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DIY Quilty Holiday Ornaments

Happy Holidays Everyone, 

 In need of some new ornaments for your tree this year? Instead of heading to the store this holiday season DIY some Quilty Holiday Ornaments by following along with our new tutorial up on the weallsew blog. We made our ornaments with AGF's first holiday fabric collection, Little Town fabrics! Which ornament is your favorite? It's hard to choose but I am really loving the tree with decorative stitches! 


Want to get your hands on some winter fabric? We put together a fantastic bundle of fabrics to get you in the holiday spirit! Head over to the weallsew blog for a fabric bundle giveaway!

Have fun making these ornaments for you and for family and friends!