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Muse Magic: "Flower Child" Fabric Collection

Did you ever believe in magic as a child or would pretend to live in an enchanted land? When I was around seven years old, I distinctly remember watching the Disney movie “Peter “Pan” and instantly believing in fairies mainly because of the character “Tinkerbell.” It was during this time as well that I was having frequent visits by “the tooth fairy," so how could you not believe that fairies existed?! I remember that same year, I was also “Tinkerbell” for Halloween and even made my own bottle of “pixie dust” that was a little glass bottle with cork top on it, filled with iridescent glitter. Weeks after Halloween, I was still finding “pixie dust” in my hair because I just couldn’t stop sprinkling it everywhere! 

Our latest fabric collection Flower Child” designed by Maureen Cracknell definitely brings back all those memories of letting your imagination run wild and believing in a “certain magic.” Taken from memories of her own childhood where she’d imagine living in an enchanted land by building forts outsides and gathering flowers with her sisters, this collection is filled with whimsical prints such as dancing fairies and lush meadows with little forest critters. A great collection when it comes to fussy-cutting for framing in quilt blocks as well as using as appliques to personalize, special handmade items! 


Flower Child Floor Pillows 7
For more enchanting-inspired quilts, garments as well as home decor projects, head over to our lookbook! 



Here's our lovely "Flower Crowns Quilt" for you to enjoy, just click the below link for the FREE pattern:

Download Quilt Pattern

  Flower Child Free Quilt 2

I've also included these blenders for you (in case you need some ideas) that can easily coordinate with the mystical prints of "Flower Child."

Flower_Child_BlendersWait, wait there's more! Enter a chance to win this "magical" fabric bundle by signing up to our giveaway: 

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Keep creating,

- Sophia

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Quilt Market - Portland 2018 Recap

Hi There Fabric Friends, 

In case you missed it this past week, AGF flew west and attended "Quilt Market" in Portland where we not only had our own booth but also had three of our fabric designers show their latest fabric collections, as well! Needless to say, it was an inspiring and humbling experience as always! We made new friends as well as rekindled with old ones. I've curated various photos to share with you, so you're up to date and in the loop of what we've been up to lately. Happy browsing!

AGF Booth: 

For our booth this year, our main theme was all about celebrating the beauty of diversity and the power of being a woman, through intricate artistry and vivid, floral designs. Our seven, custom-made art quilts featured women (who all exist in real life too) were created by our very own AGF Studio. Each of these was made with our "AGF Color Master Boxes," highlighting a dominant color for each quilt. 

QM_ColorMasterLadies-6 QM_ColorMasterLadies_PURPLE_2 QM_ColorMasterLadies_PINK_2



We featured our AGF Color Master Boxes near the ladies which was right next to our AGF Shop as usual, filled with bundles and Color Master boxes. In the back of our AGF booth, we also highlighted three quilts  - a pink, mustard and teal. In case you were wondering, these quilts were made with the free pattern that comes in the Color Master boxes


Speaking of quilts, we also displayed our "Migrating Quilt" (no pattern for this at the moment but stay tuned) at our booth that's filled with colorful, flying geese!


 Mister Domestic's Booth:

Our fabric designer, Mathew Bordreaux (a.k.a. Mister Domestic) debuted his first fabric collection, "Loved To Pieces." Inspired by his daughter's love of flowers combined with his love for English Paper Piecing, this collection is super fun and filled with unique, geometric floral prints! Available in May 2018! 


Jessica Swift's Booth:

Our second fabric designer, Jessica Swift shared her latest "under the sea" inspired fabric collection that features playful mermaids and sea creatures, "Sirena." Inspired by the movie "Splash" and childhood memories of pretending to a mermaid, this collection is filled with vibrant, tropical colors and whimsical marine prints. Available in June 2018!

Katrina Roccella's Booth:

 Our third fabric designer, Katarina Roccella shared her latest romantic and luxuriant collection, "Decadence." Inspired by the Rococo movement, this collection is filled with elegance featuring peacocks and gorgeous, floral blooms. Available in July 2018!


Hope you had fun looking at all the things that happened at this Quilt Market!

What was your favorite part of it??!

Keep creating, 

- Sophia


Quilting For a Cause

Hello, Creators!


On my previous blog, where I wrote about handmade “Mother’s Day gifts,” it was easy to get into the gifting mood. Handmade gifts are amazing but what’s better is making one for a good cause. I wanted to shine a light on all of those who take the time to make a handmade quilt for those who could really benefit from it. I can deeply relate to this topic because I had some family members that were affected by “Hurricane Irma!” Just seeing everyone in my community get together and help one another was very inspiring and humbling.


In the midst of researching, I came across an article on an 88-year old woman who sewed 1,000 quilts for charity. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! In the article, she explains her love of sewing since she was 9 years old and how she worked with a charity called “Project Linus.” Her next goal? 2,000 quilts! It’s crazy to think that one person can make such a big difference.


Having that in mind, I wanted to recognize all the charity work that Art Gallery Fabrics has been a part of especially with recent, catastrophic events that people today are still experiencing to this day. “Hurricane Harvey” was of those tragic cases that led to billions of dollars in damages and Art Gallery Fabrics partnered with “Quilts of Compassion” where we collected over 100 quilts! You can read more about our journey and how Quilts of Compassion made it happen.


Quilting for a cause


Quilting has become an escape route to many, it's a time to sit down and let out your own creative energy. In the news, a woman named Tonry overcame her three year battle with leukemia with the help of her creative outlet quilting! Tonry took one class on quilting and was instantly hooked. She dedicated her time sewing for “Quilts for Comfort” and delivered 60 quilts to the hospital. She promised to make 40 quilts before she turned age 40 and no one thought it would be possible, but boy did she prove them wrong!


Reading these wonderful women’s stories was very inspiring, and serves as a reminder that it’s never a bad time to make an extra gift for those in need. If you have extra quilts that you don’t need or use that often, I encourage you to check your local charity to see if they are accepting any donations!


Keep quilting,


- Jannelle